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can anyone see this because i cant


  • i can see it fine
  • I can see the card just fine... but I'm not sure where the assassin wen
  • When you post first a card you just have to refresh your browser to see it in a thread.
  • The assassin is blending into the card.
  • The guy's a nut. Thinks he's a godsdamned chameleon, thinks it's funny that he can blend into the card's surface. Now I gotta keep my ears out 'cause seemingly any empty room could contain my killer now.

    I liked it when all they knew was invisbility spells, 'cause I can just knock out their buddies instead. Now we got this nut who thinks he can do the job better with that fancy chameleon skin of his. The second that psycho gives himself away, we'll smoke his dumb ass and see how well his guts blend in with the floor.
  • @knguy
    spoiler alert 
    they guts do indeed blend in with the floor
  • Just means you don't have to clean @Kingedyou
  • hahaha guys i get it but thanks @Rob ;
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