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Erze from Fairytail [Anime] looks/acts like Gwyneth Sunsword?

I was just wondering if Deadbones or someone was behind this. Not that it hasn't turned into a unique person at this point; was just wondering is all. Was she inspired by this show?


  • Gwyneth's appearance is based on Kuvira, from the The Legend of Korra.
  • I assume you mean the intro video to the Purge campaign because the other arts of Gwyneth don't look like Erza aside from their armour. (but then again Erza has a lot of armour sets)

    Focusing on just the Purge intro video, I would guess that the hairstyle they have is the same because it depicts them as if they had experienced something traumatic with how it covers their faces, and in a way they both have.
    Gwyneth has survived through the birth of magic, upon becoming the Grand Paladin has experienced dying to Bopens blade and has also survived the collapse of the Silver Mines Mountain. She has had some serious experiences like Erza and if you know Erza well enough you should know what she has experienced.

    If this part of Gwyneth was inspired by Erza in someway I wouldn't know, but I wouldn't expect Erza to have a large impact on Gwyneth sine Gwyneth was originally inspired by Kuvira from Legend of Korra. Gwyneth has also developed into her own character but this development does make her similar to Erza in many ways since they both have pretty harsh backstories now.
  • I don't watch the show but I did base her new hair off that character's hairstyle. I know nothing about the show or character but the edgy/dark look helps reflect the change Gywn has gone through. 

    & other people have said, Nick Graves based Gywn's original look and outfit off of Kuvira (I did actually watch that one!)
  • But who is Erze based on? Why do I ask? Gildarts.
  • @Meganzoor wow, that's a pretty good choice of character inspiration right there. Erza's backstory is pretty dark.
  • @Meganzoor thanks for the info! I'll have to look into the other show, when I'm done with Fairy tail.
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