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Custom Race - "Articial"

This is a custom race, one of sort-of rune/ley-line covered short-ish dwelves that were (in my own lore) artificially created (well, of modified dwelves) by a Divine on accident. Their ley-line/runic skin is a by-product of trying to create an incredibly magical creature composed of a dwelf infused with that of an elemental. 
custom card
Their entire thing is essentially they can use two of their spells together, and create a hybrid of it (although specifics are GM-based). For example if you'd use flamelance and iceblast you'd get a frostfire spell that'd simultaneously freeze and burn (although you'd only get 2 bonus actions on a crit, and not a combined 4).


  • "Articial" is just Artificial without the "fi", 'cause my naming sense sucks.
  • Interesting idea, but it might be a little too OP if it's a combination of say, 'Pyroblast' and 'Arcane Beam'. Maybe you should make it that Limiteds can't be used?
  • Well, the thing is Pyroblast + Arcane Beam wouldn't really be that good a combo. You'd need to be both a skilled fire and arcane mage, the damage wouldn't really go any higher in their case since 99 damage is kinda the cap on spells (not crits, obviously). You might end up with a 3-wide beam, but at the same time you have an even bigger risk of self-destructing or killing your team-mates.
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    Arcane Missiles and Pyroblast would be a good combo (personally I'd split the 99, let's round to 100, between those 5 arcane bolts so you'd be firing 5 bolts that do 20 damage each and on a crit that'd be 10x4). - It'd all depend on the GM's tastes, since in other scenarios (and depending on strictness) spells could be nerfed.
  • Excellent... excellent. I can't wait to cast all my spells at once.
  • @knguy I should've specified only two... I'mma do that now, get nerfed.
  • @UnluckyBimi Do you have to be skilled in that field of magic
  • @Sweatingdwarf123 If a card specifies it in its' base, then I'd say yes (like with Pyroblast and Arcane Beam). There doesn't really seem to be a downside to it normally, so I might make the spells a bit more likely to fail but at the same time it's an innate racial thing so it doesn't really seem reasonable.
  •  okey cool, i'm liking this idea a lot @UnluckyBimi
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    Alright, that's fine. Even with the combination of two spells, the artis can still accomplish feats other races can only dream of doing. But first, let's experiment with our power.

    With the right application of spells, you can become one of the most wanted criminals in the Realms by committing arson. A lot of arson.
    The first thing you'll need is ignite. Combine that with any spell that has a battlefield-wide effect and you can cause forest fires and village destruction anywhere you please. Afterwards, you may sit down and cross your legs as your rune-inscribed shoulders are enhanced with screams of pure terror.
  • @knguy Well, again you'd have to lower the area of effect from the entire battlefield to maybe like a 5x5 or a 7x7 depending on the exact spell. If you're using a direct target spell merged with an AoE, that AoE would be reduced but at the bonus of more effects and/or damage or so. It's all about getting the GM's mix down (although, if the player really wanted a battlefield-wide fire I'd make 'em have to roll high, probably a crit, and then they'd have set themself on fire along with their team).
  • @knguy But you're quite right that a bunch of combos could be rather OP, I'm kinda looking at it from a rather refined perspective since I've been using this race for a while as an NPC in my own games so I've got it under-wraps to be power-balanced.
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    Ah yes, I'd like to combine my spellripple with my glaciateex to cut targets health in 1/8 on high rolls.
  • @KaeawynShifter
    Well, Glaciate needs a Highroll
    And since the bonus things for Spell RIpple are no Rolls, the gm can just assume that it's average rolls, and not high rolls
  • @Phendrix
    I mean, if I was weaving them both together I'd assume it would just be the same thing.

    Also, usually things that cause no-roll bonus actions that you have to roll for count the roll you got for the first one as all the rolls.
  • That’s a pretty good combo, although I’d only allow for one 1/2 tick or maybe just put it to 1/4 from that. 
  • @UnluckyBimi
    I mean, given the way the race is written, anything with Spell Ripple is amazing.
  • Having though about it, mind if I add this Race to UForums? :)
  • @KaeawynShifter True, but at the way Spell Ripple is written with "you may cast 2 additional copies of this spell" a very anal GM could say "You cast your Rippling Glaciate EX, and then two copies of Spell Ripple". Although, I do agree it's a very good combo-ing card and gives it more of a purpose when merged with another. I will admit I did think "Hmm, could do with balancing but ehhh, they'd be a rare race to meet due to their origins".
    @friskyBrisky I do mind, but only like a mother as they kick their son out of a helicopter. So, you're welcome to.
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