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Drawing every day for a year (106 out of 365 complete) I'm back?



  • @Javo I love how clean your lines are man. The elvish says 'just a pillar' I think? Very funny haha.

    @proudmhello Thanks dude! :kiss: 

    @TheGallantKnight Looks good! Hopefully your classes don't actually kill you though, that would probably suck  :o

    Just horsing around today. The business unicorn makes a return, this time with a lady friend. Not sure why he's wearing riding gear except that it helps me mark out the proportions lol.

  • image
          My attempt at drawing a kobald. (upside downness is because my camera is being stupid today).
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    Im back to drawing the rest of the cast again, and this time I attempted CoeStar. Only Spiff and Deadbones are left to draw, each with specific challenges that put them on the back burner.

    Coe's eyes came out a little derpy, like all my previous attempts to do eyes. I pulled from Coe's player profile to get the shape of the eyes, and I played around with actual iris's for the first time. 12/365 

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    @Femmipoo ;
    The business unicorn looks as if he is ready to take on the world, and looks fantastic. :dank: 

    @Jimmythezombieslayer ;
    He looks really cool, and it seems like Bopen has competition for the best golden sword now too. :evilsmile: 

    @siennamydog ;
    Coe looks nice, and his eye's aren't that derpy.

    I may be making a costume for Fanime in a month from so I going to post my costume updates if it takes up too much of my time away from drawing.... I count it as art right??? Also today is one of those day's

    51/356 (4/7/18)
    I made the first components of skull kid from legend of zelda majora's mask... It looks a lot better once its on but I'm lazy... Also sorry for the awful camera. :drunk: 

    Also everything is hand stitched.... It takes way to long to make... This may kill me one day. 

    Also AP Saturday school is going to kill me, and so I will come back tomorrow as a ghost from the grave...
     (I say kill me a lot don't I?)

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    @Jimmythezombieslayer Welcome to the crew man! Loving the little details like the swirl in the pommel of the sword and the tatters on the vest.  :p

    @siennamydog Irises are definitely a neat addition! I like how it turned out, looking forward to the others.

    @TheGallantKnight That's really cool, I certainly don't the patience to hand stitch all that (ngl I don't have the patience to stitch most things altogether). Keen to see more progress.

    I hate drawing portraits so here's a portrait. Apparently she's a bobble head with a very long neck, but I'm too lazy to fix it right now so I guess she just has to live with it.

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    Today I had a lot of extra free time, and I decided to watch some old streams. While watching Okagnoma Guild Hall I started to draw today's piece. I mostly did it because the scene would be colorful and all the items are geometric enough to attempt to add depth and shading.

    Before I attempt the Deadbones portrait again I want to try and get better at shading since he is mostly just bones when drawn.

    By the way, don't smoke kids. It ruins you in more ways than you would think, and now my grandparents have a tough time walking due to lung problems. 13/365

     Quick little hat rat with a cane. (couldn't get the hands or feet right sadly so its kind wierd looking).
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    @Femmipoo ;
    The shading on the portrait is fantastically done, and their expression is amazing as well.

    It looks really good.

    Nice to see someone drawing the most fantastic little exploding bundle of joy a wizard.can have. :drunk: 

    I'm really tired right now, since I had ap classes and I made this... so, I'm counting this as my art for today


  • i love coming in here everyday to see the new art, you guys are doing amazing!
  • Did some art of the Masculine Sandbold Avatar. Opinions?Also, how do you hide stuff?
  • Here's a really quick horse drawing so I don't fall too far behind.

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    @siennamydog Smoke looks really good, love how you mixed the colours!

    @Jimmythezombieslayer I think the hands and feet are fine. So cute it makes me sad that it's so cool when they explode lol.

    @TheGallantKnight Mask looks great! Seems like you're making quick progress.

    @Qu33nAce Thanks! I love seeing everyone else's art as well, definitely a lot more fun to do this sort of challenge with other people. :)

    @RaHuHe Welcome to the crew! Your sandbold looks really good. I especially like the fur. I usually hide things by cropping them out or with heavy shadows

    @Javo Yeah I noticed you were missing, glad you're back even if it's just a sketch! I like the curve of the back a lot in particular.

    Thought I posted last night but t'was but a draft. Here's a soldier woman thing with a phoenix on her arm. Bird is sorta out of perspective but otherwise it's not bad.

    And here's the chimera king. He's only a king because I thought he looked weird with nothing on his head.

  • @Femmipoo ;
    I meant how do you "Spoiler" hide stuff on the forums?
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    @RaHuHe oh lol well in that case it's in the ¶ menu :p


  • Here's mine for today (I'll try to fill in for the two days I missed tomorrow)!

  • I'm still alive, work and school just has me a little bogged down. Will be back tomorrow 
  • @Javo Looks good, and I love how you incoporate elvish into your art! It says Laurel if there's anyone wondering. ;)

    @siennamydog Don't worry too much dude! Work and school are both pretty important  :o

    Apples today. Well actually I guess it's two of the same apple. Very inspired, I know.

    Quick lil confused ytt today. @Femmipoo awesome steel apple i like how the little shine part looks abit stitched together. @Javo your golden crown looks fit for a roman gladiator. @RaHuHe really nice sandbold, love the coat (no not the fur the cloth one).
  • Here's mine for today!

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    Before everyone thinks I'm dead I'm working on a major programming assignment I was given a couple days ago for my programming class and I don't have time to draw right now. (WHY WAS I GIVEN A TACTICAL RPG COMBAT SYSTEM TO PROGRAM BY MYSELF IN A WEEK) I have been programming for the past 9+ hours trying to get this thing done sometime this week (My brain is slowly overloading) , I think tomorrow I will have some time to draw something (Not much) Also I will try to catch up on the drawing I missed over the weekend because I'm going to do a game jam so their will be a ton of art I will be doing. Now I need to get back to programming :frown: 

  • @Jimmythezombieslayer Super cute! I like that it's got the hat and coffee, seems like a chill dude  :p

    @Javo Pretty sure I'm learning to read in elvish just from your art! :o

    @TheGallantKnight No trouble man, I remember trying to handwrite code in my history class just to keep up back when I was in school, I can't imagine doing a challenge like this at the same time. Good luck with your game jam (and assignment)!

    I don't think I have much to say about this one, except maybe that the hands are broken but I'm too lazy to fix them.

  • Here's some to make up for this weekend, some clay things I made!
    and his accompanying boat (the mast is broken in the top right)

  • @Javo you using doll clay?
  • Here are some more, a building design and a wanted poster! This should set me even for daily drawings...

  • I'm not sure which type of clay I'm using @Qu33nAce , it's whatever the school was able to afford
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    Good job everyone with the art, I have to get back to programming really fast, but I was able to spare a couple of minutes with a broken drawing tablet to draw this. 
    NOW BACK TO PROGRAMMING... (I'm not going to be able to finish in time.)

  • @TheGallantKnight rolling to send :sixwaiEnergy:
  • Here's mine for today, something!

  • @Javo ;
    It looks like a snake that is in a shape of a C.

    The shading is really nice on the apples.

    The Sandbold looks really cool.

    *Energy has been received...... TIME TO PROGRAM TILL TOMORROW MORNING..... 

    54/356 Portrait sketch. I had about 20 minutes today I made to relax so I drew this... I need to relax after I'm done with my program.... (I've been working on it for 26 hours for the past 3 day, still not done... Who needs sleep anyways)

  • @Javo Loving the boat! Cool stuff and nice job catching up! :)

    @TheGallantKnight 20 minutes is better than nothing! The detail in the eyes is really sweet.

    Two today. First is a bunch of bean bunnies doing people stuff. Second is a guy with a sword. Nothing super out of the ordinary :p


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