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Drawing every day for a year (106 out of 365 complete) I'm back?



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    The cage has really nice texturing on the outside, and he birds with the wizard hat and bowler hat are a nice touch. Also Whalidillo is pretty interesting. 

    @Femmipoo ;
    The bare bones look is really nice ], and I think they are going tibia good piece in your collection. Well I hope this was humerus

    @siennamydog ;
    I hope we get to see what you create with your new found power of electrical engraving. :smile: 

    28/356 (3/8/18) Ca-Rell

    I think my level of quality is slowly improving.... I hope....
  • Here's yesterday's whalidillo finished!

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    @Javo ;
    The Whalidillo looks really nice and  the shading really nicely done I might add.

    29/356 (3/9/18) This is another character concept for the game I'm working on. Their name is Elizabeth.

  • What program do you use for your drawings?
  • @siennamydog I've always thought that kind of stuff is super neat but I've never gotten into it. Is it difficult? In any case, have a fun trip! :)

    @TheGallantKnight Any rate of improivement is good improvement! Elizabeth looks cool, does she use a shield or just the sword? Hair is especially nice.

    @Javo Armoured whale is an awesome idea. Love this one!

    @Jakodio Mostly photoshop, but back when I started digital art I used, which definitely isn't the best choice. Mischief is really good and it would be my program of choice except they don't support non-wacom tablets so I can't use it.

    Here's mine from today and yesterday, had a power outage (rip frozen vegetables) and I can't seem to post from my phone so it had to wait lol. Yesterday's is the dragon thing, pigmented ink on plain old sketchbook paper. It looks kinda rough in the scan because I mixed some gold ink in with the normal stuff. Looks cool in person but the scanner doesn't like it unfortunately. Today's is some digitally coloured monkey fish king doodles because he's best boy. I've always imagined him as kinda cat-like thus the poses.


  • oh cool, i just got Photoshop and it's much better than what i was using before.
  • Here's mine for today which, as per my little sister's request, is a potato with wings!

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    @Femmipoo ;
    The dragon looks really cool, and the monkey fish king looks like how I imagined him during the campian. :smile:  (Also R.I.P frozen food may they forever be missed.)

    That just reminds me of what what one of my friends keep asking me to draw.... Also the potato has a really nice shape to it

    30/365 (3/10/18) I was at Ap Saturday school for about 10 hours today and just got back (It would fun they said, it will be good for your grade THEY SAID).... So, I did a quick doodle portrait 

    Now it's that random time of the week where I'm going to ask you guys for characters suggestions from Urealms (I will do some Urealms OC's or random portraits of anyone or anything if you really want me to) you want drawn tomorrow so give out you suggestions and I'll try to carry one out. Window of opportunity to ask is now till 2;30 pm tomorrow.... so yeah..
  • @TheGallantKnight ;
    how about
    The Man who Needs No Introduction
  • @Javo Your younger sister has good taste! I like the subtle texture on the wings.

    @TheGallantKnight School on the weekend? I actually used to have nightmares about that, you're braver than I am by a long shot :o. I like the purpley-pink hue on the skin, it's a pretty cool effect!

    Here's mine today, a frog on a tree branch or something.

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    since you guys are taking suggestions, id love to see some eagle bears
    least i get carried away and start dropping art prompts in here
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    @Qu33nAce Here you are, as requested I have for you an Eaglebear!

    I was going to put more time into texturing, but This took a bit longer than I thought
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    @Femmipoo ;
    The frog has some really nice detail to it, and just generally nice to look at. (Also Ap Saturday school was torture)

    Thus art prompts take over the daily routine here. (Also thanks for teaching me the ropes on how to use the forums with the old drawing prompts, it really helped me get back into art again :smile: )

    @Javo ;
    The eaglebear looks ready for combat.

    Okay Duke Daring requested by @
    @bl1ndn3rd ;
    31/356 (3/11/18)
    I had to rush this since I have to finish programming a dialogue system (and demo) tonight for my programming class tomorrow (*cough cough* its also for my game)... I thought I would have more time, so sorry that its not the best it could have been 

  • @TheGallantKnight ;
    I literally was just checking this thread for your post.  :)
    It looks amazing, thanks for choosing my prompt! 
    If you're doing suggestions, Orvan Weiss would be awesome! 

  • @Qu33nAce I definitely appreciate any prompts! Wouldn't mind seeing more :kiss: 

    @Javo Looks good! The colours work nicely together.

    @TheGallantKnight Duke Daring, a fan favourite! Love it!

    Eaglebear today (shocker). I've drawn one bear-fore based on the bald eagle but this time I used a martial eagle because I think its colours suit the bear a bit bear-ter.

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    Here's mine for today, a quick sketch of idk

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    @Femmipoo ;
    He looks absolutely adorable, and has some really nice shading on him.

    It looks a lot like a monkey with a fish tail to me.

    I was doing about 10 characters of concept work today really fast, so I can start getting their ideas, and stories done for my game, so here is the last one I did today. It's not that nice looking, but it helps me know what the characters look like, and will feel like for the game. Along with some mechanics that might be cool. 

    32/356 (3/12/18)

    And yes my concept work needs some improving, but I'm usually the only one looking at this. Also so I don't forget, he is going to be able to shift his antimony around and change his body shape, size, and strength.
  • @Javo Looks cool regardless of what it is, I love creature design and stuff like that. Nice job with the background too!

    @TheGallantKnight The behind-the-scenes is pretty sweet! Cool concept too.

    Galen today! Not much else to say about it today haha.

  • Here's mine for today, another random sketch!

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    @Femmipoo ;
    All I can say is that galen looks amazing. :drunk: 

    @Javo ;
    Looks pretty good, and the sword seems to be the centerpiece of it.

    33/356 3/13/18

    I've gained a rare strand of influenza, and I'm slowing going in and out of being awake. So I made this before I start passing out again. Now if you will excuse me I'm going to go back to be bed, and pass out. (Also If I don't post tomorrow that probably means I didn't wake up for the whole day..... wish me luck)

  • @TheGallantKnight rolling for luck (im sorry, i just love rolling lmao)
  • Pretend there's a 0 at the end of that, k?
  • I hope you get better soon!
  • Here's a random quick sketch for today!

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    @Javo Love both! Perspective on the sword is cool but also I like the colour you picked for the hair on the more recent one!

    @TheGallantKnight Take it easy dude! No shame in taking a break if you're sick. Hopefully you feel better soon though.

    Today's and yesterday's again because my computer's a potato. Went out and bought all new hardware today but I'm not set up yet so here's some ms paint drawings using my crusty old laptop. I actually really like the mspaint pencil tool. Nothing wrong with photoshop's, but paints feels sorta... smoother I guess? Slimey guy in the first one looks like Jar Jar Binks and Jabba the Hutt had a baby lol.


  • Here's mine for today, an old drawing of a derpy octopus

  • @Javo I like the linelesss look, it's cute!  :)

    New pc is set up so we're back in photoshop today. Some kind of pirate goblin with an abnormally large hand.

  • Here is mine for today, some kind of airship!

    PS, friendly Spanish inquisition at @TheGallantKnight ;
  • @Javo Is there such a thing as a friendly spanish inquisition? Your airship reminds me of something but I can't quite put my finger on it, looks great though!

    Here's mine today, kinda lazy with the colours but I'm just gonna roll with it for now.

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