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Phineas Barringster Art

I haven't been on the forum in ages (I was never that active in the first place I suppose), but I'm finally catching up on URealms after I've been busy for so long, so to celebrate I drew a Master Cabalist! Enjoy!


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    Well done! proportions seem all good, I think you have a good use of gradient, only major issue is the magic in his hand is a bit difficult to see. Looking forward to seeing more of your art! I like the stylization of the face.
  • @Galeden oh! thank you! I didn't expect to get such good constructive criticism (or really any comments at all haha) I'll try to work on fire sometime, I haven't figured out how to do it well yet (and especially not on the app I'm currently using).
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    @Ahtibat1 Ah, My recommendation for fire or illumination is to (using terms from gimp not entirely sure if they transfer well) have the subject of the drawing on a separate layer from the background, at which then you go to the layer of the subject and use the select tool to select the area around the subject at which you can invert that so you have now selected the entirety of the subject. From there you can use the airbrush tool with the same color as the fire and create an illuminating effect on the boarders of the subject. So if you're going to try fire feel free to try experimenting, it's a whole lot of fun! As for the fire itself I like to use a solidly drawn object in either pencil tool or brush tool then lower it's opacity so it's solidly made but you are able to see through it, this is another thing to experiment with and see what works for you. good luck I hope this works well for you!
  • @Galeden There's no airbrush on this app, but I'll try the penchil/brush tool instead of the watercolor one I was using, and I'll try experimenting with the illumination trick! Thanks for the advice!
  • @Ahtibat1 No problem, if you ever want to experiment with art programs then Gimp and FireAlpaca are nice
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