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Drawing every day for a year (106 out of 365 complete) I'm back?



  • @Javo Nice cast shadows on both! Perspective on the house is good too.

    @TheGallantKnight I like the earthy colours on this one. The folds on the clothing are also really well done too!

    Sneaky Khajiit boyo in his sneaky thieves guild armour today. Running a bit short on ideas again so I'm down for suggestions.

  • Here's mine for today, some monster!

  • @Javo Looking good! The muscle definition in the arms is especially nice.

    Quick hand drawing from a photo. I hate drawing fingernails so that's why I picked this one, but also the model had sorta boney hands and I thought that would be interesting to draw.
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    The armor looks really nice and he looks as if he is ready to put a bucket on my head and take all my money.

    The hands are done beautifully as well.


    The monster looks as if it belongs in resident evil.

    43/356 (3/27/18)

    The sketch looked a lot better but I forgot to save it... oh well :frown:

    The forum was not letting me post.... this may be a problem... hopefully this goes through. (I hate error 28 so much right now) :angrybold: 

  • Here's mine for today, some underwater style bridge!

  • @TheGallantKnight I've been having a little bit of forums trouble as well, seems to have cleared up now though. Love today's drawing, would've been interested to see the sketch if you liked it better but the two figures look good!

    @Javo Detail is nice on this one! I'm a fan of the shine in particular.

    Traditional doodles coloured digitally, ft. lazy scanning and editing. These ones are in pencil which is pretty rare for me. Just some lizard people, I like the green one better than the red one lol.

  • Here's just a couple of rough sketches for today

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    @Femmipoo ;
    The lizard men look incredible, and red one in the back looks to smug for his own good.

    The bridge looks nice, and the sketches look wonderful.

    44/356 and 45/356
     I had more forum trouble last night (error 500), and so you get the drawings today... Its not good but.... yep I just don't like them, oh well (i'll make something better tomorrow)... I need to get more time in the day to draw. :frown: 

    44/356(Skull kid)

    45/356 (everything is fine....)

  • @Javo Nice! I like the one on the top right, it has a nice gesture to it.

    @TheGallantKnight Skull kid is cute and I like the framing of the everything is fine one, although in the same situation I'm not sure that would be my reaction. Coming up with something good every day ( at all?? haha) is tough, don't put too much pressure on yourself dude! Hopefully you find yourself some more time too. :)

    Forgot to post last night so here's two. Just some goofy doodles mostly because I was getting bored drawing normal stuff.


  • Here's mine from yesterday, a crow!
  • Here's mine for today, an origami-ish style octahedron!

  • @Javo Looks sweet, love the perspective and shading! The crow is also cute. :)

    Quick ol McCoy and his pot puppy cooper. I like drawing meaty arms even if they don't make sense.

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    @Javo ;
    The crow has a really nice coat of feathers, and the 
    octahedron just looks cool.

    McCoy looks fantastic, and his face looks absolutely amazing.(The meaty arms look good on him to)
    Also your right I think I not going to stress (to much) if my art is good or not, but if I had fun making it instead. :smile: 

    I had more errors when trying to post when I finish my drawings so here are the last two days worth.(Also why has this happened two days in a row... probably magic.... probably)

    46/356 (was originally two people dancing but I hated how it looked so I made it into a protrait instead... I know original right...)

    47/356 (This was also suppose to be a happy picture with two knights, but as I was making it I wanted to make it a bit sadder)

  • Here's mine for today, a really quick shoe sketch!

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    @Javo ;
    The shoe has a really nice texture to it, and looks really nice.

    48/356 (4/2/18) I may have been watching more My hero academy, and I may really like this pairing...... 

  • @TheGallantKnight All three drawings look nice! I especially like the one with the knights. :)

    @Javo I'm also a big fan of the texture! I really love the variety of all the stuff you draw too.

    Today's is an assassin woman with a very bright top/corset thing because that totally makes sense. Who knows what kind of crazy stuff she gets up to.

  • Here's mine for today, a clock!

  • @Javo Looks great! Love the pattern on the inside and the perspective is good too.

    Not much to say today, here's a cartoony knight I guess.

  • Here's mine for today, some strange thermometer!

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    @Femmipoo ;
    Who wouldn't want to wear a bright corset as an assassin it makes perfect sense to me. :drunk: 
    I love the knight's proportions, and he generally just has a really nice look.

    The clock has a really nice design to it.
    I imagine the thermometer would be used for elven experiments on different types of magic, and the heat generated by said spell.

    I kind of passed out yesterday on my desk doing homework all day (Thank you AP classes), and woke up this morning almost late for school, so I'll try to catch up soon . :oh: 

    Also I made of made more my hero academy art.... I really like the show.
    49/356 (4/3/18)

  • Here's mine for today, a ring with elvish inscribed in it!

  • For anyone who wants to translate this, here is a key (I got this from a post @Grimshade ;made)

  • i think it says "hello old god"
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    @Javo ;
    The ring has a really nice perspective, and the engraving is really well done as well. Along in response to the ring, "Hi ring".

    I am extremely busy with school so I only had a couple minutes to draw today(So looks bad and extremely rushed oh well).... School is going to be the death of me. On the bright side we're haf way to being gilded
    50/356 (4/4/18)

  • Hello! I'm back after another hiatus!

    Here is a sort of self portrait that is relatively accurate (acne not included for obvious reasons) 

    Looking back at some of my first pics here, I definitely feel better about my computer painting skills. But I have so much more I want to do and learn before I feel satisfied.

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    @TheGallantKnight Any drawing is a good drawing! Is Hero Academy worth watching? I don't usually watch anime but my brother keeps telling me it's good so I might give a shot eventually.

    @Javo Nice elvish! Kinda reminds me of lotr's One Ring, which certainly isn't a bad thing. ;)

    @siennamydog Welcome back dude! Relatable feels, both about the acne and the learning. Love the direction lines on the hair too.

    Here's two because I didn't post yesterday. First is a cat dressed as weavile because I guess weavile looks sorta like a cat. Second is just a bunch of doodles, but I think I got the tibia and fibula mixed up on the foot on the right lol.


  • Here's one for today!

  • @Femmipoo @Javo @siennamydog @TheGallantKnight Half way to being gilded! I don't have any art, just here to give my general support. The people on this thread have made some amazing art, and I'm amazed that anyone has made It this far to be honest. Thanks for the great art, and more importantly, an elvish translation table so I don't have to rely on a certain porn elf.
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    @Femmipoo ;
    I really enjoy seeing the weavile cat, and the hand/feet in the second picture look amazing

    The pillar looks nice, and I wish I had time to translate the language on it right now... 

    Ap classes are trying to kill me right now (I have even more mandatory AP Saturday schools still), so time is really small and quick right now, so I made a turtle with an island on its back... When I have time I really want to draw something in depth......

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