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Slow and Steady Wins the Race

From the waters they rose as the sky turned black

From the battlements came cry’s to force them back

These halls I had roamed for years alone

Now they were filled with the clattering of bone

I began to make my way to my master’s side

He would need me now, my heart filled with pride


Raised up as part of the family

We were inseparable him and me

I was right there by his side

When by the Gods he unfortunately died

But he promised me slow and steady always wins the race

By his son I should wait, for it was my rightful place


I had to watch as the tall man spoke

The bell rung loud, my spirit awoke

After years of waiting this was my time

A mount they needed the honour would be mine

Alas a moose was chosen in my place

In fairness I was not born to race


Long forgotten by my supposed family

Always separate him and me

I wished to be right there by his side

It was my purpose my old master could not have lied

For he promised me slow and steady always wins the race

By his son should I wait, I was sure it had to be my rightful place


They charged away as the undead swarmed

They had the prince, they had been forewarned

All I could do now was ensure their escape

I stepped out into the corridor only I was too late

The prince’s wall had fallen in and all was surely lost

As I stood at the point where the paths all crossed


I would make my way forward this would not be my master’s end

But then I heard a gruff dwarf’s voice come from round the bend

Which way lad we have to reach the royals before it’s too late

He followed my gaze down the ageless packed corridor unwavering and straight

Before charging though the ageless to where my master was surely near to death

From that fate, I had saved him from those with the hideous breath

Raised up as part of the family 

I sent Lance to help him in place of me

Knowing that the dwarf would be better by his side

It was at this point I unfortunately died

But as my master promised me slow and steady always wins the race

I rest easy now knowing that I had been in my rightful place


The undead stole the life from this poor old turtle

My life given to catapult my master over one last hurdle

For while I was simply the guard of a guard

Without those like me this realm would be more scarred...

Link to Recording:

The fall of Dundinborough from the perspective of Roamins catapult turtle.


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