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Unglorious Basterds

Unglorious Basterds

I wanted to write a real simple modular campaign that was easy to pick up with some repeat-ability that gave some practice killing off players. However, I got distracted by the lore and wrote this instead. I did try and keep to the original plan though so hopefully that still works. I don't have a real good grasp at balancing numbers at what not, so if you have suggestions on Stamina or abilities let me know.

Art Credit :

@Qu33nAce for a awesome Boss pic

 and Map assets from:


Thank you all!

Campaign Info
Encounters:  6, 2 optional
The Map:

Campaign Overview
Soldiers sent on a suicide mission to Deadlantis must infiltrate the city and kill as many ageless as possible before meeting there inevitable doom. 

Character Creation Setup
Dvergs for balance and lore reasons everything else is up to you or the auto deal button.

“My name is Lt Lt. Naro Dale and I'm putting together a special team, and I need me 4 soldiers soldiers. 4 Dverg-Dundinbrough soldiers soldiers. Now, y'all might've heard rumors about Gwenyth's Purge happening soon soon. Well, we'll be leaving a little earlier earlier. We're gonna sink into Deadlantis, dressed as Skellingtons Skellingtons. And once we're in enemy territory, as a bushwhackin' guerrilla army, we're gonna be doin' one thing and one thing only only. . . killin' Agelesss Agelesss. Now, I don't know about y'all, but I sure as hell didn't come up from the goddamn Silver Flats, cross five thousand miles of water, find 13 decoy pebble boys and Paddle here in fucking row boat to teach the Agelesss lessons in humanity humanity. Ageless ain't got no humanity, that's what makes them ageless ageless. They're the foot soldiers of a Life-hatin', mass murderin' maniac and they need to be dee-stroyed dee-stroyed. That's why any and every every son of a bitch we find wearin' a Ageless uniform, they're gonna die die. Now, I'm the direct descendant of the monk Karazim Karazim. That means I got a little Kolbold in me me. And our battle plan will be that of an Karazim Monks Monks. We will be cruel to the Ageless, and through our cruelty they will know who we are are. And they will find the evidence of our cruelty in the disemboweled, dismembered, and disfigured bodies of their brothers we leave behind us us. And the Ageless won't not be able to help themselves but to imagine the cruelty their brothers endured at our hands, and our boot heels, and the edge of our knives knives. And the Ageless will be sickened by us, and the Ageless will talk about us, and the Ageless will fear us us. And when the Ageless closes their eyes at night and they're tortured by their subconscious for the evil they have done, it will be with thoughts of us they are tortured with with. Sound good good?”

Encounter 1| Glamsharks and Getting off the Boat
After Nairo Dale give his speech he will push everyone off the boat so they can sink down too Deadlantis. On any low roll have just part of them turn to stone and them start to drown making them deathroll unless they use an anytime action to avoid it. Starting off the campaign with a deathroll helps cement the nature of this campaign, and because they are Dverg's they get to ignore the first one anyway. This loss of an anytime will follow over into first combat. After sinking to the bottom of the ocean Nairo will cast a spell of breathing (another opportunity for deathrolls if your feeling cruel or didn't get any the first time). The players then will be Swarmed by hungry Glamsharks.

Nairo Dale
Nairo Dale is the sergeant of this exhibition. He is not particularly clever or understanding and will stubbornly hold onto the lots incorrect things he says.  Above all be hates ageless and that is his only goal. He falsely believes he's from Dundinbourough, but doesn't remember because he ran away to join the GOP at a young age. He did not get actual authority to go on this mission and thinks himself a renegade. Nairo Dale is a good NPC if you want to be authoritative and move them along in one direction. He will also try to hunt down and kill any deserters from the party. In combat he is just a very basic warrior, but feel free to beef him or weaken him as needed.
Stamina: 150
Anytimes: 3
Deathroll: 1 (will almost never surrender)
Basic Attack 8 (Hammer)






The sharks only goals are to lower the players stamina so the rest of the campaign is harder. They have infinite movement and two move actions. There basic attacks cause glamour which for roleplay and soft combat the player easier to spot while sneaking and more persuasive.

Stamina 35


DeathRoll 50% chance will flee after 2

Basic Attack 6 (Mouth) Causes Glamour


Glamour-Below average rolls to sneak will fail, and above average rolls to presuade will succeed

Encounter 2| Barrier into Deadlantis
After defeating the Glamsharks, players will see the magical Barrier that keeps the water out of Deadlantis. A Tablet of stone in front of it will say "Only the dead may enter". Nairo will read it to the players but underwater and accent it will sound like he said "Onur Da Dur my Endur Endur". Your players can go read this for themselves at anytime it's in common. Nairo will try go up and attack the barrier trying to get through, but it will knock him out and he will quickly float away. The players will then have to find a way to break through. They can get a high-roll and brute-force it open. The Barrier only lets dead material through, so the intended solution is to take a nearby corpse and use it as an umbrella to block the barrier. If you players get frustrated and can't solve it have them see a hermit crab occupying a skull crawl through unharmed. If they still can't solve it have the spell of breathing wear off and drown them. One of their bodies could make it through and give them a clue.

Encounter 3| Skullbreakers
Bonus stage! After breaking through the barrier your players will be standing next to a single ageless just standing there doing nothing. Any attack your players make on this ageless should kill it instantly. After that, another Ageless will yell, "Hey those guys are breaking skulls for free!" starting a soft combat. A nice Neat line will form with ageless Skullbreakers holding out their skulls and gold for tips. For each Ageless you kill give your players 100 gold, this gold is meaningless because there isn't someplace to spend it. To goad your players into some extra competition tell the one with the most kills gets a random treasure or legendary rolls if you got them, that should get them to start using anytimes for extra kills. After the first three rounds have one of the next ageless be a thrall and grab your player and attempt to breath in their mouths causing a deathroll, if the deathroll fails or is blocked by an anytime have the player kill the ageless so you can keep the line going. I like to put 3 deathroll ageless per line, so if a player keeps all their anytimes they are safe. Once all your deathroll ageless are expended, have Nairo bust through the ceiling on a giant shark corpse and causing the ageless to scatter and end the encounter.


Skullbreakers wish to die and will die as long as the player does damage and does not miss. They will make no attacks on the players and just offer money

Stamina 1

Anytimes: 0

Basic attacks 0



Ageless Thralls

Ageless Thralls will be hidden amongst the Skullbreakers, waiting there turn to do a surprise anytime breath attack. Before your player attacks the thrall will use an anytime to interrupt the players actions and attempt to force them to deathroll. This can be interrupted by an anytime action. If they survive another round of combat they will breath attack again.

Stamina: 5

Deathrolls: Instant Death

Anytimes: 1

Basic Attacks: 3


custom card

Optional Encounters
The map splits off in two directions at this point; there is a house under the ship or taking the North road past some camps into the arena. Encounters 4 or 5 are optional, but I recommend at least one of them.

Encounter 4| A Spot of Tea

This encounter happens inside the house under the shipwreck.  It's just a fun little roleplay encounter where your players may end up murdering a kindly old grandmother. To skip it either have the door locked or just have nobody inside. Your players enter the house and are immediately greeted by a kindly old dwarven woman who does not appear to be ageless. She offers them a sit by the fire to dry off, and some tea.

Beatrice Crow

Beatrice Crow is a kindly old ageless dwarf just trying to relive her surface life in the bottom of the sea. She is very happy to have visitors and only motivation is to have them stay (though she will not try to be violent in her attempts to do so). She doesn't like to talk about being ageless but may if pressed. She acts suspicious and forgetful even though she does not have anything to hide. Nairo needs to trust her or he will try to kill her if she is thought to be ageless. She tells boring stories (if you can make them up) but also should reveal boss mechanics and lore, making killing her a detriment. If you want to do like a Gauntlet Dark Legacy beating the boss mechanic with a magical item, have her talk about the history of the arena (insert link) and give them the tapping instructions to Tilnor Tinshield’s suicide note. If they find a way to communicate it the last boss would just give up (but I wouldn’t fault anyone for not doing this part it's a lot of lore stuff and pretty hard to implement.

Stamina 15

Anytimes: 3

Death Roll: Brutal

Basic Attack: 1

Abilities: Get tea- She insists the player sits down for a spot of tea. Use this as an any time to interrupt players leaving. Preamble this by saying “She’s going to use an Anytime to” then take a brief pause before explaining what she’s doing.

Encounter 5| Graveguards

This encounter can either be set up in the northern path by the camps or right before the arena entrance. If you want to skip it just have the city outskirts be empty or contain harmless stay still Skullbreakers It consists of 4 Graveguards and 3 civilian ageless.  If they see your party they will attack immediately.


Graveguards are simple guards just wanting to prevent nonageless from informing the Surface of the cities existence. To this end the living down here must die. Use chivalrypledge and shield stance to take big hits for the civilians and use Ossiam mirror for damage. Your player should easily win if they realize that the Ossiam mirror only reflects the last attack and can be attacked with a small attack to reduce its damage.

Stamina 135

Anytimes: 3

Deathrolls: Never Give up

Basic attacks: 5


custom card


Use this to take large hits to make a more powerful shield.


So you don't die so quickly.

Civilian Ageless

Draw a random mercenary companion from the deck give each of them 65 Stamina. Try and keep them behind the Graveguards.

Stamina: 65

Anytimes: 2

Deathrolls: Give up after 1st or 2nd

Basic attack: 5

Random Merc Companion.

Encounter 5| A Large Boss and Endless Waves of Ageless

On entering or passing by the arena your players will see the largest porc ageless they've ever seen Carne. Over a roar of the crowd they will hear “Here comes the swing” (or something less cheesy) and see the porc cleave the heads off three ageless at once. They can choose to try and sneak into the arena, but Nairo will have trouble resisting the call to battle. The arena announcer will make a show of these surprise living contenders coming to challenge the great iron skulled ingrate. After the first two rounds of combat 2 graveguards, 4 thralls, and 1 Civilian will enter the arena. More will spawn after the end of every round.. They players can make use of the cannon in the lower right side of the arena, it is guarded by two Graveguards, a thrall and a civilian. When fired the cannon will do 99 damage to all targets in a line, and incapacitate Carne for 5 rounds. Players can run to escape, but there is only the ocean and the rest of Deadlantis to run to give them a brutal deathroll to die offscreen.


Cairne is an invincible, but easily avoidable boss that your players can use to kill ageless. He is a large black boar porc with a skull coated in iron. The skull has made all of his sense dulled besides touch, and a deaf mute, but it also means he cannot be killed. He will move 2 space towards a player and attack each round even if there is no one he can hit. He does not care about hitting other enemies and will always attack in the area in front of him. Your players can notice a small bony hand on the top of Cairne’s spin tapping directions to him. If the players kill the arena master Cassius or his hand off of Cairne will no longer be guided towards the players and instead choose his direction randomly. Roll a D4 and assign a cardinal direction to each of the 4 numbers. While he is moving randomly he can move 4 spaces. If your players received Tilnor Tinshields suicide note from Beatrice, and translate through Carnes blind and deaf iron skull he will unsuccessfully attempt to destroy himself and stop fighting. Players can also temporarily disable him from breaking his limbs which aren’t encased in iron.

Stamina: 10994


Deathrolls: 3

custom card

Basic attack 99

custom card

Cassius Thormal, Arena Master

Cassius is a braggart who runs and announces for the arena. He sits, only as a skull and a bony hand at the top of the center arena statue. From here he announces the arena and cheats when it's entertaining by casting fireballs at who might be challenging Carne  He will cowardly concede if kept alive, but betray the party if he finds an out. He controls Carne’s movements and attacks for as long as his bony hand remains on Carne’s spine. For the first couple rounds of combat just have him announce and insult the party, but after that (or he is assaulted in anyway) have him start casting fireballs at them.  He has no body so he cannot move.

Stamina 60


Deathrolls: 1

Basic Attack 0




Graveguards, Civilians and Thralls will all keep their stats from the previous encounters. Because the volume on enemies however give Civilians just 1 random spell to cast instead of Companion kit.  As a strategy, just swarm the party with Thralls and Guards, and let the Civilians who can attack from a distance Avoid Carne because he will kill you. Ballsy Graveguards can use Carne’s mace to do massive damage, but probably will die.


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