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Funniest Segments

I am trying to get my friend into URealms and I need some good segments to show him. I will give him context when needed. Right now I was thinking of the ogre on the bridge. Any others?


  • Pebble boy?
  • I think @Maris ; has everything covered. The Pebble boy is pretty solid.
    Here's a link with time stamp -

    Otherwise I found the conversation between a kobold and Yumi in Yumi's Band of Thieves to be pretty entertaining. Just because Roamins first response to a kobold saying "koboooold"
    An important point is that Yumi is a Gnome
    also skip to 21:10 for the legendary "combat has started"

    From the same sunswords campaign, same as the ogre, I would suggest the moment that the whole group starts questioning Kallark about Gwyneth's pregnancy  ;)

    This moment from jewel of the Dingo isles. Probably my favourite moment in urealms. The most captainy captain ever.

    Now, these moments are pretty good, but just taking any moment itself my not have the same effect as watching a campaign from the start. Hopefully these help
  • What  about Alfie's resurrection by Morgana Marie in Zarlin catacombs? That's a great one too
    Or maybe one of the EXXXP bits of the Murder Bros
    Sorry for not giving timestamps but i'm on mobile and most importantly too lazy to go and search them
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