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Drawing every day for a year (106 out of 365 complete) I'm back?



  • @Javo nice stuff man! Love the sand theme today :)

    @Pufflemore Super cute! :D

    Doing some catch up because I've been sick in bed (rip). I'm still two behind schedule though. Just a bunch of miscellaneous doodles mostly.

    Coloured over an older one that I forgot about, from may I think

    Didn't like the timing on the last one so here's bouncing ball mk2

  • Back again! These sketches are for the next uforums campaign. Still two behind but I'll get there eventually. :p 



  • @Femmipoo
    ufourms is it the one on the fourms  :3
  • Here are two more!

  • Today's the day! The 100th drawing! I've been waiting for this day
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    I haven't posted in awhile and that's due to being busy, but I have 2 more landscape and 1 really weird D&D dice people think? Anyway here they are + I've really loved seeing all the art!  
    The d8 mage is my favorite.

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    I just got back from camping last night and it's nice to see everyone still going at this..... (I didn't have enough power on my computer to draw every day but I did do two drawings.... so I'll do make up drawing to try to catch up... hopefully.)

    The uniforms are looking really well made, and I'm really liking the gnomes one.

    Yeah I've been waiting for it to... 

    @SirTimmsly ;
    The dice character's are my favorite out of the bunch.

    Tom 100/356

    (This is heavily unfinished, and eventually going to be an entry for a contest) 101/356

    Also I realized the gamejam I was going to do starts today, so I'll be posting my progress when it starts at 9:00 pm tonight and I'll possibly stream some of it

    And if anyone else wants to compete here's a link

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    Here are three more! I'm fairly out of ideas, so I'm now using pokemon silhouettes to inspire them (i.e. first one is cubone).

    I'm not good at faces...

  • Javo, these are even cooler then your regular stuff and I love the idea of taking pokemon silhouette and turning them into classes and new characters.

    P.S. I cant draw faces either. There all just kool aid man faces. 
  • Here's a mouse in a rocking chair

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    @Javo ;
    I''m really liking the cubone drawing, and the mouse in a rocking chair has some really nice shading

    Here's some basic drawings for the game jam for the main character and first boss (I was mainly programming toady), also this game jam is for me to get the combat system for my main game ready... so yeah


    Also I'm going to try to catch up to femmipoo
  • Here are some for the next two days!

  • @Pufflemore Uforums is one of many forum rps, check out the rp games if you haven't already. They don't show up in most recent posts but it's pretty active.

    @SirTimmsly These are cool! I really like the dice characters too.

    @TheGallantKnight I wish I knew when 9pm for you was for me :o hmu if you stream! Character portraits are cute too. I'm like 8 behind rn so I'm also trying to catch up lol

    @Javo The pokemon silhouettes are cool, faces are hard. Electrode will be interesting :p

    Some random junk, continuous line drawings, another ball bounce and a wip beenu for uforums.


  • @Femmipoo
    ik I am in the newest one I was hoping those was hints for the campaign I am in  :3 

    I took a break from the Dragon aspect animeus and deiced to draw a old Bard/Magican Charature i have and here is the draft i came up with 
  • @Pufflemore I should've known, my bad! I've been told nothing I'm posting is spoilery so you probably know more about the campaign than I do  :p Cool character, too!

    Doodle of a guy with a yoyo and some more uforums stuff. The goblin still needs some reworking though :o

  • Here are three more!

    (slowpoke, koffing, and lapris)

  • @Javo I like how you rotated lapris! The mousey slowpoke is cute and the koffing is spoopy :o sweet stuff

    Reworked the lower half on the goblin and I think it's much better now.

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    More uforums stuff, sketches of cricket people. :p

  • I have finshed my bard/magican charature
  • @Pufflemore I really like the colours you picked for this! The ageless skeleton hand is also a nice touch  :)

    Finished off the sketch on the right from yesterday.

  • Here are some for the last few days, more using the pokemon silhouettes.

  • @Javo These are really cool, I particularly like the ones you turned into plants!

    A ghostly princess. Face looks kinda weird so I'll probably keep working on this one.

  • Here are two more!

  • I made a quick map of a place I'm thinking of calling the "the eye of the beholder"

  • @Javo nice work man, I have a soft spot for maps. What's the inspiration behind the name?

    Disappeared for a bit, I've been pretty busy. Here's some of the stuff I've done over the last week-ish., There's a lot more that I need to scan but I'm a little bit lazy :o

  • Here are a few more that I have done. I was out at a summer camp for a job and didn't have time to draw. These are all magic items, I'll explain later

  • Why hello there, I drop in to bring you the project I was working on and to say everything is looking great, you're all doing really well.

    anyway I can't be here too long must prepare for school shiz :peace: 

  • Here is one for right now! I'll explain what they all are now. The first was the dragon fire torch. It has a pilot flame always burning with a dim light and if it's replaceable handle is pushed into the main body it unleashes a large bout of flame. The whistler's deck is a deck of enchanted cards that can be programmed to move in certain ways activated by hand gestures and whistling. Banishment banner is a banner, wave it and they are banished. This one is the earth-breaker plow, which when pulled by two oxen can break even solid stone underneath it.

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    Here are some more, a child's bow and a shield/placard!

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    @Javo These are all really cool! Love the texturing on the wooden stuff and the lore behind it.

    @Melijeli Fantastic, I love it!  :D

    Not dead (yet), here's what I've been up to. There's a lot so I've just dumped it in an imgur album, but here's some highlights too. 

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