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Adobe Director/Puppet Pals

Since Adobe Director is being discontinued, will PuppetPals still be a thing?


  • Rob expressed distress on Twitter shortly before a recent campaign about not being able to open his Director projects anymore, so its definitely a problem (although one he may have already resolved). It will not, however, affect puppet pals since the current version of puppet pals is written in Unity. Rob had made the original version in Director, but for season 3 they started using a new version Rob hired a Unity dev to create.

    At least, that's my understanding of the situation, and parts may be wrong (but I feel fairly confident about it because I'm always doing my best to know everything there is to know about puppet pals that Rob lets non-players know - I'm a big fan)
  • I believe one of Rob's brothers, the non-musical one, made it in Unity. So it should be good. This is his Youtube Channel all about making Video Games. I've had small chats with him on the Unity Reddit before.
  • Oh, that's the Dan who turned chat against our true Goo Monster Lover, Johnny Omaha? And caused the unfaithful to throw the only game we could win?

    Damn, I guess I hate Puppet Pals now.
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