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If you won the next Divine decision, what would you post in the Order of Chaos forum?

I would personally post this picture:What would you post?


  • I think nothing would be better than a high quality shit post, however to know what specifically, I'd have to base it on the decision itself.
  • The Order of Chaos has to be chaotic, after all.
  • Send nudes.
  • I'd gather some of the Order and channel the power of Forum Roleplay Games to create the ultimate forum roleplay... the first of its kind to appear on the front page of the forums. Perhaps we ought to go all out for that one.
  • I'd post the names of the players characters of each campaign along with the campaign name and link but only post one campaign thing a day
  • Tell a very young and naive character that Maelstrom becomes a sun dragon in the future so nobody believes them and they go crazy because I'm sadistic.
  • “Illuminati confirmed”
  • Personally
    Id start making up beliefs for the Order of Chaos
    "Wearing blue means you are a traitor"
    "Having a red scarf automatically makes you a member"

    Just random shit

    So one day a character will have a blue shirt
    And maelstrom eats him 
  • random monsters :smile: 
  • I would every day post anagrams of No Tricks
  • Here's some No Tricks Anagrams

    Nick Tors
    Nick Sort
    Nick Rots
    Nicks Rot
    Nicks Ort
    Nicks Tor
    Rick Snot
    Rick Tons
    Ricks Not
    Ricks Ton
    Tricks On
    Tricks No
    Trick Nos
    Trick Son
    Sick Torn
    Ticks Nor
    Stick Nor
    Conk Stir
    Rock Tins
    Rock Nits
    Rock Snit
    Cork Tins
    Cork Nits
    Cork Snit
    Rocks Nit
    Rocks Tin
    Corks Nit
    Corks Tin
    Con Skirt
    Corn Skit
    Corn Kits
    Scorn Kit
    Corns Kit
    Cost Rink
    Cots Rink
    Cot Rinks

  • I'd try and influence a few different scientist/scientist-like characters to create a giant robot similar to the beenu war machine 
  • Similar to the daily numbers thread, I would make up random fortune cookie fortunes. Over time they'd get more and more ridiculous and specific.
  • i would just post a link to a "my name jeff" vine compilation 
  • Ask characters if they believe us to be a good influence. 

    Anything said would be put in a way as to avoid a "bad answer" ie nothing like "are old gods bad" because that would ruffle people's jimmies and pretty soon we would have an angry mob with a bunch of pitch porks donating for quintara lotus to get obliterated. 

    I'm less interested in having an actual hand in what transpires in urealms, but rather gaining additional lore and fleshing characters out. Having a giant deeply interwoven world with tons of believable races and societies is my wet dream for urealms.
  • "Hey, uh, Gwyneth, who do you want to have sex with that's female? I NEED TO KNOW. FOR, UH, PERSONAL REASONS."
  • @Snarky, asking for a friend?
  • @Snarky
    Please post your fan-fic in the order of chaos forum, if I ever get chosen send me it and I'll post it
  • if you post fanfic say that dave wrote it
  • I would post the entire ''sarcastic fact'' forum as well as the ''revolution of truth'' forum as well as the ''age of lies forum'' as well as the "paradox" on a single person just to make one go mad 
  • wait galens at the elf capitol? couldent someone tell an important character to go there?

  • edited March 2018
    I would probably try and push some lesser known characters into the story somehow, or influence them in some way. Like Omally, I kinda feel bad for the guy personally, and I want him to regain his power somehow. 

    I also like the idea of writing short poems to characters as well, could be kinda cool. 
  • Honestly....
    I’d probably post a single word:


    and let it go from there.
  • Brand new One Word Story?
  • Imagine if someone just put "traps are gay" or "send nudes".
    That's when we get Philipes death for eternity
  • Hold another Urealms Shipping Tournament and post the winning ship as a sort of "prophecy" and hope someone makes it actually happen.
  • edited March 2018
    I’d copy and paste pages of the “fake facts” discussions.
  • I might host a UForums game for all the sinners if I ever get the DD. :p
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