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Fitzy's Nonsense

I've done/do a lot of sketches of Urealms stuff, but I'm gonna probably keep this discussion to pieces I've finished or doodles I'm particularly happy with. Decided I'll throw in WIPs that I think are coming along nicely.

Starting with this sample:

Cass (character that DB put together during a stream recently) and friends, in which she's gushing to them about Gobos of Pat.
They don't get it.


Jimmy Blant.

Tile for a fan campaign some time ago. A Dvergr Monk named Rhovak.

An elder goblin and a hatbat. It's like a hatrat, but it can fly and is MUCH cuter.

A party consisting or Dvergr Lumberjack, Keen BootyRaider, Gnome Sorcerer and a HillDwarf Thane, caught off guard by an ogre. (You'd think something that big'd be hard to miss)

...and more to come. Seriously looking forward to the new season!
Constructive criticism always appreciated.


  • ive always loved your linework and colors, im excited to see what your next works will be
  • Oh WOW these are great :o
  • Oh nicely done that's some good work there.   :)
  • These are great. I especially like the 2nd one with all the porc. Your art style has changed a bit and I really like it!
  • I really like the first picture, your depiction of Goblins!
  • These are really awesome! My favourite is the one with the hatbat :)
  • They are all amazing especially the hatbat one, the elder golbin ears look so cool
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    This gives me a Gorrilaz vibe, and I love it.  :3
  • Crisp lines and distinct colors, Love it!  :D
  • @Meganzoor Thank you! I decided I liked using thinner lines and less shade contrast.
    @Cloud Goblins are obscenely fun to draw :)

  • I feel like that Dvergr Lumberjack in the last image is about to sass the hell outta that Thane.

    "Scout the woods, you said said. Probably just wolves, you said said."
    "Akora, please...."
    "I'm sure it's nothing to worry about about. We'll be fine fine."
  • These look fantastic. I can't believe how high-quality some of these are! I hope you continue making such high quality arts!
  • My god these are beautiful! even the porcs one, that one is just amazing!
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    WIP of a BlackBoar Deathknight in a chilly environment. Messing with a different shading method.
    I know I said I'd probably keep this thread to finished pieces, but WIPs are fun and I like how this is coming along.
  • Man these are some great drawings @Fitzy. Keep up the great work!  :D
  • Showing off all the variety of races and things that are possible in URealms is so cool, love the style and look forward to seeing more :wow: 
  • Wow! These all look great!
  • These are really good! I especially like your porcs!

  • GreyScale and colored BlackBoar DeathKnight.
    I have a weakness for glowing swords.
  • Wow... these look amazing. I wish I had the artistic ability you did.
  • Goddaaaaamn that is amazing
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    Holy, that deathknight is awesome, the colours all work so well, i think this is one of my fav urealms art yet. :wow:

  • WIP for this week's drawing prompt.
    Concept of a lightning elemech made from sticking both an arcane and fire elemental in a mechanical body.
  • @Fitzy oh man, im hyped to see this guy colored! thanks for doing the drawing prompt!!
  • Ffffffffffffffff I LOVE IT ALL
  • Oh my god, instant follow.
  • Goddamn your style is amazing!
    absolutely love the lineart, and the colors really compliment well with each other!

  • Colored version of the elemech for this week's drawing prompt.
    Good practice for shading dull metal.
  • These are crazy good. I just love how there is a wide variety of body types, sizes, and facial features. You really have a knack for bringing out the character in these characters. Really expressive and fun style.

  • Gwyneth, from this week's drawing prompt.
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