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If you could spend a day with a URealms character...

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Who would it be?

Personally I pick Roamin the Paladin. (Coe's Quest) There's bound to be good times with that guy.


  • Either Alessa Stonemason or Borracho. Da na na na na na na na na na, Da na na na na na na na na na, Da na na na na na na na na na, Da da da da da da da da daaaaa!  :)
  • Either our favorite mad elf Phineas Barringster or Nisoven(s)
  • @Melijeli Yeah, I'm agreeing with Borracho. Who else could you possibly choose?
  • Probably the Monkeyfish king.
  • Quintara Lotus. who better than the god of chaos.
  • I personally feel that I would not survive a day with these characters...

    But hey, Lunk would probably be fun to be around. I'm sure he has all sorts of stories.
  • Nikers Fontain would probably be fun!
  • Chilly wizzy.
    I want to face him in chilly willies
  • someone who could give me gold so I could get magic
  • @The_456744 lol same or you know EXP would be nice
  • Maelstrom Pre-Dragon would probably be pretty interesting to hang out with. But if we're going with current standings I'd say Glamerous or Tambok. 
  • ... Madelyne  :)
  • Yohan, so me and @Rein could hug him all day 
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    @Melijeli ; I DIDN'T EVEN THINK ABOUT BORACHO... I'm reconsidering now. Or maybe That hairy dude from the Tower of Ultimate Wizardry Ch. 2 ... or... maybe... Lyn Azveltera <3

    Squinks could be fun too.
  • Vanessa squishwitz or another bard simply because I want to know what kind of abilities she'd get from me.
  • Zanaria Vinisto.  I just wanna be her friend and maybe help bring a little light back into her life again. It pains me to see anyone so sad and miserable. Even fictional characters.  
    She just needs a friend and all the hugs in the world. Maybe be convinced to get away from deadlantis and find something to live for again in that vast, open world. Just needs someone to pick her up and give her that push to her first step to a happier future. :)
  • I wouldn’t mind a cup of tea with Jameson Blant
  • Duke Mother' F'ing Daring or Ralph because it would be a really, really really, really, really really, really, really, really good time.
  • One of the 6 Dragon aspects (Except for Golestandt)
    (It would mean I might not die)
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    I'd pick Ghostblade to try to fix her
  • actually id also want to meet ghostblade
    But as a child so i could take her in and raise her to be the beautiful bird she was always meant to be 
  • I wanna spend a day with Kohai chan cause he is the life of the animuuu
  •  @Rein ;
    Kohai chan is baeee! :heart: 
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    Those who exalt the Old Gods. It'd be nice to be worshipped, though, now that I think of it, I'd probably never leave.. :\
    I'm okay with that :dank: 
  • Obviously Neena for... reasons...  :3
    But actually just cause whatever happit's its hilarious. :D
  • That would've been a very tough choice between Kinney Boots, Vitali Zankovich, Mikael Zankovich, Sly Johnson and Thea Mazing.
  • Bopen cause even if they disappear i could maybe convince them to turn me ageless which would be awesome... kinda.
  • More trying to think of characters that wouldn't kill me...
    So most of the paladins (fetchthewater seems nice and innocent), maybe Rick Snot or Young Ladyir, Nisovin, Templeton 7, Redmon Kriel (spelling?), Heathera, Mikael, Bearo....

    I'd go with Heathera, cutie can teach me about the unforgotten realms
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