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The Beast from the East

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How are the other British people in the community doing with this snowy ass crap?
Because this is one of those times when living in butt fuck nowhere doesn't help much and just looks pretty. In the spoiler is literally where I live and we're in snow hell.

So how are you doing? Having fun?

Also yes Ik it's god-awful early but it's tough


  • It's like this almost all year round for me, with the snow coming and going. I, too, live in the middle of nowhere (Isle of Lewis) and it's like Summer, but snowy and cold although not really cold 'cause its' Scotland and it's always cold so cold-cold is like a windy Summer's day.
  • @UnluckyBimi In the area where I am they've closed the snow gates

  • @Melijeli Not going to lie, didn't even know they were a thing.
  • @Melijeli well atlest the company that runs the snow gates did not put it the wrong way like they did to the retaion ponds where I am :p.
  • *:P I mean not the peace my bad
  • First proper snow for me in about 5 years. Entire counties on lockdown.
  • It's insane
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    It's not terrible if you're used to being in the north, but there's flash blizzards, horrible winds, and some of the back roads are icy, which makes it a general pain.

    That, and I thought I was already done dealing with winter a month and a half ago.
  • @Talespinner yeah bloody winter never ends
  • I was meant to go home this weekend but I’m stuck where I go to college, everyone is going for milk and bread that a lot of shops don’t have them haha
  • Omg I’m fucking loving it here in ireland hehehe.
  • Stuck in Dublin :angryfunk: 
  • We here in sweden actually had it warmer this week compared to the last, we only had around -20 to -15 this week, compared to last's -30.
  • @Darnokthemage sounds nice and cosy  :)
  • Dublins basically shut down. And we had enough snow in my back garden to build and igloo. Do we did
  • :( What are toes anymore, it's so cold I haven't felt them all dang week.
  • @Stevie_dfs god I wish i had a damn igloo it'd be ace
  • Where I am we had snow for a day or two, now it's just blowing a lot of cold air around. It's not too bad, but I'm also Canadian so everybody here probably thinks I'm nuts going to the store in a sweater and no coat lol.

    That said, if I kept wanting to have cold crappy weather I'd not have moved over. I'm over it, it can be done now and warm back up! :(
  • The snow has been wild around where I live I've seen three accidents this week GLOBAL WARMING IS A MYTH
  • @Alteiriaa it's funny, I just talked to someone whose roommate is canadian, who was also complaining that is was warmer back home than it is here now. 
  • @magnetised I wonder if the canadians you guys talk about are eating icecream in this weather, and that I'm not the only cold-weather ice-cream eating weirdo.
  • From northern sweden, this week has been much warmer then last, we didn't have and extra cold this week either.
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    @Darnokthemage ;  i know right, just frost but a surprisingly lack of snow fall and wind. nice change of pace. (also in the northern sweden area at the moment)
  • @magnetised Before I moved over I was in the prairies, so it'd reguarly get to -20 (or more!) and the wind feels like it cuts to the bone cuz there is nothing to get in the way because everything is so FLAT. Other parts of the country are a good bit milder though!

    @UnluckyBimi Can confirm, Canadians do eat ice cream during the winter. At least, my family did anyway! It's tasty cold and you get to decide to have that, it's not forced on you by The Outdoors. It's all about the choice!

    (....Dang I could go for a twister rn.)
  • @Alteiriaa can't beat a twister no matter the weather

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