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Join the Elves!

The ageless are a band of maurading, skeletal fiends who turn anyone who doesn't agree with their "peaceful" agenda into their minions, enslaved until (re)death. They like to hate the Elves, and anything associated with them. If they got the chance, they would literally genocide every race in the Realms. Supporting the side of the Elves is supporting the side of the generally good-willed, as supporting the Elves means supporting the side of the Dwarves and by proximity most likely every other sensible race who are bent on self-preservation (besides goblins lol). Would you rather live in a world of complete darkness where you'll never feel warmth again, or would you rather live your mortal life, and have all the emotions and experiences that come with it?  


  • Heh, nothing like a little nostalgia trip to the start of the forums huh? Back when it was all sorts of "talk about yourself" posts and people recruiting for different in-world sides, anyone else remember all that? all though it was recent it still feels so nostalgic 
  • Yeah, I remember that Galeden, I still prefer Ageless though, but I'm not planning on joining any fan clubs.
  • Hold up sign from far away* Not All Ageless are Evil. Please Leave Us Alone
  • *Holds same sing @Toruk
  • looks like we got a bunch of necromancers, bringin back a thread from the dead
  • Gobolf! *Heavy breathing*
  • Kobold kobold kobold, kobold. Kobold, kobold, kobold kobold kobold! 


    Kobold! Kobold?

    Kobold kobold kobold, kobold kobold kobold. Kobold?

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    (Translating: "Hey Maris i see you are doing the typical Kobold Prank")
  • "Would you rather live in a world of complete darkness where you'll never feel warmth again." Ha, as if there was warmth in the first place, or that there was "light"! (I wanted to say an edge-lord thing)
  • why are you doing this to me
  • Because it must be done to show you the elven cause is futile
  • God every time I look at that paragraph I wrote I just think of how cringey it is. I really wish we could delete threads because this one was so lame and only had like 60 views before you guys came back to mess around on it. 
  • Shh thread necromancers do that a lot. But in all seriousness for a moment, the elves won't win vs the ageless
  • @Toruk ;Good thing the fight isn't the elves vs. the ageless.

    Kobold kobold kobold kobold kobold kobold kobold.
  • The Order of Chaos shall prevail! But like lowkey, Elves are who I support currently.
  • i mean i like to watch but the ageless have had no losses in this war, they need a slap down. so Elves all the way, but im with peaceful ageless
  • @Toruk Well I mean if we're going to talk seriously there are a huge number of factors we have to discuss.

    Like, strategy. What exactly is Bopen's strategy besides raiding coastal villages for more soldiers? His grand plan is to convert every living being to ageless. That's... ambitious, if not actually impossible. Is he going to march on the elven capital? Is he going to charge straight into the GPO's base? That didn't really go so well last time someone attempted it. You can't really do much with an army of thralls unless you're directly controlling them and giving them orders. I doubt Bopen would do this himself. That would mean, like the broodmother, all you have to do is kill the thing controlling the thralls and you've basically won a fight because they can't coordinate as well.
    Speaking of the people controlling thralls, let's talk about individuals. Can you name any famous or powerful Ageless besides Bopen? I mean, Bopen is Bopen, that's not a laughing matter, but let's consider The Living. Virgo Sunsword, while being killed by Bopen, is the only person so far to get a legitimate kill on him. The Brutal Death Roll doesn't really count because it was forced. If multiple Virgo-level Living characters exist, like Lyn Azveltara, then what happens if they all gang up on Bopen while he's alone? If Virgo, BY HIMSELF, when he's basically almost dead, can "kill" Bopen, then five Virgo's can easily do it at full strength, and destroy every part of him, including sword and ring. Can he really kill all of them at once?

    Let's consider the people beneath this tier. Let's think something like Galen and then Lance tier of people, because they're pretty strong. Let's say there's like, 5,000-10,000 Ageless thralls attacking some important place. Okay, defending it are 100 Galen tier and 200 Lance tier fighters, plus however many jimmies. They don't even have to be Paladins, but let's say some of them are. Not even a lot of them. Okay, math time.

            Going only tier by tier, the Galen tier guys have to get 100 kills each if there are 10,000. Based on what we've seen Galen do, does that seem so hard?

            The Lance tier would need to get 50 each, and it might be a bit more difficult for them, but they can still do it. There'll be casualties, but not probably many.

    If any of these nameless jobbers have any kind of spell like Hammer of Sanctification, or Aurora Borealis, well then they literally AUTOMATICALLY win. They find the sane Ageless people controlling the thralls? They pretty much automatically win. Duplicate this effect over a series of like, 10-20 battles, and I don't really see Bopen's army standing a chance.

     And don't just say " Oh well they can just resurrect any people they kill to replenish themselves," because, for once in a scenario, QUALITY matters over quantity here. If you just have a fucking group of like, 100 thralls charging a dozen guys, but those guys have full plate armor, steel weapons, they know any sort of offensive spells, and they just keep their fucking helmets on or they have those breathing masks from season 1 & 2, how the fuck are they gonna kill them? Are they gonna claw through the armor? Even if they overpower them, I don't know if you've ever thought about how fucking hard someone can punch with a gauntlet made of metal, but you could definitely crack a skull with one.

    Okay, I'm done.
  • i believe in Bopen, i don't believe in the light fuck that guy and ouro as
  • Maybe everyone will get a happy ending and we can sings songs together.
    Kobold kobold kobold, kobold kobold! Kobold kobold kobold.

    I'm sorry for this prank.
    Kobold kobold kobold.
  • @Flavor_Town_Reloaded Right now all we are currently doing is speculating, yes I admit the living have a strong start and have a lore set.. we have a lot to see from the ageless still. Meaning there can be higher figures in the army with Bopen, none higher though. Also the war has not progressed heavily, if at all,  so the ageless can still develop greatly. Also that "Lance tier" Got defeated by peasants 
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    @Toruk peasants who all got their legendaries, one being able to do 45 damage with a basic attack and the other that could force a brutal death roll. Also not mentioning the amazing rolls that the peasants had and if we hadn't made it rain then the Pallys would've won.
  • @Flavor_Town_Reloaded they still were peasants. One was even an unlucky kobold
  • @Toruk Yes, who wasn't present in the fight for more than a few rounds. Which is another reason they won.
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