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URealms Unified, A URealms Discords Unification

URealms Unified is a brand new server by a group of URealms fans that been using Discord to plan, host and play the game.
We got leaders from the servers below;

“Lords Urealms Campaigns Server”

·         “Urealms Live Fanquest!”

·         “Shadow Games”

·         “Urealms Xan’s Universe”

·         “Butt Smacko’s Urealms Experience”

·         “Fanserver Urealms Global(FURG)”

·         “A Really Cool Name for a Urealms Server”

·         “Urealms Fan Game Group”

·         “Urealms PvP”

·         “Realms of The Dingo”

·         And several other smaller private Discord server.People here also are creators of maps, cards, tiles, campaigns, and other custom assets.

To celebrate the opening of the server, we prepared two activities!
1. We are going to hold several open 1 shot campaigns throughout for new people to simply create their characters and play. Those of you that prefer to GM with your own Campaigns are also welcome to join us and find your players within the server!

2. Myself and 4 other moderators are streaming a campaign around 4 PM EST. The video for the Character Creation can be found on the Twitch channel.

We're also planning to hold a couple of open campaigns each week(end?) so there will always be some games to join!

We’ll be waiting!

 For the Discord Server:
For the Stream and CC VOD:


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