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Drawing every day for a year (106 out of 365 complete) I'm back?



  • @TheGallantKnight Made me chuckle! I tried animating a couple of times but it takes so long and I'm not sure I have the will power or patience for that kind of commitment lol. Mad respect dude, looking forward to seeing some more. Don't neglect your homework too much though  :o

    Today's is Charizard. I like pokemon and I like dragons. In retrospect having the tail come in front of the wing kinda messes up the perspective but I'm lazy so there's a pretty high chance of me not going back to fix it.

  • @Femmipoo ;
    The Charizard looks so cool and the texturing of his skin is really nice. (also fire type starter is best starter)

    No Tricks 2/22/18

    I ,made this while helping my teacher with recruiting people to join a data pathway (it's digital art, video game design, and film classes given at my school). It's a bit rough, but it's good enough for something made in three hours. 
  • @TheGallantKnight Fire starters are good but what about Piplup
    Image result
    who evolves into the beast that is,


    Image result

  • @TheGallantKnight Looks neat! Hopefully the recruiting went well too!

    @Melijeli imo all the gen 4 starters were pretty cool. Wasn't a huge fan of turtwig but torterra brought me over to the green side. Definitely a tough choice but I honesly love pretty much every pokemon though so it's always tough lol.

    Drawing too much digitally hurts my wrist because the stylus is so thick and heavy so here's a page from my sketchbook today (ft. weird proportions). I don't draw a lot of people wearing normal, modern clothes (or dudes), but it's probably something I should do a bit more often.

  • @Femmipoo They're really cool, proportions are always of for me so these are really good. If only turtwig stated a little stronger
  • @Melijeli ;
    Fair point, Piplup is a good starter, and one of the cooler water types.

    The sketches are really nice, and the shirtless man looks like he a man with a mission. 

    Heathera Stonemason 2/23/18

  •  @TheGallantKnight ;
    Are you doing this to just challenge yourself or are you hoping to see improvement in your drawings you make? (Probably a bit of both if I think about it)

    A lot of respect to @Femmipoo as well. I don't draw myself, but I wish I had the time and perseverance to do something like this. 

    Keep it up, you two!
  • I'm back from suffer through strep and am going to be starting back up slowly and catching up. Today i played around with smudging to make textured beards, as well as trying different things for eyes. 
    Niso came out not as derpy like my previous attempts at cast portraits, however he does look like he puts swammie butter on Everything.
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    @Melijeli haha thanks! Poor turtwig, I feel like grass starters in general aren't super popular, which is unforunate bc they're always pretty neato.

    @TheGallantKnight On a mission to find a shirt, maybe lol. Heathera is one of my faves, I like how you included the doom in your painting! The fur texture on the clothing is also very nice.

    @BloodSentinel :kiss: Thanks dude, it means a lot! Time is probably the hardest part for me (behind actually coming up with something to draw lol), but it's a pretty fun challenge anyway.

    siennamydog Hmmmm... Danksovin? Good to see you back, it was getting quiet! I like his expression a lot lol.

    Just messing with colour today. In a spoiler because it's tall. One day I'll bother to crop square but unfortunately that day is not today.

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    @Femmipoo You just inspired me to redraw Nisovin as Danksovin. So here he is! 7/365
    Edit: I just realized I forgot to give him a mouth; I guess just pretend it is hidden under his mustache.
  • This thread looks very motivating and I really wanna join. Last month I bought an intuos but I rarely use it so hope this helps me get used to it. So here is my 1/365:

    I wanted to draw an alt reality Ghostblade but coloring is frustrating as hell so I left it unfinished. Maybe I'll finish it when I have an off day from work.  :*( 

    So my entry for today is two kid Ghostblade sketch things.

  • Here's a sketch for today!

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     I'm doing this to improve and by the end make a portfolio for college along with my programs I'm making. (Need them for a digital art and computer science major.... the double major is going to kill me)

    That looks a lot like a creature in Kid Icaus up rising, and eye think that it looks amazing.

    Danksovin is as dank as they come.

    Happy your joining in, and alt ghost blade so far looks really good. also the sketches of them as a kid look adorable.

    looking really good.

    Well since tomorrow's my birthday I had to make a cake, and I think I'm going to count this as my art for today

    I'm going to show multiple angles of it.

    Gywneth didn't turn out that well

    I messed up on marcos eyes.

    Also messed up on Phineas's eyes as well.

  • @siennamydog Swammie looks really good! I r8 it 8/8 m8

    @Noubi Glad to have another person join in! Lil ghostblade is super cute, I love the smile in the flower drawing, it's a very kid-like expression. :D

    @Javo Texturing is really sweet. I also like the pink background, is it a sticky note or something else?

    @TheGallantKnight Happy Birthday! Cake looks great, what's on the top? Though the real question is how does it taste??

    Just a sketch today, no real reason other than I think it looks good enough without colours. Don't look too closely at the hatching or you'll see it's very lazily done lol.

  • @Femmipoo It was part of a class worksheet that I was doodling on and then cut off because I liked it
    Here's mine for today, a low-quality box with wings, trying to get used to a couple other tools on my art program

  • felt like taking it easy today, so I drew Millbee since his avatar is fairly featureless. 8/365

  • @Femmipoo ;
    That sketch looks really nice. (Also nothing really on the top other than happy birthday, and it tasted pretty good. I'm happy I made it from scratch now :drunk: )

    That's how all packages will be delivered from now on from amazons new shipping assistant (Defiantly not sponsered :evilsmile: )

    Looks pretty good.

    2/25/18 I'm extremely tired from my birthday so I made this really fast.
  • @Javo Nice! Wish my packages had wings  :p

    @siennamydog Definitely looks like milbee, featureless or not, haha. :)

    @TheGallantKnight Looks good, it's pretty cute. Glad the cake was nice, too lol.

    Another sketch today because I was working on other stuff. It's a business unicorn and he's doing his business.

  • Here's today's, a weird bird based off of a doodle I made earlier today

  • @Femmipoo ;
    That unicorn is going to become one of the greatest business men of all time...

    The outlining is nice, and the bird looks really cool

    2/26/18 Schlemiel (I was doing a quick redesign of a character I'm creating for a game. This was just to get the basic concept down before it gets finalized) 

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    @Javo split lower beak/tusks? That's a pretty sweet idea man, I also like the tropical colours.

    @TheGallantKnight Looks neat! Was the old design very different?

    Here's mine today, an antelope study from a photo. Was playing around with hue shifting brush settings as a way to build a fur texture but it was sorta a swing and a miss. End result is okay but it's hard to define edges when the colour changes every time you make a stoke lol, probably won't be using it very much in the future. Was still pretty fun though.

  • @Femmipoo it's a business-corn, doin' its business and it is so fancy lookin' :D
  • It was a split lower beak. Here's mine for today!

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    @Femmipoo ;
    The fur texture looks nice, and its a overall good piece of work. (I show you schlemiels old pixel art, since I don't have the original artwork at hand right now.)

    It looks so adorable.

    Time for today's artwork

    Quick sketch 2/27/18

    Now it's that random time of the week where I'm going to ask you guys for characters suggestions from Urealms (I will do some Urealms OC's if you really want me to) you want drawn tomorrow so give out you suggestions and I'll try to carry one out. Window of opportunity to ask is now till 2;30 pm tomorrow.... so yeah..
  •  @TheGallantKnight ;
    Because you already drew a kobold, maybe you wanna consider drawing '
    Bei Mei Xhir't' from Azveltara Z. Maybe with a cute shirt saying 77 perhaps... 
  • How about an underated character? My suggestion is Lance Briggs

  • @Melijeli Thanks lol! I don't know too much about doing business-corn business but I hope it's going well for him anyway.

    @Javo Looks cute! I like the snowflake on the sweater, is it cold right now where you live?

    @TheGallantKnight Sketch is pretty neat! Do you always sketch in purple or do you just pick any colour? As for suggestions, McCoy has a cool tentacle arm which could be fun to draw. ;)

    Landscape sketch done with a 100% opaque brush. Contrast is a bit wonky in a few places and it's pretty boring. I don't do landscapes very often so I thought I'd switch it up a bit, since there's only so many no-background drawings I can get away with before it gets too noticeable rip.

  • Here's mine for today, a turtle study! It's unfinished because of crashing, losing progress, then running out of power, but here it is anyway!

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    @Femmipoo ;
    The overall scene looks really relaxing, and makes me think of the medieval times. (I sketch usually in blue or purple. But depending on the type of shading needed I may need change the sketch color.)

    You got the look of the turtle down, and sorry that you lost some of your progress.

    And requested by @BloodSentinel ;

    We have 
    Bei Mei Xhir't' 2/28/18 (I've been dying from a cold all day so this is good enough for now)

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