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I liked /r/buffalowizards more

 I liked the old Reddit forum more than this one. I basically never read these forums. Sorry. I'm just posting this cause I figure it might be constructive criticism.


  • you might want to add why you don't like this form if you want it to be "constructive" otherwise it just sounds kinda blunt
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    I mean, constructive criticism usually has reasoning.
    I guess I'm asking, Why don't you? :peace: 
    I can say that I think part of why a switch was made was bc of Reddit's voting system--how posts that don't get many upvotes are kinda buried by default.
  • Rob
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    Reddit allows users to harass me and others under alt accounts. I deal with maybe 99% less drama because I no longer have to deal with shitty alt accounts people can make in seconds and people abusing reddits report system.

    Whereas here I have the access to tools and features that make my life easier to deal with interacting with fans on a daily bases. Like for example, you tell me you never come to this website, but you sure collect your daily gold a lot for someone who claims they don't come here. In March alone, you been here 5 of the 11 days of the month. See these tools are pretty helpful! I get you don't come to the forums to talk, but our reddit was dead/dying before I closed it down anyway. Most threads had zero comments.
  • For someone who visits the website as often as you do, I'm surprised you aren't active on the forums like you were on the reddit. There's so much less toxicity, and I mean, it's all URealmsy which is awesome.
  • I liked Reddit more because I would already be on it and it was easier to access from mobile. The website helped Rob push towards his dream of a universal platform for his game. So while we might not like having to come here to talk about our favorite roleplay show, we need to realize it helps everyone else.
  • I personally feel the forums have been better for several reasons:

    1) Forums allow you to have more ongoing topics and discussions. On reddit topics couldn't last longer than a week because threads would slowly disappear over time as new posts were added. So, say for instance, you wanted a place to post your art? You couldn't have a thread you could update as you wanted. You'd have to submit a new link every time. Same with ongoing discussions, such as topics for major reoccurring characters. Instead new topics would have to be made and some people would end up having to repost things they'd already said.

    2) The sub reddit wasn't really all that active before the forums were made, and also it being called 'Buffalo Wizards' could have been seen as confusing as it was mainly just Urealms stuff being posted. It was pretty quiet between shows.

    3) Better overall community; Reddit can be awesome but has a few bad folks who can just keep making accounts to be a troll. On top of that, I feel like it's easier to get to know people on the forums.There's also a sense of being responsible for your actions. If you're being a troll on reddit you dont lose much except access to the subreddit if you are banned, so there's nothing lost from making a troll account :/

    4) Reddit doesn't let me have my Waifu/Husbando (Beenu) for an avatar and I can't put emotes.

    5) Forums are more organized so if you just want to look at threads about starting your own campaign or have questions you can. Reddit, while really great, doesn't have a way to organize threads into categories unless you go through with making a whole flair system.

    Also I'm not sure what you mean by it not being as accessible from mobile as I've been on forums on my phone and never had a problem :frown: This comes from someone who uses reddit all the time, so I dont think reddit is terribad, I just think this was the better choice as a platform for this community! :drunk: 

    Also for future's reference, 
    constructive criticism isn't a simple comment of 'I dont like this thing.'. That's just a statement my dude! Constructive criticism is when you explain why you dont like said thing. - Source: An artist who's personally heard 'I dont like X picture' with no explanation why several times in the past
  • I like Reddit a whole more. Better looking and more convenient on mobile as well as allowing me to look at other content for unrelated stuff more easily. I also dislike the lack of sorting/value identification (ie upvotes). Because of this I don't really see much "quality" content that I personally enjoy.

    But thats because this forum is for a different purpose. This forums more about interaction than providing content like reddit.

    And for that I love this forum. It lets rob interact with fans. Sure I could make 50 alts from various IP addresses and spam all day every day while also voting in the DD. But then the experience would be devalued. I wouldn't be a level 18 fan that uses the forums. I would be a level 1 alt with a spammy username. Theres value to being a decent human being.
  • I love the forums. I agree with some of the other comments that it's a little weirder on mobile than Reddit is. I would love to see a URealms app one day but I understand you can't just throw that together really quick.

    That being said this website is significantly better than Reddit. I love how it looks, I love the avatars, I love rolling for gold, I love the way discussion works on the forums, I love the organization of the different pieces.

    When I first switched from Reddit to the Forums I was skeptical. It was different from what I was used to and it was my first experience on a forum other than Reddit. I have fully switched over though. Honestly, the only reason I don't spend more time here is that it's not active 24/7. Which is also kind of good so I don't feel overwhelmed.

    If you're new to the Forums I say give it a while open-mindedly and see if you begin to enjoy it more. If you have been here a while but it's not your cup of tea I'm not sure what to tell you. This is better for Rob and I think a lot of the community as a whole. You don't have to be active here to enjoy the show. I don't want you to feel excluded from here because you're welcome here, if you follow the rules. But if you don't like it there isn't much to be done. The Forums fit the majority of the community better than Reddit did. You can always just check what's going on here and there. :smile: 
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