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Stories from GM's and players.

I made this for anyone who wanted to share any fun or interesting games you had experienced. Not limited to URealms, can be from any RPG. 


  • I once made a character in D&D, a dwarf who sounded awfully russian and drank a little too much. We only had 2 players out of 5 at the time, but played anyway. We were escorting a bunch of civilians fleeing from a town and ran into a trap set by bandits. This trap was in a snowy region and the bandit leader said: "Man, could you have taken any longer, it's cold out here." The GM made a most crucial mistake when he said that, because my character went into berating mother mode. I literally just insulted him, calling him an idiot for making a trap in the snow while we went through forest land just before. I did this for a good 5 minutes, then another trap set by a bunch of skeletons who were the main enemy occured. Where the bandit leader was hit by an arrow by these undead. And I just scream: "SEE, THAT'S HOW YOU MAKE A GOOD TRAP." Then we just left the bandits and skeletons to fight themselves, hopped into the caravan and left.
    1.   First time playing D&D, don't remember which edition, GM said that it was cool that I didn't really know anything so he just gave me a premade orc character.
    2.   Start off campaign, blood elves or vampires are torturing other character who's completely nude in a standing cage.
    3.   Literally almost all of their dialogue is just shit-talking the jailers, prompting more torture, and the GM has to tell him that if he doesn't shut up that he is actually going to get his character killed.
    4.   Me and a big group of orcs are basically the blood elves thralls.
    5.   Being a dumbass orc this idiot in the cage persuades me to help them escape.
    6.   "uh, ok lady."
    7.   I start a riot with the other orcs to try and get a key, almost all of them are killed before we escape our big pen.
    8.   I hide behind a stack of boxes with the key for 3 days and the blood elves eventually just stop looking for me.
    9.   Finally get the balls to go unlock the cage.
    10.   We are caught immediately.
    11.   me and naked elf lady are executed after all my friends got killed because of her.
    12.   We laughed for like 5 minutes straight.

  • I once played a game of 5th edition D&D where the party consisted of a Lawful Good human Paladin of Devotion (played by myself), a Chaotic Neutral half-orc Barbarian, and another Lawful Good dwarvish Paladin of Vengeance. That last guy's name was Trovak. In actuality, despite Lawful Good being marked on his character sheet, Trovak was the most evil, sadistic little asshole to ever be called a paladin. He joked that he was Chaotic Evil, and... honestly may not have been far off. Since he was such a dick in-character, me and our barbarian would be dicks back to him in-character, pulling pranks like replacing his bed in the guild hall with a barrel and making jokes about his being in the barrel.

    Probably the dumbest thing he ever did was hit the barbarian in the back at a Battle of the Bards concert where we were hyping up an NPC bard buddy. I immediately sprung into action and, in a single turn, hit him with enough Divine Smite damage to down him instantly, before the loaded-drunk barbarian knew what had happened. I genuinely consider that to be one of the most merciful things I've ever done in-character, despite absolutely demolishing him.

    Then I came to regret it, because when he came to later to help us investigate a kidnapping he beat the shit out of the guy we thought was kidnapped, who was tied up with his face covered. His paladinhood was the biggest trainwreck I think I've ever seen, but at least it was really entertaining.
  • I DMed a weekly D&D 3.5 campaign for a few friends of mine a couple years back now, the campaign itself I had inherited from the previous DM after we decided to swap role and let him be a player for a while.

    As some background, the last session ran by the previous DM had contained the party making their way through a large fort on the back of a giant flying turtle that some evil Drow had been using as a form of forward base. When the party made it to the heart of the fort they were abruptly teleported away to the throne room of an unknown castle where they came face to face with the Drow Matriarch "Mistress Zanith", at this point my Character re-introduced himself as the Queens son, and turned on the party revealing he had lead them all here to die. The DM then introduced a group of Drow rebels (including the Character who would become is PC for the next session) and saved the rest of the squad.

    Now to my first session as DM. With the help of the rebels the party had been teleported once again, but this time to safety. The party then had to gather more information on the Drow matriarchy group to help the rebels (a payment for being saved by them but also because they wanted revenge on my character), so they decided that hunting down the turtle again and seeing what they could find out at that fort would be a good start. Since giant flying turtles aren't exactly common, but the area the Drow were active in was kind of small I as DM decided that this would be possible. However as I didn't want to give the players something as OP as a flying base I had them find the turtle dead on a beach, the turtle itself had been being controlled with magic and after they killed the "pilot" in the previous session it had crashed from exhaustion.
    To my surprise however the party likes seeing this turtle dead and together thought that its shell bing strong enough to build a fort on might be worth some money. Quickly they started pooling their money together and asking to hire enough men to start a "mining expedition" on this creatures colossal remains.

    I then had to spend a few days outside of our weekly sessions for the next couple weeks, doing the math to see how much shell they could excavate in X about of time, what it was worth (a lot after they argued that if it was not pretty as turtle shell generally is, then it would at least still look different to stone and be equally as strong to serve as a useful fort), and how well they could actually sell it to the general population of nobles and craftsmen of the land.

    TLDR; I took away the prospect of a flying base from my players, but ultimately gave them an endless money supply.
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