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Espeon's Card Pack!

*Some of these I may or may not have posted awhile ago, in their current or older forms. I honestly don't remember*




Stone Tail:
Dwarven Gravedigger:
Elven Gravedigger:
Elven Warlock:
Gnomish Warlock
Dwarven Warlock:
Porcish Warlock:






I may update this later with more cards. Feel free to comment if you have any feedback!

This work falls under the CC BY 4.0 License and can be used and edited freely as long as you provide credit! (although if you don't provide credit, I won't be offended)


  • I'm personally a huge fan of Sandbold, Snowbold, Heritage, and Chaotic. I feel like all these are fairly balanced (except maybe the stamina is a bit high, especially compared to others) and fit the general theme, great job! I legit think I'm gonna put these into my games with only minor change.

    I feel like Hobgoblin is overpowered, as you could easily get over 200 stam with several classes, potentially even 300 Stam(Dont get me started with Paladin or Warrior). Although Hobs are a bit wonky because we haven't seen very many and since there's already a race that does what they used to do. 
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    @MasterDJV Thank you! I will lower the stamina on Snowbold, because I was thinking it was a bit too high anyways. I don't think the warrior shield would stack with Hobgoblin, but I can see how Paladin would get out of hand. I may think of a way to change that. Feel free to use and change them however you like!
  • EDIT: Added an old companion because I still like how it turned out, and a new class I made!
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    EDIT: added some passives I made in another thread! Using this thread as a big card dump for now.
    DOUBLE EDIT: Made a new class, like a mercenary based lumberjack. I don't know how great it came out, all feedback is appreciated! Also adding some old Treasures I had from before.
    TRIPLE EDIT: Also added other new Treasures and Passives!
  • EDIT: made everything nice in spoiler tags, and added a bunch of races, attributes and cornerstones. Also added 2 companions based on my Gravedigger class! May add another later. 

    From now on, I'll only do about one update a week max, and add all the cards I make at once. Don't wanna continuously spam the feed lol
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    EDIT: Added a new class, a bunch of weapons, and a few treasures! 
    EDIT 1.1: Changed a few weapons a little and added a passive.
    EDIT 1.2: Changed the title to something more descriptive because it was too weak before.
  • random feedback (or how to break the game with each card) here goes
    Attribute / Sickly why you gotta do this to me man I just want to play the game
    Cornerstone / Librarian Believe me, there is a reason Spell Scrolls cost 50 Gold each, and there are very few ways to get them for free. Make a tryhard Spellthief character and you'll see what I mean.
    Passive / Dual Wielding Aaaaand I'm a Berserker now
    Passive / Fighter's Premonition This is very powerful indeed, my fellow Hydromancers.
    Treasure / Garden Gnome Very unique. I like that last part especially.
    Treasure / The Tummy Rumbler It's like the beam that causes night-time stuffiness.
    Consumable / Wriggly Wench The wench is back.
    Armor / Nature's Protection This is an interesting one, I must say.
    The weapons look pretty fun and I'd definitely consider buying some of them.

    Hmm I'll take a look at the classes at some point but I'm definitely liking most of these. I'm gonna lose some real spirit if I ever pull Sickly, though.
  • @knguy
    Thanks for the feedback! I'll write a little response for each of the cards that would need one:

    Sickly- I think that, if this were to be incorporated into the game, it would be VERY rare, as it is essentially a much worse version of Doomed. It does seem a little mean, though. I'll think about it.

    Librarian- Yeah, this does seem a little OP. If i were to DM a game, I would probably let my players buy scrolls for 50 gold even if they don't have the supplies card. I think spell scrolls are more powerful than they should be, but are not well incorporated. Maybe either changing it to 50 gold each, or removing that bit about them being able to be in any inventory slot would help. I'll keep it in mind. I'll also try building a sweaty spellthief or two and see how that works. 

    Dual Wielding- Yeah... I might not have really thought about Berserker... oops. Its like a mini berserker. I might change the wording a bit to make it unique, because I still like the idea of it. Like add a bit about how you must have 2 of the same weapon or something. We'll see.

    Fighter's Premonition- Didn't realize how broken that is for Hydromancers. Wow, I though it would just be a cool card but yeah that's totally too OP. Will think of a change, Maybe make it No-Roll Basic Attacks.

    Wriggly Wench- Yeah, I like the idea of a purely roleplay companion lol, especially with that bit of backstory. 
  • EDIT: Added a new class, the Warlock, and 4 companions based on it! May add some other stuff later today
  • So from now on, I guess I can post updates as comments. I will hopefully be making a mod soon, maybe even later today
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