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What's On the Top Shelf of Your Cabinet

At recommendation of @TopFudge well, go check, trust me we're not running out things to talk about.... just getting creative.


  • For me it's a ceramic car
  • I'm not sure if we are doing legit answers or joke answers, but I've got an old crappy painting I made as a kid, and a bottle rocket (I should really clean it out...)
  • @OlympianHeros I'm pretty sure that this is a perfect case of trying to keep something off of the internet turning into it becoming a thing, and becoming way more popular than it would otherwise.
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    I'll just post a pic of it
  • There's a full box of Double-Stuf Oreos and a half-full container of peanuts that I haven't touched since I put them there at the start of the semester.
  • 3 boxes, 2 wooden shields, 1 plastic shield, a circular box, a smaller box, a small chair, a plastic groudon, a baby photo of me, a tiny birdcage with playmobile people inside, 2 little moon guys, and a tape player karaoke machine that's half broken. Or did you mean the other top shelf in my room?

    3 boxes, a small hourglass, 3 snoopy plush dolls, 4 little blue nose friends, 2 plush cats, a snoopy alarm clock, a pokewalker, a flashlight, 2 pokeballs, 2 smaller boxes, a small snoopy pill box, a bunch of books, a little pair of scissors, a plush dog with the signatures of all my elementary school friends, a harmonica, a small plush rabbits, about 10 different earrings, and a little castle bookend. Oh wait, did you want the OTHER top shelf?

    All my baby plushies (Winnie the pooh music plush, soft pink bear, Nicks fan bear, 2 blue bears, 3 other soft bears, blue dog, pink elephant, green dinosaur), a photo of little me + my siblings on Easter, a photo of my old friend Gabriella who moved to Pennsylvania nearly 12 years ago who I haven't seen in like 10 years, all my dragon plushies (lego dragon, big blue dragon, small red dragon, all the cast of Dragon Tales, a second Ord, small blue dragon, small gold dragon, old purple dragon, little purple dragon), and a small dog plushie that is the reason why I have a scar on the right side of my nose and above my right eye (albeit not a very noticeable one).
  • @Sixelona ;
    Strawberry Milk.
  •  penguin, mickey mouse, dinosaur and space shuttle plushies from my trip to florida, a cotnd singing plushie and a master chief 12in figure, theres a lot of other little things but those are the largest
  • plushy of Chester from Don't Starve and a couple bottles of wine. 
  • a lot of dust
  • *sigh* I guess I'll play along. Top thing on my shelf is a... Y'know what I can't bring myself to say it
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    Fallout Anthology (With a Dovakhin mask on top of that.) The Lego Ghostbusters 30th anniversary set, completed. A glass Dolphin statue, A batman head container I got from Lootcrate that's holding my dice. The lego dimensions portal. Solid Metal adamantine wolverine statue from Logan (Also from lootcrate) Allergy Nose Spray, A giant glass case filled with my watch collection. A couple random watches outside of the collection. A USB car charger, A Film Award trophy, and a wooden train that instead of train cars is letters that spell out my name. And an Eevee plushy I put my glasses on when I go to bed.
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  • That Crossed out thing is exact why I asked this thread not be made :wtfbold: 
  • A jade frog wearing a kippah. 
  • I have a nice assortment of cool looking bottles, glasses, statues, and miniatures. I just really like collecting uniquely shaped bottles and statues and such.
  • I have all my college books that i havent been able to sell back for much. so like 30-35?
  • Master piece Transformer Thunder Cracker, a Travelocity gnome from my 2006 b-day, A heavily modified lego hero factory robot, a few amiibo, spare air conditioner parts, random tools, and a lego clockodile from a Urealms season 1 campaign I did with friends.
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    i have two of those so... lets see... a statuette of Cole Macgrath from Infamous... Thundersaurus megazord (PRDT), Tahu Toa of fire, and Pohatu toa of ... Earth? or was he stone... and i call myself a bionicle fan... that and the ninja firebird from PR Ninja storm. and on the other one, a lego millienium falcon, pikachu and blastiose bookends/piggybanks... a PRLG Megazord... and,,, i think his name was Roshuku from metabots...  and i got a Komasan statuette from Yokai watch on the shelf below it... wow... im a freaking nerd... (and i am 23, HAH)
  • Spare car key above the stove, Coka-Cola plates/bowls/cups set in another, and nonperishable snacks oft forgotten about above the pantry
  • mason jars and various other jars and bottles that for whatever reason have not throw out
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