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Drawing every day for a year (106 out of 365 complete) I'm back?



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     @Javo ;
    Good job on the work you've done so far, and NO ONE EXPECTS THE SPANISH INQUISITION.

    Happy you got a new pc, NOW THE ART IS GOING TO GO INTO OVERDRIVE... or not, depends on your mood...... (Now that I'm rereading this sentence I think my mind is still a bit destroied from being sick.... oh well, I'm not going to remove it)

    Thanks for wishing me well... Also that 2 must have killed me (The extra 0 didn't make it in time)

    I'm still sick, and barly able to move, but I'm now awake for more than 2 hours a day so I think I can start up the drawing again..... This is a good idea... 
    (It was made fast since I just was able to drag myself off my bed to my desk to draw about 40 minutes ago.... I think its okay, not great, but okay)

  • Oh my god that one's perfect!
  • 10/10 inquisition
  • @TheGallantKnight Good to have you back! Hopefully you're feeling better dude. Skeleton inquistion made me chuckle lol :)

    Today's is the easter bunny except it looks suspiciously like a kangaroo on account of the long limbs and face (and also the pouch). I feel like I've seen easter bunnies with pouches but maybe I'm crazy.

  • Here are mine for yesterday and today!

  • @TheGallantKnight Glad to hear you're doing a bit better! Keep on trying!
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    @Femmipoo ;
    I think the Easter bunny just wants to be a 
    kangaroo because... April 1.

    The snail is my favorite out of the two. 

    35/356 (3/18/18) Still feeling not so great so this is not to terribly good.... I think tomorrow I'm going to spend more time on a drawing still.... 

  • @Javo Snail is cute! I like the tree too, the two autumn leaves were a nice touch.

    @TheGallantKnight Love the purple in the shadows, and the red eyes really stick out!

    My heart loves hatching, but my hand does not. In any case, I present to you the archaeology werewolf. What a good boy.

  • Here's mine for today, a pot of????

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    @Femmipoo ;
    He is going to go and ruin the archaeological dig site....think about the bone's children.... think about them... :frownporc: 
    @Javo ;
    Its a pot of mystery. 

    36/356 (3/19/18)
    A bit too big to not be in a spoiler, and school is now going to kill me so time is of the essence 

  • @Javo ;  its actually a spittoon with so much spi and such it is now a toxic waste factory #Mumflr
  • @Javo That's a pretty neat plant , but I wouldn't put it on any sandwiches in the foreseeable future  :o

    @TheGallantKnight I like the detail on the armour!

    Haven't done a lot with colour in the last couple of days but I'm a bit short on time, so here's a fat pikachu with a qualot berry and a friend ball.

  • Here's mine for today, a really fat and shiny pig because I have no ideas for what to draw

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    @Femmipoo ;
    Pikachu looks really cool, and I always forget the friend ball exists...

    Looking good, and it has some really fun movement going along with it.                 

    37/356 (3/20/18)I'm not happy with this, but I had no time today so.... good enough. (Missing a week of school is killing me)

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    Here is a eagle bear I got inspired to do awhile back but I ended up doing more than what I can handle.

  • @Javo Love it dude! I'm a big pig fan but also the shine and shadow are well done!

    @TheGallantKnight I think it's nice, I like the profile view and the texturing on the hair a lot. Officially passed 10% to finished today!

    @Zenn_ Nice to see you again! Really cool to the eaglebear fishing, and the background is sweet too. Spooky tree in the background looks really good too.

    Quick one again today, Gorilla Cats. Not sure why, but I feel like those two animals go together nicely lol.

  • @Femmipoo the one on the left looks a little like Totoro
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    @Zenn_ ;
    The eagle bear looks really nice, and the shading is really nice throughout the background, and underneath the Eagle bear. Also the evil looking tree in the background is a really nice touch.

    The Gorilla cat is a fun idea to look and think about, and you did it amazingly well. GOOD JOB. :smile: 

    I've been strained on time for drawing (Since I missed a week of school) so here's a sketch.(For once with no color.... :ugh: 

    38/356 3/21/18

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    @Melijeli Thank you :kiss: I can't imagine gorilla cats being quite as cute as totoro though!

    @TheGallantKnight School comes first of course! Looks good though, interesting outfit!

    Been a little while since I posted a normal person so here we are. I bit the bullet and upgraded to ps cc 2018 and so far I really like it if only because it has built-in smoothing now.

  • Here are mine for today and yesterday, a candle entity and a person in a mask!

  • @Javo Candle creature reminds me a bit of litwick. Mask is cool, I like the pattern!

    Here's a dragon hunter guy or something. Not sure if it shows but he was originally a woman lol.

  • Here's mine for today, a cup of tea, inspired by something I drank at a convention today!

  • @Femmipoo ;
    The characters both look really nice, and my favorite out of the two is the dragon hunter. 

    The tea cup has some really nice shading and shape. As well as the depth is really nice too. (Also what convention did you go too?)

    I stayed up all last night just doing homework, and passed out on my desk when I was done... so, that means I didn't have time to really do a drawing yesterday. So sometime this week I'm going to draw 2 things in one day to make it up.

    39/356 (3/23/18) I still have more ap saturday school tomorrow, so I have to get to bed so here's.... something?

  • Oh, I'm at a convention called clockwork alchemy @TheGallantKnight ;

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    @Javo ;
    I hope you're having fun. (i'm saving up to go to fanime in a couple of months :drunk: )

    40/356 (3/24/18)
    tried a completely different art style and different shading. (Its not to fancy but it looks fine to me.) 

  • @Javo Love the tea, lines are super clean and I like them a lot. Hope you had fun at the convention.

    @TheGallantKnight Both are nice! I like the dramatic shadows on the first one. The new style is nice, I like that you outlined the highlights and the detail is cool too!

    Wasn't super happy with yesterday's drawing so I was gonna scrap it and do something else but I didn't get around to it, thus the late post. The rabbits are cute but I feel like overall it's just sorta boring and stiff.


    And just a quick sketch today as I spent most of the day asleep because I pulled an all nighter to watch the campaign. I have this terrible habit of drawing almost every line twice even if it looks fine, really gotta work on that because it's very noticeable in all my art and it drives me crazy lol.


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    @Femmipoo ;
    I love the hat from the first picture (ITS... SO... BIG...), and the second one looks as if they're contemplating life.

    41/356 (3/26/180
    Its a quick sketch, and I don't really like it.... but its fine for now.

  • @TheGallantKnight Looks good even if it was quick!

    Didn't finish this one but here's a dragon spilling wine on a well prepared adventurer.

  • Here are mine for yesterday and today!

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    @Femmipoo ;
    If he is spilling the wine does that mean he's drunk or sharing a drink.... THE ADVENTURER DIDN'T ACCEPT THE DRINK START OF COMBAT.(I'm really tired right now as you can tell)

    The shading is really nice on the octopus, and the birdhouse is well well defined.

    42/356 (3/26/18)
    I'm actually happy with today's drawing... I think it turned out pretty well. :smile: 

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