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Drawing every day for a year (106 out of 365 complete) I'm back?

I decided to test myself to day every day for the next year, and I'm going to try for once a week to get a suggestion to draw for that day(or the next one).Also called me out when I don't keep up a drawing a day please, perhaps send the Spanish inquisition my way, for NO ONE EXPECTS THE SPANISH INQUISITION .

The rules for myself

I must draw one thing everyday
If I fail I must draw two things the next day (It stacks)
The drawing doesn't have to be colored, but it has to look decent

Challenges for myself

Color what I create
Do a suggestions drawing one a week
Don't die 

Also for anyone that wants to join your rules are

Call me out on my failure to keep of a schedule (Try to keep me motivated)
Give suggestions / ideas 
constructive feedback

Your Challenges

Draw one thing once a week at minimum 
Nothing lewd please
Color what you create
(Maybe updated at a later time)

Well Here's the first drawing

For 2/9/18
Love Birds



  • Good luck my Friend. You may die while on this journey, but may it be a fruitful one.

    (Also that's some mighty fine art right there)
  • It's dangerous to go alone. Take this

    Passes you a sword

    custom card

    I guess this could inspire something for you to draw
  • I, as others have wish you good luck I hope your able to do this.
  • Good luck
    Also @Fera That needs to be an actual weapon card 

  • Man I wanna join even though I know I'll fail
  • It's an interesting challenge for sure. Good luck. Don't let the pressure get to you, remember to do this for fun more than anything.
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    Don't mind this
  • Oh man. Good luck.
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    I really like this idea. If you don't mind I'll join in too, though I'm not really all that good.
    I do notice that there is a fair amount of negative space, so I may revisit this in the future.
    The different "layers" meant to show distance also seem to be a little off, and finally I'm not too happy with the water. I tried to smudge light blue and grey to make sea-foam from a wave hitting the shore, and small white peaks to try and show the wake.
    If you have any advice on how to improve I'm all ears, I want to learn not receive undeserved validation.
  • I'm not great at art either @siennamydog, but I think that some gradient shading would help with separation between layers. Admittedly, I don't know how the sun's light would shade your hills, but some is better than none, I think.
    I like your clouds alot, btw. What program do you use?
  • @PoppyrusRose I use GIMP 2 for my art program, and for the clouds i just smudged grey and white together until it looked right. As for the gradient, i think that is a great idea so ill look up a tutorial and just play around with it until i think it looks alright. Thanks for the tip :)
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    @Melijeli ;
    That's looks so cute, the style and shading is really nice as well. 

    @siennamydog ;

    It looks fine and here's some help in form of a picture. Also the clouds are really well made, as well as the feeling of space given off by the layers.

    Now here's my art for 2/10/18
    Lunk (put into a link costume, also without beard, since I don't like creating beards)

    It's not my best work but I had some stuff to do today (Ap Saturday school). Tomorrow I going to hunker down and pull out all the bells and whistles for the drawing.

    Also it's nice to see some people joining me.
  • Alright, so I added shadows and some small texturing. I think I will start on a fresh picture tomorrow.
    I'm not too certain about the grass and the building shadows, but I think i did the mountains fairly well.
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    @siennamydog ;
    Good job with the shadows, and I'm looking forward to your next drawing.

    Now for today drawing (I'm cutting it a bit close aren't I)

    2/11/18 Remembrance (I'm actually proud of this one)

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    I didn't post yesterdays because I didn't want to colour it in because I loved it so much without colour but here he is anyway.image If the image is being special don't worry and the twitter link is today's
  • Hey good job you guys, keep it going :drunk: 

  • @Cloud Such a nice, angsty lookin' cloud  :D
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    Well today was a hectic day so I only had half an hour to draw something... (I wish I had more time I had such a good idea in mind.... 
    2/12/18 Quick forest drawing (I wish I had more time)

    Now for the reason why I didn't have time.... Well I went to the doctor's today, and I had to make my family a Napoleon dessert (Which took over 5 hours to make). At least it turned out fine.

    Well since that's out of the way I now going to ask you guys for characters suggestions from Urealms you want drawn tomorrow so give out you suggestions and I'll try to carry one out. Window of opportunity to ask is now till 2;30 pm tomorrow.... so yeah..
  • I think Yohan could be cool from the latest campaign, Galen is awesome, I can't remember his name, but the old man from the grand paladin order
  • Hope it's not too late to join, this is a cool challenge! Last time I tried something similar I made it about 60 days so fingers crossed I make it a bit further than that this time around. Here's what I did today, a froggish boy with an axe. Doesn't really make much sense but I thought it looked cool anyway. 


    As for characters I have a very big soft spot for the Monkeyfish King! It'd be cool to see some more love for him.
  • i'll gild this thread if you can do 100. doing 1 a day is super hard man. nobody would blame you or think less of you for taking a day off here and there. good luck.
  • Has inspired me to do this challenge IRL. :) 
  • @Femmipoo :D your art style is so cool! and what a good boii
  • My next project is to try and learn how to draw human anatomy with my draw tablet. So I looked up a tutorial on drawing what i thought may be simple enough, a hand. My inexperience really shows with this one.
    (without the "Skeleton")
    I can't really think of any specific things to do other than just keep practicing. Im hoping that eventually i can get good enough to do character drawings of the show, but i guess i have to start at the bottom.
  • what your doing here is really cool and kinda inspirational, maybe I'll take up this challenge myself! Keep up the great work dude

  • @siennamydog That's a really good start! Construction is a pretty tricky thing to wrap your head around but you did a great job. The ring finger should be a little bit longer though, usually it sits somewhere between the length of the index and middle fingers.

    What program are you using to draw? I noticed that all the lines are the same thickness even though you said you were drawing with a tablet. You might like Proko's human anatomy videos on YouTube. They're pretty complicated but very helpful.

    Thank you!  ;)
  • @TheGallantKnight I wish you luck on getting a gilded thread which would be quite the accomplishment

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    I haven't really drawn anything I'm proud enough to share today but it happens sometimes everyone else is doing really well  ;)
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    @Femmipoo I use Gimp 2.8 as my drawing software, and I have a lower end Wacom tablet (which I don't believe tracks pressure or angle).

    The reason that my lines are all the same thickness is because if i have dynamics enabled on Gimp it starts the line with a low opacity, but allows me to draw varied thickness. If Dynamics are disabled it removes that issue but removes varied line thickness. (Edit: just after I posted the comment, I figured out how to disable the faded line issue)
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