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Drawing every day for a year (106 out of 365 complete) I'm back?



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    Here are a couple other drawings! I'm going to try to post more regularly now that school is starting back up... so yeah... 
    Also, how are you two @Femmipoo ; and @TheGallantKnight ; doing?

  • @Javo Looking good! The green bird is really cute. I'm doing alright, I've been a bit sick but I'm doing pretty well atm. How are you going man?

    Here's two for today because I'm still 6 behind schedule.

  • Here are two more for today! I still have a lot to catch up on, so I'll try to do one or two a day for a while. I'm doing fine @Femmipoo , thanks for asking!

  • Here are some more! The second one was a bit more Lovecraftian in style than I normally do, what do you think?

  • @Javo Looks neat! I'd love to see what kind of environment it would live in. :)

    Here's another three, currently 5 behind. Gonna be all caught up soon I hope :o

  • A couple of quick ones so I don't fall more behind! I find it amusing how right after I say I'll try to be more consistent I end up even less so than before... Anyways I am going to come back to that last sketch sometime, I want to finish it

  • Here is one for today!

  • Oh boy, I'm really starting to fall behind! Here are a couple to make up for the last couple days!

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    Here are some more! Sorry that they're just the ones from last time shaded, but I'm running low on time right now, so this is the best I can do.
    Hey @Femmipoo , you doing all right? Also, how are you @TheGallantKnight doing?

  • Here is another sketch so I don't fall more behind!

  • Here are some more random sketches! Also, half-way done!  :D

  • @Javo halfway hype! great work btw
  • I'm back again! I'm fine @Javo (thank you for asking though!) honestly most of the days I miss it's because I'm just too lazy to post. Without further ado here's another imgur album (185-200/365) of what I've been up to, some tower girls and an apple a day lol. The beginning of September marks the beginning of getting excited for inktober!

    Loving your art over the last weekish Javo! I really like the mushroom and also the most recent one with the mountains. Congrats on making it to halfway! :)
  • @Femmipoo there should absolutely be something for inktober, very excited for it! nice apples btw, love the chicken lady
  • Here is one more!

  • Here's another!

  • Here are some expressions for today!

  • Here are some doodles to catch me up for the last few days!

  • There's some cool stuff coming up in the art world that I know of that I thought I would share. The 2018 Inktober prompt list is out if anyone is interested in that. I'll probably just be going with the vanilla prompt list but I'd love to see a urealms themed prompt list if there isn't one floating around somewhere already, though! :)

    Also the tablet company Gaomon is running a mascot design contest that runs until December. The prize is a pretty slick looking screen tablet. If you don't feel like participating in that there's also a raffle where you can go into the draw for a less cool but still pretty cool pad tablet for 0 effort.

    @Qu33nAce Thank you, the chicken was my favourite too. :kiss:

    @Javo Nice stuff! The expressions are nice and I also like the form and perspective on those recent sketches. The rose in there looks sweet too.

    Been busy getting ready to move next month but also I'm very lazy and apparently uploading my drawings to imgur and posting them is too much work lol. That said here's an imgur album + some highlights of what I've been up to the last two weeks.

    Should be at 214 but 2 behind isn't so bad :o
  • Here are some drawings! I just drew what other people did (this is Elias from The Ancient Magus' Bride), but I still thought they were good.

  • Here are some random doodles for the last few days.

  • Here are some more of Elias!

  • Here are some of the same character from memory!

  • Here are some drawings I meant to post yesterday!

  • You guys are all doing really well, I wish I could draw more but at the minute I've got my hands full between work and college but I'm hoping that I'll be off tomorrow to see the show. Good job everyone, @Javo you are doing so well you've improved so much through all of this hard work and I hardly ever directly mention you so I though I would  :D have a good weekend guys
  • This is a crazy cool thread to look through btw,
  • Thanks everyone! I'll try to keep up, but I've been busy recently. Thanks again for your support!
  • Here is a tree for now, with and without the leaves! I'm going to try doing inktober style stuff for now, later today I'll try to post the first two days and one more today to catch me up!

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    Hello everyone! I am gonna try doing Inktober this year and I figured this would be a good place to put them! (Instead of making its own post lul.) Here is what I got so far, I will continue to update these every few days. Lemme know what you think!

    Day 1: Poisonous

    Since Day 1 is poisonous I drew a "Poisonous" Mushroom Girl.

    Day 2: Tranquill

    So this was a bit cheesy but I had very little time so I drew a "train + quill." OR a Tranquill.

    Day 3: Roasted

    Day 3 was roasted so here we see a rude dude "roasting" someone! We also see Jalku crying about it. 
  • Welcome to the group Jalku! Here are two days of inktober, poisonous and tranquil!

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