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Senate of Deadlantis lore conflicting

edited March 2018 in Campaigns
so in senate of deadlantis all of the family’s shown ( baringster, cobbler, tacier lambeir (the French one), and the vinesto family (sorry if I spelled names wrong)) all descendants died and the rest left of the said family’s were turned ageless.

So my question is how did they show up later in the time line?
Can someone please tell because my brain is racking for info that rob explained but not finding anything.


  • @logan825 Only the heads of those Families (and in the Barringster's case, just an important member of it) and some of their members died (and some of them came back as Ageless). They weren't the only members of those Families, though; they were only some of the most important members. After all, the Canon founder of the Barringsters is Roamin's Character from 'Tower of Ultimate Wizardry', and he's alive. We also know there's a Jenathorn Barringster somewhere (who's Phineas' Aunt).
  • Ah thanks so much i was so confused about how that worked@friskyBrisky
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