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Drawing every day for a year (106 out of 365 complete) I'm back?



  • almost forgot todays

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    I've been at school for 12+ hours a day for the past week because my teachers want me to pass the AP exams..... and animating a video for an english project (I was animating it every day), and I was to tired afterwards to come on here, so I'll just show you the video I animated and count that for days I haven't posted. Also I really want to sleep so sorry for not replying to anything....

    @Femmipoo ;
    Happy that your keeping up on this :drunk: ( I know that I barely am able to keep up right now)

    Also to everyone else thanks for always posting when I'm to busy to.... I need to make more time to draw and post it.
    67-79/365 (I think that I am here?)

    I should be able to keep on posting again now as well (I don't have to be at school at every waking hour anymore)
  • @Qu33nAce Loving the detail on the skull, that must be a stronk otter to carry such a heavy mace!

    @TheGallantKnight Looks great, I really like the transitions. Really good to see you back, too! :kiss:

    The live shows always mess up my schedule a bit because they're on at pretty much the worst possible part of the night here. First is a silly merman I drew to introduce my younger sister to mermay. It's very similar to this one I posted in april because I think merms with fish heads are funny.


    Second is some boring still lives. The onion was a bit harder to do than the apple because it's a pretty uniform colour, I think it shows because the apple is much better lol. Trying to get into acrylic paints but they dry so quickly which makes it pretty tough :o


  • i cant wait to see all the collages that come from this, you guys are doing amazing! keep it up

  • Here are some for today and yesterday, a soldier and the soldier vs. an oven mitt or something!

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    Still a bit busy at the moment so here's a quick sketch.... ( I almost forgot that I have a AP US HISTORY EXAM TOMORROW SO I'VE BEEN STUDYING THAT ALL DAY)

    Also Yes more My hero academy art I know but.... its a really good show....

  • Here is mine for today!

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    The shading looks nice, and the bubble effect around the tree look nice.

    Knight... I need more time in the day to draw, at least I'm happy with the face.

  • @TheGallantKnight ;

    You hold up dude you took the AP US History Exam on Friday too! LETS GOOO (Section 2 drained my soul)
  • @Qu33nAce Collages are cool but imagine the effort of putting all of those together lol. Not looking forward to that  :o Love today's art, too!

    @Javo Soldier looks sweet, master hand is back with a vengence. Also a fan of the forest bubble.

    @TheGallantKnight I hope your exam went well! Is your knight fighting a butterfly by chance? Definitely a formidable foe.

    Some quick noodling tonight, I like the second one (even though I don't quite know what it is) so I might come back to it and finish it off another day.


  • @Femmipoo ; .....i might or might not be drawing all of these on the same document, ill toss in a waldo at the end

  • Here's a quick little one for today!

  • @Javo thats oddly cute
  • @Qu33nAce It has to do with the head to body ratio...
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    @Femmipoo ;
    They both have really nice proportains (my favorite being the camel), and yes they were attacking the butterfly.(Float like a butterflysting like a bee)

    @Qu33nAce ;
     The furnace skeleton just looks really cool.

    Is it a skeleton dog?


    Okay okay okay I can explain.... kind of..... Well I just wanted to sketch a friendly good guy neighbor man whom can't do wrong but then the eye's turned out a bit strange. Then the smile turned out strange as well, so I just gave up and went all in.... and now he is going to be an npc for the game I'm making, since I made notes on him, so yeah.

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    @TheGallantKnight ; will he be the good guy gone bad?

    i might revisit the blood snake one, im liking how its looking

  • @Javo I hope it doesn't bite!

    @TheGallantKnight How is your game going? The character looks cool.

    @Qu33nAce Waldo challenge when??  I certainly wouldn't want that snake in my boot :o

    Trying to not make a habit of being a day late all the time, here's some treasure chests.

  • Here's one for today, my clay thing finished!

  • @javo ; thats super cool, i love the balancing act

    @Femmipoo nice use of perspective, excellent chest design


    have a barroth and some...camel,boar thing i made in spore

  • Here's a box for today!

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    @Femmipoo ;
    It's going a lot slower because of the sleep destroying schedule of school, but has most of the base combat implemented, and during the summer i'm going to work on all the major animations and portraits.(I'm going to post a lot during the summer)

    The creature's look amazing,

     Also he's suppose to be a brother of another main character,and thus the crazy Russian man is going to be the chef..... (He's only going to be wearing a apron and shorts....... yeah)  

    The clay boat looks amazing, and the chest has a really nice texture to it.

    School is still destroying my schedule,but I was making some more concept art, and a doodle soooooo,,,,,,

    I should have worked on more concept art but oh well....

  • dude1 day 19

    dude2 day20

    did some 3d guys today, any medium is allowed right?

  • @Javo Clay thing is super neat! Love how you did the planking and the chest is cool too.

    @TheGallantKnight Any progress is good progress! Seems like there's some really awesome stuff going into your game :p

    @Qu33nAce I don't see why 3d wouldn'tbe allowed, it looks sweet. Is this done in zbrush?

    Wew disappeared for a bit but I'm back now, I think it was three I missed? Here they are :o 



  • @Femmipoo ; nope, i used sculptris. it is by the makers of zbrush and totally free! ; save often though, it does crash a lot

    one special bird and a dragonfly

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    Here are some for yesterday, pics of another art project!\

  • @Qu33nAce Wow that's cool, I'd never heard of sculptris before! I'll definitely have to give it a try. Love today's art, too!

    @Javo Lookin sweet dude! :)

    I hate painting digitally because I find picking colours is way more difficult than traditional painting for reasons unbeknownst to me. advice is welcome because I have no idea what I'm doing lol :o

  • @Javo ; i love the edge on that, really smooth

    @Femmipoo i find either spending a lot of time putting your own pallets together helps also directly color picking from pictures, that mermaid is going to lose a finger lol

    speaking of digital painting things, heres a couple alien plants, i used the photo color picking for the second one

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    I spent the last couple days finishing a costume for fanime, and so I'm counting it as m art.... Yes I have a terrible camera..(Also I finally going to go to bed now...)


    I made the hat, scarf, fairies, boots, gloves, and belt this weekend.

  • Here are some for the last 2 days! (97-98)

  • @Qu33nAce Looks cool! Do you always paint on a black background or was that added after?

    @TheGallantKnight Sick as man. Fanime is in a few days, yeah? Hope you have fun :)

    @Javo Falling behind? At this rate you'll be the first to 100, unless I can do something about it :p. Nice elvish dude.

    Was gonna try paint this one but I'm short on time and hatching is easier so here we are. I think mushrooms are cool.

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