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Unforgotten Quest Refunds

edited February 2018 in UQ Reborn
Hey everyone!
 If you don't know what this is for, read this thread.

Sorry for the delay, this first month took a lot longer to just organize everyone who requested refunds. If you still need to request a refund or link your account if you are participating in UQ Reborn for other compensation, please head over to the kickstarter and send me a PM (you can just find me in your messages).

Everyone asking for a refund would of been given a number that represents the order their pledge will be refunded. Do not fret if your numbers are in the hundreds, as I used a system internally for organizing bigger donations. I will be refunding donations from smallest to biggest so that more people can get their refunds sooner and some fans requested the money asap as they were on hard times and need the cash. Anywhere here's the numbers for whats going on.

January 2018

18 Pledges are not seeking any form of compensation.

  • 13 were Bronze Pledges ($50 or less)

  • 4 were Silver/Gold Tier ($60 to $300)

  • 1 was Diamond Tier ($500)

Total Pledge Value: $1240

56 Pledges are interested in the other forms of compensation offered.

  • 32 were Bronze Pledges ($50 or less)

  • 21 were Silver/Gold Tier ($60 to $300)

  • 4 were Diamond Tier ($650, $750, $1000, $10,000)

Total Pledge Value: $15,644

69 Pledges requested refunds.

  • 39 were Bronze Pledges ($50 or less)

  • 27 were Silver/Gold Tier ($60 to $300)

  • 4 were Diamond Tier ($750, $840, $1001, $1505)

Total Pledge Value: $8,691

Refunded Numbers for this month: 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,13,15,16,17,18,19,20,21,22

  • 18 were Bronze Tiers

  • 1 was Silver Tier

  • 1 was Gold Tier

Total amount refunded for January 2018: $770

Total left for refunds: $7,921

Notes: So hopefully this is straight forward. The refunded numbers are peoples confirmation numbers (although if you were refunded this month, I just told you that directly). My show did very well last month and a few of my old fans expressed they needed money badly, so I put in $770 for this first month. I will be posting in this thread every month as I go through and refund peoples money. If your number is in the 100s, that means your a Silver/Gold Tier, 200s and higher are those diamond tiers but those will be done last as some of them might take me more then one month to do.


  • Rob
    edited May 2018

    February 2018

    9 new Pledges requested refunds.

    • 6 were Bronze Pledges ($50 or less)

    • 2 were Silver/Gold Tier ($60 and $200)

    • 1 was Diamond Tier ($700)

    New Pledge Value from this month: $1,205

    Refunded Numbers for this month: 23,24,25,26,28,29,30,31,32,33,35,36,37

    • All 13 this month were Bronze Tiers

    Total amount refunded for February 2018: $515

    Total left for refunds: $8,611

    Notes: Total left to refund went up this month, but that's to be expected as not everyone was going to request a refund right away from January. If you have PM-ed me for T-Shirts, I'm going to be looking into doing a big bulk order here in March. We still need to finish the design for the Paladin Anhk shirt as Irishxlily who does our T-Shirt designs is going to redo the old one. You'll either get a PM from me in march or I'll mention something in my next writeup about where we are with T-Shirts. If your doing UQ reborn card stuff, I won't be taking a look at getting anything done until I get some of this other work done out of the way. My goal is to be able to do a big batch of fan cards between S3 and S4 of URealms Live, but to be honest there might not be enough time because I may have to certain S4 earlier depending on fiances. I'll figure it out, organizing big things like this that involve me PMing/messaging hundreds of users is a massive time sink so it's really hard to estimate anything because I just haven't done anything like this before.

  • I am behind in my pledge for March. At the start of April I became very ill and am just now recovering. Not working for two weeks has put me in a rough spot and so I will be pushing my pledge down the road this month so I can continue focusing on working here without losing any of my staff. I am hoping that I can get back on track by the end of the month here.
  • Rob
    edited May 2018

    April 2018

    Refunded Numbers for this month: 101,102,103,104,105,106,107,108,109

    • All 13 this month were Silver Tiers

    Total amount refunded for April 2018: $665

    Total left for refunds: $7,946

    Notes: If your number is lower then these numbers, that doesn't mean you are necessarily ahead of other as you most likely submitted after these silver tiers and are sorted closer to the bottom of my list. I have an issue with paypal where after the first 10-15 transactions on my account per month they start charging me a fee and so I'll need to start doing some big pledges alongside smaller ones so that I'm not being charged these fees in the future. I tried to do a little bit more this month to make up for not being able to do refunds last month.

    In the future, I may need to skip over some months like I did last month for a variety of reasons. Sending money to a dozen or so people takes some time because I'm sending money so I gotta take my time and I don't really schedule when I'm going to do these things so there may be some months ahead where my work gets in the way of doing this right at the start of a month so keep that in mind if I'm slow processing your pledges. I think I have an email from a few users who I haven't confirmed a number for, so sorry if I'm taking awhile to get you setup. I'm not trying to dodge my responsibility here, it's just the logistics of refunds have proven to be a burden. If I do skip a month tho, I will try to catch up. I'm $1950/2000 for what I said I would pledge this year right now so I'm not that far off so far!

  • Rob
    edited June 2018

    May 2018

    Refunded Numbers for this month: 110,111,112,113,114,115,116

    • All 7 this month were Silver Tiers

    Total amount refunded for May 2018: $565

    Total left for refunds: $7,381

    I'm going to look to do T-Shirts either this month or in August. Organizing all the t-shirt shipping data is a bit complicated and time consuming and I know I might have time for it this month, but if not I'll start processing them in August. I might just devote a day to it here and see if I can get them all done, but it might just honestly take awhile to do so I might not get all the orders done this month. I'll let you know next update.

  • Rob
    edited July 2018

    June 2018

    Refunded Numbers for this month: 200,201,202,203,204

    • All 7 this month were Silver Tiers

    Total amount refunded for June 2018: $615

    Total left for refunds: $6,766

    My work has been very busy. I added some more shows this last month to help with bills, but it's gonna push any of the fun Reborn stuff until after the URealms S3 finale which is in September. It's hard to really work on stuff before that as I can't afford to take the time off to sit down and work on the ideas. I may opt to build them into my stream or something so I can treat it like regular content. I'll figure out a path forward, I just want to make sure I can stay on top of bills like this as it looks really bad on me when I have to skip or push back months.

  • Hey everyone. I'm a bit behind in my payments for the summer. I plan on getting caught up here at the end of the month. I was ahead for a bit, and I'll be sure to get caught up here soon! Sorry for the delay, moving money around is somewhat tricky for me as I can't always move money back and forth from my CND accounts as I get hit twice converting it.

    Sorry for the delay, I'm just super focused on work and trying to keep everything going.
  • Rob
    edited October 2018

    July, August, September 2018

    Refunded Numbers for this month: 205,206,207,208,209

    • All 5 this month were Silver Tiers

    Total amount refunded for July, August, September 2018: $1105

    Total left for refunds: $5661

    Again, sorry for the delay on this. This is the best thing for me to push off when I'm busy as this can be done at anytime and we were working very hard over summer on the Season Finale. I should be doing 3 months here, but it's a little awkward I'm getting to the point where some of the backers I need to refund are more than my 500 a month goal. There are some people at the bottom of the list that are smaller refunds, but they were added after I already started this process and so I wanna to get through everyone in order.

  • Rob
    edited July 2019
    Feb 2019

    Refunded Numbers for this month: 301 
    Total amount refunded for Feb 2019: $750
    Total left for refunds: $4,911

    I'm at the point with refunds where all the next few are larger then my 500 budget a month so it will require me to do multiple months to get through these backers. If you are a smaller backer and wondering why your not next, it's simply because you asked for your refund after we started doing this and I had assigned them numbers so it won't be till after I get through these big backers. I have 3 more big 1k+ backers to go through over these next few months before I will be handling everyone else who requested afterwards.

    July 2019 Update
    Just updating to let you guys know I still know about these debts, but I'm at a point where "savings" don't even exist and I'm running on fumes at the moment. Things are starting to go well and I'm almost about to start rolling into a URealms Season and can get back on track, but I'm building up other debts at the moment and this just isn't possible to keep up on right now. This debt weights on my conscious and I do plan to still resolve it.  
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