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Custom Stuff from Wyverns RP threads

Hello everyone, these are some custom races i made during the forums rp The Mad king. (Cards thanks to @Jj_TeRroR_jJ ) so use if you wish, as i like all these ideas and wish to share them.

Void Elf / (custom)
Race Passive / Corruption (custom)
Now who here likes Dark elves? well these are like dark elves in which their skin is void color black, do you also like space? BOOM! these are also sort of space elves. Let me explain:

Basically the ideas for these elves is that when Phanto, aka the moon died, well portals to this new dark realm called the void world opens up all over, some elves fall in and found their self inside this new world. Well this world is actually inside Phanto's head, now how does this work? Magic is all i can say other then he's a dead dragon god, but that is their basic backstory, i have my own stories i making in my rps for them late, so stop by to see them, or/and use them to spice up your own rps/campaigns.

Now how the Passive works is strange, it basically buffs spells by GM added effects based on the players rolls. I haven't been able to heavily test it out yet, but hey i could see how it could be fun
Spiderling / (custom)
Race Benefit / Arachnid (custom)

Companion Ability / Death Web
Race Ability / Summon Brood (custom)
Race Ability / Grappling Web (custom)
Race Passive / Spiderkin (custom)
I want to say this now, they are not "the top half elf, the bottom are spiders" i don't like that idea, as we already have Blood snake queens doing that. They look like Webber from Don't Starve, humanoid spider creatures.

Now this race doesn't make sense in Urealm lore, well my Lore for them, as spiders don't seems as intelligent, but who knows. As he cards say this is a half bread between Spiders and elves, which gives them both strengths really, with the terrifying looks of spiders as humans. Either way most of my lore won't make sense, so make them a playable race or new enemy to face, their a interesting concept either way

Also for the cards they are basically spider man, that are what the basics of the cards say.
Aether Wisp / (custom)
Race Passive / Spell Composition (custom)
Now yes another elf race, even thought the original plan was to make these just spirits of magic, powerful enough to gain sentience, then became elves, you can use that idea or this idea
Now unlike the other races these beings are elves who weren't born in a physical form, but in a magic shell form. Now the cards says it all, so their is little to nothing i can say about them, I haven't done much with them lore wise yet, so their nothing to say but. Your looks is that you have spells making up your body, flowing inside you like your blood.
Okay any questions ask i guess, or just comments in general 


  • Man, and I thought the OG URealms was saturated with elves!  >:)
    In all seriousness, though, these are p cool. I especially like the lore of the Void Elves, though I can't say much in terms of how gameplay might be (im bad lul)
  • ( @PoppyrusRose )
    Yeah, it sort have happen that way, like the whispers where meant to be just spirits, but i didn't wan't to change it after the guy made the card, so i just rolled with it.
    Yeah i personally like the void elf idea, their would probably never be a space campaign in urealms, but i could sort see this as a work around. ( Also thanks  :p )
  • ( changed the name since i will be putting all my custom stuff from the RP forums )
    Here is a class, this is my first class that I'm fully making, i had some half made classes I'm planing on also making, Right now it's sort of a draft, i just want some more options before i make the cards

    The class was going to be called Wardens, a less magical class, but then me thinking of a wizard who use words to cast spell got me to change it to wordens as a joke, they also use wards, which makes some of this a tongue twisters. 


    Powerful battle mages meant to interrupt other casters from using their spell, this gives them favors with the light.


    Warding effects

    Every time you successfully blocks or stop attacks on a friend or foe, you gain favor with the light. This Favor acts as more actions at the end of the round, but can be used to strength certain abilities. You can only activate the favors you gain during the round at the end of that round, as an extra turn of sort, also don’t worry about getting a one, it doesn’t end the favors round of combat
    Savings Bond

    With the patient in your belief, you can call in favors from long ago. You can save favors until any end of a round, meaning you are not force to use the favor at the end of the round. This also means you can save the favor to other combats, but a one on any of the actions waste all of the favors saved up at once.



    Dogmas Allegiance

    Sacred shields made by Ouroras long ago to show a Wardens true allegiance to the dogmas. The wielder of the shield has to pay a great cost though, as they most cut off their hand and leave it off forever. The shield will takes up the space as its then forcefully infused onto your skin. This does mean you lose stamina, you can now roll to block attacks on a high number, but more importantly can roll to get extra favors every time you gain a favor.



    Panoply Scales

    Armor made from the scales of Ouroras himself he gifted it to the order long ago to show his first favors to the Wardens. This armor shine bright when a favor is gain and when you use a favor, this cause a light that blinds all adjacent foes around you to be effective by it.



    Shak Glaive

    A mighty spear design from the Worden Shak to be the main weapon for the Wordens, like the paladins and their hammers. This Glaive can deal multiple strikes on the target for multiple damage, you always deal double damage, and you can charge the weapon with favors to dead a extra 5 damage per 3 favors added



    Wording Explosion

    You can use your action as an anytime for this spell. Cast a clever little light spell taught at the Wardens school where you whisper a prayer and draw words on the ground. Unlike silencing a target with a spell, this spell rather surrounds the target with an invisible shield, that if they try to cast a spell during the round the spell will blow back hurting themselves while with healing spell target at themselves would heal you instead of them.
    Wards better then Wars

    You can use your action as an anytime for this spell, as you would have drawn wards of peace on a slip of paper before entering battler. These slips of paper can be slapped on an enemies weapon causing it to do 0 damage if they use that weapon in abilities or basic attacks. This slip can in addition be use on armor to regain 30 stamina, but hurts you movement into 1 space.
    Holy Thrusting (the best joke)

    Use your main weapon to strike a target by thrusting your weapon into them; this normal does basic damage of your weapon, but this action can be improve with prayer. You can spend 1 favor push them back 10 spaces, 3 to cause your attack to do 15 more damage, but with 5 favors after the thrusting they will become charmed to you
    Harsh Warding

    Say action words that are almost forgotten, but a very few knows these unforgotten words and those who do can use them with help with the Light.  Once you speak these words everyone around you will be stunned, but this spell can be strength like with 1 favor have these words deal 10 damage, 3 cause all static effects on every one, while with 5 can also add a death roll.
    The forbidden word

    A powerful word that once spoken, cause a huge sonic echo dealing 99 damage in an area, this is more as a punishment for you, as you and your allies are affected by this area. This punishment can be useful with the light by your side, as one favor cause this spell to hit everyone on the field, 3 favors have it not effect allies or yourself, while finally a 5 have it deal 5 times the amount of damage.
    Vipers Strikes

    A mighty flurry of attacks meant to mimic the snakes of the deserts sand, this deals 25 damage with any weapon, but can be strength with favors. 1 favor can cause you to add the damage from you weapons or weapons as well, 3 favors cause you to also poison the foe, while finally 5 favors cause you or a ally to heal double the amount of damage dealt
    Scorpios Pincer

    Like the deadly ageless scorpios of the cold deserts nights, you can deal mighty damage with a single attack that deal 30 damage, this can be strength with a favor. To use this ability needs 2 weapons or a weapon and shield to word, since you clashing both together to perform the attack. 1 favor freezes an enemy in place, 3 favors gives you the speed to preform another Scorpios Pincer for 30, while finally 5 favors have you deal a special final move that deals another 60, but back fires if its not the finishing blow
    Basically this class is meant to defend people and get power from doing it, this gives you a chance to do cool shit later)
  • (oh yeah any opinions/in put anyone can give to me about he class would be great )
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