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Drawing every day for a year (106 out of 365 complete) I'm back?



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    Here's one for today and a back up!
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    @TheGallantKnight will you be posting complete photos of the cosplay? its looking really nice so far

    @Javo ; those guys give me a bit of creeps, i love them!

    @Femmipoo i usually start with a darker background, it makes it easier for me to see where i need to add shadows later on, i was going to draw a mushroom today! great minds think alike

    heres a piece of pie and a lizard child

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    @Femmipoo ;
     Yeah, Fanime is on this Friday... (I'm not ready), and the mushrooms have an amazing shape to them.


    How does one make cherry pie look that delicious?
    Also I'm going to show a complete picture of the costume when it's all the way done, hopefully with a decent camera.

    A quick sketch again, and I'm not happy with it.... Soon I will have time to draw to my heart's content... just 2 more weeks...2 more weeks

  • heres todays critters, lumanir is another one i need to revisit in the future

  • Here's one for today, a ship in turbulent waters! Also, I think this is 100...

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    @Qu33nAce ;
    The critters look really cool.
    The boat reminds me of greek, and viking boats... Good job.


  • @Qu33nAce I'm glad you think I'm a great mind :) Super cute art today

    @Javo I feel sea sick already!

    @TheGallantKnight Love the outfit on this one. Looking super slick.

    100 days! Also yesterday's because I didn't post. Some bugs and a Bopen, plus I put together a collage of my submissions thus far, which highlights how rarely I colour which I think is interesting. It also took a really long time so I guess for 200 I'll do it as I go instead of all at once :|


  • @Javo ; i do not envy the people on that ship

    @TheGallantKnight oooh that clothing is really nice

    @Femmipoo ; that collage is awesome

    meanwhile im over here on 30 :smile: 

  • Here's one for today!

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    @Femmipoo ;
    The bugs look really nice, and the skeletal system in bopen is really well made.

    Is that a panda boar?

    That reminds me of the moon children in majora's mask.

    I won't be able to post the next 4 days, so when I get back I'll post 5 things that day to make up for it.. (I'm going to fanime tomorrow through Monday)


    A quick sketch

    A picture of my costume without the face paint and without extra hour of making everything look how it should.... (So yeah I'm going to fanime as Skull kid) 

  • @TheGallantKnight I hope you have a good time at fanime con!
  • Here's an idea I had from a while back, the chalk berry bush! It looks similar to other berry plants, but its berries coat the consumer's stomach with a chalky substance which negates the acid. This lets its seed kill the creature and be moved at the same time.

  • @Qu33nAce 30 is impressive for 15 days I think! How do you pick what animals to mash together, or is it just whatever comes to mind?

    @TheGallantKnight Have fun at Fanime! Costume looks great.

    @Javo Cool and spoopy at the same time, an excellent reminder not to eat random plants :o

    Not dead - just busy, here's the last two I missed and today's. There's a common theme but I'm not sure it's obvious  :p


    did a lot today lol

  • And lo, another creature joins the cascade of figures confined within this thread, a cave dweller to be precise!

  • @Javo I like it! Love how you kept it to the blues, it's a cool effect!

    More pen drawings but animals instead of bugs this time. I've been really trying to push the variety a bit the last week or so, expect vehicles or bgs soon, not sure which I want to do yet :o


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    Here are mine for yesterday and today! (up to 105)

  • @Javo Both are nice but the golem is super cool. Nice work! :)

    All of these camels aren't quite right, maybe I should have drawn in pencil first. Camels are weird looking animals though.

  • Smoke grass, a smokey grey grass which when burned it releases a smoke which blinds the unprotected eye for a few weeks and if it gets in an open wound of a medium size it can paralyze for days!

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    @Javo That's cool! Love the lore you put behind your drawings. :)

    Missed a few days because I've been sick. Here's the three I missed, rip winter.



    WIP, perspective on the knuckles are wonky and need to be moved around a bit before I continue on this one.
  • Here are a bunch for the last few days!
    Kafe flower: Found in most moderate forests, this brown-white flower releases pollen which invigorates living creatures (similar to the effects of caffeine), survives because most creatures enjoy its effects. Bloom year round, but will die if the temperature gets below 0C consistently for more than a week. Seeds are brown and bean-like.
    Fly Tape moss: A type of moss common to swamplands and just about anywhere that small flying insects are common to. It is covered with a sticky substance used to ensnare its prey, gradually absorbing them for nutrients. About 1/2 cm thick. Sometimes used as tape by resourceful adventurers.
    Graybeard: A somewhat rare type of moss which when attached to the face causes rapid aging. The effects will revert after removed and few weeks after that. When attached it grows quickly.

  • you guys going strong, loving all the art! @Femmipoo it was pretty much just a random animals. sorry i couldnt keep going on this, im amazed i made it to 30 lol
  • @Javo I love all of these! The Kafe flower is probably my favourite though

    @Qu33nAce Don't apologise! You're totally welcome back if the inspiration strikes you :kiss:

    Not quite finished with this just yet but I'm getting there. Not sure I'm happy with the colours yet, mostly.


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    Yo guys, didn't @Rob say he'd gild this thread if it got to 100?
  • @Kingedyou I think that was if the threader, GallantKnight, got to 100
  • Pretty sure the gild is for @TheGallantKnight , it's not far off now!

    Finished up yesterday's drawing, a mech and its pilot. Part of a series of 5 if I ever get around to it :o

  • Two mechs in a row! I don't really like mechs that much but I've been trying to get better at perspective and the simple shapes are a good way to practice. Presenting team COCOMutt.

  • Here are a couple of quick ones for the last couple of days! First, a quick dog sketch. Secondly, the courier's bane flower. At mid-day its leaves become brittle and when touched turn into an ash-like form. If this touches the skin it induces sleep, causing the target to fall over on top of the plant or its neighbors, spreading their pollen which is too heavy to float. It had small seeds the size of sand grains which induce deep sleep for about 8 hours if ingested. It is surprisingly resistant to snapping under heavy weight. Lastly, some kind of fish!

  • Look at what just got gilded
  • Yay! :smile: 
  • Here's mine for today, an attempt at a strawberry!

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