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Looking to create a long term Urealms party

Hey all, like the title says I am looking at creating my own group of 4-6 players to begin playing campaigns every other week or so. Or something along those lines at least. I want to do this because I love the idea of just telling a story with lore inspired by and borrowed from the things Rob has already made. It is hard to do that with stand alone games so finding a core group of solid players is the goal. 

I already have a good deal of lore and world building written down and much more just in my head so I am super excited to find people and get this thing going. If you are interested in joining feel free to add me on Discord: Killa Phantom#7325 and send me a message on why you would be an ideal fit for the group. If I'm interested I will message you back and we can go from there.

Fair warning, I like to think I'm an ok GM but it has been some time since I hosted a game so the first one or two may be rough but practice makes perfect.


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