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The Weaver - Custom Support Class

Welcome to another custom support class. This one should have a much simpler kit compared to the other classes, with much of the "skill" being diverted into playing creatively, such as with Companion Passives, Roleplay Actions, treasures, knowledge sharing, and more! The name's not perfect since we already have Fleshweavers and Dreamweavers, but that'd be an issue to address only if this class were to ever become canon.

  • No sufficient direct damage.
  • Very few Regular Action Abilities.
  • Many Limited Abilities.
  • Many Passives, most of them influencing Character Creation.
  • Doesn't behave like most other support classes in terms of restoration, terrain, and status.


  • Extremely high utility: can fit into any team effortlessly.
  • Uses the environment to their advantage, and not entirely based around Terrain tiles.
  • Heavy crowd control focus.
  • Build freedom: not many required skills, can modify your kit to your situation and character as you please, and still end up being effective.
  • Encourages the use of Roleplay Actions and Treasures.
  • Snowballs chaotically.
  • Encourages the GM to use Roleplay Actions.


  • Almost no direct damage.
  • Doesn't really set up combos, but isn't very dependent on them either.
  • No typical synergy.
  • Many abilities have strong downsides.

  • 600 Gold is enough to purchase most abilities, but make the powerful Passives relatively expensive.

  • One of the central skills for the Weaver.
  • 8-19 will count as Critical Successes, but the interpretation can differ from GM to GM.
  • Slightly risky as the opponent will receive this powerful buff as well; crowd control can help greatly with this, unless you're willing to bet they won't do anything great.
  • Distortion will improve your ability to manipulate reality: for example, it can allow you to summon a magical chain from which to grapple, teleport, making an illusory mask to scare an opponent, etc. "Basic" magical actions will be considered part of the Roleplay Action while Distortion is in effect.
  • GMs also get to have fun with this ability!

  • A powerful card as it can be every card, but it requires a bit of gambling.
  • A safe conjuration (I attempt to conjure a random Dark spell) will probably succeed on Low rolls, somewhat specific ones on Average rolls and above (I attempt to conjure a random Dark spell which deals damage to an opponent), and very specific ones on High rolls and above (I attempt to conjure a Blanket of Darkness). This will also become harder depending on the power of the spell.
  • Therefore it's a bit of a gamble, as you have to make your stake before the roll: if you make a specific call and roll high you will be rewarded more than if you make a vague call and roll high.
  • The location of where the Spell or object will appear is determined before rolling, and can't be changed: if you conjure a Fireball and get it, it will detonate at the position you designated.
  • The Critical component of this spell will be up to the GM to interpret, but make sure the original conjuration's goal comes to fruition.
  • GMs: to ease the use of this spell, use the "search" function on an associated deck and pull out the first match in the list of cards it generates. That way, you don't have to pull out a ton of cards.

  • A minion-summoning spell with Roleplay Action capabilities.
  • The "unique actions and abilities" will be roleplay-based: if you bring a crystal of ice alive it may have a contrived ability that will Freeze enemies, if you bring a chandelier alive it might have a contrived ability that will cause Burning, etc.
  • These minions will inherently be more powerful than typical minions, as they will have unique statuses, abilities, and perhaps even health. However, they will similarly have unique weaknesses.
  • Make sure to draw an Attribute for the animated object should it gain sentience.

  • A very unique ability that can specialize the party's power.
  • The Anytime consumption will consume the entire party's Anytime actions.
  • One option is to go all in on Stamina or Anytimes so that one component of the spell becomes significantly stronger, while reducing the well-roundedness of the party.
  • The other option is to only modify slightly with the Character Creation component, and allow Rematerialize to have sufficient power with both of its choices.
  • Although restoring Anytimes can allow for combats to end on the first round when combined with the Anytime Action increases, it requires a very controlled strategy and build so that its damage component does not ravage the party: if you commit to Anytimes and only have 50 Stamina, a Rematerialize that deals 150 damage is grounds for a Brutal Death Roll.
  • While the Stamina restoration choice may seem weak, long and/or difficult combats can result in its downside being completely negated by the party already having used all of their Anytimes.
  • As per the rules, player characters may only have a maximum of 6 Anytime Actions.

  • Most of the power of this ability is within the Companion Passive aspect, as they can provide unique powers and synergies.
  • The Companion Ability aspect gives utility and slight damage potential, without giving easy damage options.
  • It's important to note that the "Master" keyword won't make the ability dead: assign a fellow party member to be your Master, or if the GM would allow it, perhaps yourself or the entire party.
  • Lifebind is intended to physically alter your character, so make adjustments based on what is drawn.

  • A very interesting ability, allowing the collection of knowledge at a price.
  • Copied Cornerstones will be placed in the Passive slot.
  • Cornerstone copying will only copy the passive benefit, but not modify your Stamina or personality (unless you're hiding your actual past by copying somebody else's, in which case it would technically change).
  • Allies may only copy your original Cornerstone, and in a similar way.
  • The ability of Mind Meld allows you to fully read the mind of an enemy character, giving you nearly full insight into their mind. But beware, as the linked enemy will be capable of the same.
  • If one character dies while under the effects of Mind Meld, the linked character also dies: thus, Death Rolls are shared.
  • The Party will have knowledge of the encounter from the perspective of the chained enemy, but beware, as they will have knowledge of your strategy as well.
  • These effects require a Regular Action from specified characters to dispel.
  • Can link with an ally in order to share abilities, but gaining no knowledge.
  • Remember GMs, minds are full of unsightly information. It's never a bad idea to scar a party member for life!

  • A heavy control ability with lots of utility.
  • Aetherials cannot use any Items, Treasure, Weapons, Armor, or Shields: They can only use Abilities and Passives which are marked with the Spell gem.
  • Aetherials cannot be influenced by anything which does not have the Spell gem, including Basic Attacks from Weapons which don't have the Spell gem. Beneficial effects are not exempt from this restriction. Terrain is a bit tricky and up to interpretation: Rough terrain on the floor will probably not impact them, even if it was caused by a spell, but a Blanket of Darkness probably will.
  • Can be cast on an enemy to prevent them from Basic Attacking or using powerful items, but giving them immunity to much of the same.
  • Can be cast on an ally to protect them from Basic Attacks and Items, as long as they don't rely on the same.
  • These effects wear off at the end of combat.

  • A very heavy single-target control spell.
  • Can be used to save an ally from almost any impending doom by transporting them.
  • Can be used against a powerful enemy to "stall" them, or perhaps persuade them to stand down if their comrades are defeated.
  • Transporting an enemy in the middle of an action will halt the action, but the enemy will return to complete their action when they appear.
  • Believers probably won't be lost in time as a result of this spell, as they would be teleported to an otherworldly dimension and then teleported back a few moments later. This otherworldly dimension could physically kill them, however.
  • Criticals are up to interpretation, but will usually have massive impacts once combat ends.

  • A unique spell which can set up combos, snowball terrain and minions, and potentially more.
  • "Objects of Importance" are pretty much reliant on the GM, but a good example would be an inanimate Shield Generator for a mech boss you're fighting.
  • Spiritual Essences can be moved, but won't perform any actions. When damaged, they will inflict double the damage to their original bodies. When healed, they will restore double the healing to their original bodies.
  • Moving Spiritual Essences can lead to insane damage combos. Though they will spawn 4-5 spaces away from their original, making them adjacent can lead to powerful AoEs that deal normal damage to the physical body, and then double to their spirit.
  • Be careful when copying allies: although enemies might not know to hit the spirit, their spiritual essence can end up putting them in Danger.
  • Environmental objects are also copied with this spell: you could try to warp an enemy into copied walls with this ability, or perhaps put falling rocks above them.
  • This spell produces a mirror dimension of sorts, which closes without any major repercussions (aside from losing the extra Minions and Terrain) at the end of combat.

  • A useful passive.
  • Can be used to open up damage options using Treasures, or to provide a heavy amount of utility which would be more typical and synergistic (i.e. minion summoning, terrain, doubling damage, etc).
  • No, this does not stack infinitely.
  • Make sure to purchase at least one Treasure with the Spell gem in order to use this Passive.
  • As a GM, remember that you can break Treasures.

  • A snowballing ability that can lead to extreme events, but not without its risks.
  • Whenever ANY Spell targets a Weaver with The Spun Thread, it will roll additional dice based upon how many foes have been slain. These dice will always take the highest number, and ignore Critical Failures.
  • The Weaver will not roll additional dice unless their spell targets themselves.
  • Supportive magic will be more powerful, but so will offensive spells. Considering that offensive spells become more powerful on Critical Successes compared to supportive spells, this is spell is a considerable risk.
  • Combining The Spun Thread with an Anytime-based Rematerialize or The Eternal Loom will allow you to generate the more powerful Regular Actions earlier, but adding even more risk to your character.
  • As long as an enemy dies in your vicinity, you will gain the bonus of this passive. Allies do not count (unless you consider them enemies when they die).
  • You can choose to not slay any characters, and simply have this be +40 Stamina for 500 Gold. Alternatively, you can merely choose to stop taking lives when you want to stop snowballing.

  • Critical Failures and Critical Successes will cause you to Death Roll: as long as it's a Critical and involves something you directly did or is directly affecting you, it will cause a Death Roll.
  • Upon death, you will lose all your character's belongings while continuing to play on as your characters spirit. You probably won't be able to communicate with anyone verbally, and may not even retain your memories, but at least you won't really die.
  • Should you successfully reincarnate into a new non-Spirit Companion, you can choose most Companions in the game to become, but be wary: your new form may not agree with your party members (note to all those who want to become dragons).
  • If the party successfully recruits you after reincarnating, you may choose to become a Companion in their Inventory (should they have the space).
  • Your bonus Anytime Actions will carry over to your Companion forms (if you're in the Inventory of another party member, this may be restricted), as well as the Death Roll component.
  • Remember that player characters are only allowed a maximum of 6 Anytime Actions.

As always, leave your comments and questions below, if you desire.

This work falls under the CC BY 4.0 License and can be used and edited freely as long as you provide credit.


  • This class is AWESOME! Mind if I drop a little feedback/personal opinion on these abilities?
    Take a look:
    Distortion Aha, your explanation was what sold it for me. I was considering just basic creative actions, but I'm definitely down to bend some reality with this.

    Surprise! Conjuration "I want to conjure a random Item"/"I want to conjure [insert Wizard Limited here]"
    I'm sure when things go awry with certain spells, this might be meant in a more extreme sense. But this is some good. Even if you only ever do safe or somewhat specific casts, this is definitely a must-have. And you're saying if I ask for a random spell that damages a guy and succeed, I'm guaranteed a random spell that damages the guy? Enjoy your 50 gold, buddy.

    Animate Nature be my guest, be my guest, be my gueeeeest
    This is an interesting-sounding ability with an unpredictable amount of power. Also, what was that about not having direct damage? I just animated my sword. Now, it'll protect me for a little while and cut people real good. Heck while we're at it I think I'll just animate my enemy's clothes and weapons as well, that should be fun for them.

    Rematerialize I said I wanted seventeen red gems, not seventy!
    The tryhard in me says this is worth way, WAY more than 100 Gold, because of how valuable Anytime Actions are. Even if we're hardly breaking the hundred stamina mark, I would probably stack up on Anytimes as long as it leaves me just above 50, because on successful cast I have effectively doubled the available Anytimes for the party this combat. Even if it put everyone in Danger and someone died, we would still have more than enough Anytimes to survive the remaining onslaught. Without the in-combat spell component, this would still be a 100% worth to buy because I may have reduced my Stamina, but we have a bunch of Anytimes now so do you really think my friends and I are gonna let you hit me?

    Lifebind I know it sounds like a lot of fun... but good god, some of those Companion Passives are either useless ("Master" wording, etc.), ridiculously powerful in utility or combat (flight, regenerative cells, spiritual form), or... oh god. I pulled Mighty Beak.
    Well, I might buy it for the abiliti- actually... nah, I'll stick with the other three.

    Mind Meld Remember players, minds are full of unsightly information. It's never a bad idea to scar an important NPC for life!
    The worry of allowing a foe or stranger to have access to all of my spells is vastly alleviated by the memories and knowledge we'll pass over to each other as a result. This is something I'd definitely buy just because of how cool it sounds. Good old chaotic magic, huh?

    Aetherialize This is not only fun, it is very useful as long as there are plenty of enemies reliant on the material world to get their shit done. Not for long, buddy.

    Soul Preservation Very powerful characters and people of interest may have resistance to this, but regardless you've explained things exactly as I was thinking. As far as combat goes, it has a pretty much permanent effect but I don't think that's too much a huge issue. If I use it on a player character, though, I hope they're okay with just watching the action.

    Through the Looking Glass Jeez, your spells are getting more and more creative as they go on. This is the indirect damage you were talking about, and boy is it good. You already mentioned a couple of the potential damage combos that could be pulled off.

    Unleash Potential runs behind cover and uses Storm Shock
    This is a straight-up power pick here, if you want to try a more Treasure-oriented build. Check your shop for some sweet Limiteds or potential uses of certain items as Roleplay Actions and you can be quite nuts in combat. If you have multiple Treasure Spell Abilities you should be covered when some of your shit inevitably breaks.

    The Spun Thread This is the big snowball right here, isn't it? I definitely like the idea behind it, and I can definitely keep things under control as you mentioned. Funny that any Spell targeting me would ignore Critical Failures... I think this'll be quite interesting alongside Allies who have substantial supportive abilities.

    The Eternal Loom I personally wouldn't buy this in practice because extra Anytime Actions aren't worth 500 Gold to me even without the extra effects, though it sounds nice regardless. Really, it's just because I don't like the semi-vegetable state my character would be put in once they're dead. Phanto can never have enough friends in the afterlife, so I'd rather not take... that other fate. Then again, I'm not actually a Weaver so who knows whether or not my choices might change?

    Overall, I think the Attributes, Strengths, and Weaknesses accurately inform the reader on the absolute shitstorm they're in for, which is excellent indeed.
    The most important thing, at least for me, is to recognize how friggin' OP Rematerialize is and to reevaluate that card as soon as possible.
    Ya-yep, that's my feedback! Hope it helped!
  • @knguy Thanks a lot for your feedback! It's awesome knowing that I can incite passion with my creations.

    Surprise! Conjuration is pretty good. I may turn it up to 100 Gold to make it a bit more balanced. Like the Magician, you can pull some whammies that even specification can bend against you. For instance, if you ask for a damaging spell, you can get a Fleshweaver ability that can hurt you just as much (or if the GM wants to be a dick about it, perhaps one that just hurts you), a Companion Ability that would only deal 5 damage, a Dreamwalk that teleports you next to an enemy, or something like Corpse Explosion. This effect doesn't make the Weaver a better Magician, since the Weaver doesn't have direct synergies with the random pulls like a Magician does, who will also always succeed in casting.

    Animate Nature still has some limitations: an enemy's cloth shirt will probably have a hard time doing even more than 1 damage, while animated weapons will probably be a bit fragile and will definitely be conspicuous, though they will definitely deal a lot of damage. I do think that possessing an enemy's plate armor to stab them, or their gloves to push against their swings, will be very interesting and funny.

    I'll rework Rematerialize's Anytime restoration in the coming days. Anytimes allow for more burst/combat power: Stamina is safer than Anytimes, as one missed dodge can put you into Danger should you have low Stamina. Nevertheless, I think I can healthily nerf this ability by having the Anytime restoration ramp up in damage depending on how many Anytimes it restores. This way, it won't encourage a party to commit to spending 24 Anytimes in the first round of combat, in order to get another 24 for the next round. And if you're going all-in on Anytimes, I think that 150 damage would be a good number to cause a Brutal Death Roll for a character that has less than 50 Stamina.

    For Lifebind, I meant to put a note that "Master" would be assigned to another party member in the subtext so that a lot of them wouldn't be utterly useless, but I forgot. Thanks for reminding me.

    Soul Preservation is a bit clunky, I'll admit. Powerful targets succumbing to it won't really matter: if they're the only target in combat, then the party will merely have a turn to reposition before being put back in combat. Using the ability on powerful or troublesome targets in a battle with few enemies can be extremely useful, however I feel like this will generate interesting roleplay situations. If an enemy stands down after his partner seems to be erased from existence, that partner return shortly after their friend begs for mercy. Meanwhile, using it on an ally should be a last resort action, and they can always roll to resist if they don't want to be whisked away. Worst-case, they can play as an enemy character to get their revenge.

    Lastly, I think I'll add a buff to The Eternal Loom, so that surviving combat as a Spirit Companion transforms you into a Random Companion with The Eternal Loom.

    Thanks again for the comments and feedback, I always welcome it.
  • Sorry for the necro, but I've recently found some time to update The Eternal Loom and Rematerialize: the necro is to ensure that any GMs using this custom set know to get the latest versions.

    • Updated Rematerialize's Anytime Restoration aspect to make it far more risky to go all-in.
    • Updated The Eternal Loom to allow you to fully reincarnate into a new being, should you survive as a Spirit without "dying" once.
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