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How about that new Nintendo Direct?

There was so much great stuff. Personally super duper excited for the Splatoon 2 updates! What do you guys think about it?


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    i don't know why but for some reason i'm not that excited for a new smash game, feel like there's not that many new characters they could ad that would excite me? like most of the ones i never thought i would get, i ended up getting in the last one, like megaman and the villager. the only ones left that i really want is Ridley and Shovel Knight
  • Surprise URealms character for smash, in our dreams

    I'm just hopeing for a Puff Buff
  • @LexderMob
    I think that this next one may be more about how the characters play rather than who they are. The Inklings, Megaman, Peach, Link, Pit, and Wario are all very different characters with very different. And I think that if the next SSB doubles down on having each character be very unique (perhaps have more characters with special mechanics like Lil' Mac), then I don't think they need to expand the roster
  • This direct on top of the other announcements from earlier in the year honestly has my wallet quite worried. So many good Switch games I going to want to buy.

    Also an Amibo just for making your character gesture in the Dark Souls Remaster is absolutely ridiculous, and yet a can already feel my desire to buy it building.
  • Praise the sun.

    Hey, tennis looked pretty fun. Maybe I'll check out Kirby. 

    But Smash 2018??
    I was entirely expecting a 2019-2020 release. I'm super excited.
  • I need Mario Tennis so I can play tennis with Chain Chomp, it's just too perfect.
  • I won’t lie, I was kinds disappointed with the direct, because of the lack of the Fire Emblem trailer...
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