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  • Cool class, might want to change the name of the thread, I clicked on this thinking you had made a demo for some URealms flash game.
  • Really cool and would love to see that new class in a game but the gigs bomb I do believe does way to much damage for such a low price maybe up it another 50 coins
  • @logan825 ;
    However. You have 2 turns to get away from the bomb, which is ridiculously generous, even if you could use abilities to trap someone or pull them in. They can still Death Roll and survive.
    The damage, in my opinion, is just there to be scary as hell as it's 3x the 99 threshold. It will be useful to bosses with big-ass health bars, but (even though it's a buzzkill) what stops them from resisting your efforts to keep them towards the bomb? Gotta get creative.

    I think I'll take a closer look at this class at some point, either now or later, and give my thoughts. Gotta get to some other classes too... but this one for now.
  • Yeah I guess that does make sense cause it is just a death roll but for that much damage, at least for if you where taking out group it could be a 1-2-3-4-5 role or brutal at most to make it even (makes sense in my brain but I could understand if you said otherwise)@knguy
  • Something I just realized it’s almost a full class you just need one more card to fill up the slots because there is 13 (including class) and you have 12 just one more spell or passive or something of the sorts.@Murzder
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