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Post your Sexuality.



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    I should probably clarify that (although I'm not against anybody finding somebody) This is not a "Matchmaking" Thread or whatever you want to call it. this is basically here because I was currious
  • I'm asexual in the most blatant way, sex and the idea of sex repulses me and turns me off (I do get turned on, just not by people and hell not by genitals), if I ever date someone that wants sex, I'm totally cool with something poly since they will definitely not be getting it out of me (I'd rather use a goddamn chicken baster than sex to get pregnant). If that's a deal breaker, so be it, I'd rather we both be happy, honest, and single than together and lying about how we feel. Luckily for me, my gf is also ace so I don't have this problem and we are very happy together!
  • Bisexual. I'm more attracted to and swoon over guys, but I see myself dating women more often.
  • I don't know why I was expecting short maybe two to five word answers.
  • @OlympianHeros I mean I said so much since I've gotten used to having to say that much 'cause in the past people just didn't really get it. Like "how can porn turn you off if you're asexual, shouldn't you never get turned on in the first place?" and "what if the person you were dating wanted sex? would you really say no? doesn't that deteriorate the relationship?" Maybe people just ask me too many personal questions, but I don't mind answering and it's easier to just get them out of the way.
  • My sexuality is Walrus.
  • @Ahtibat1 Well Its not like its something you hear about every day. Its kind of like meeting a veteran as a little kid, you just wanna know a lot about them
  • @OlympianHeros what do you mean that isn't funny, that was the funniest thing i've seen all day
  • I mean that this thread was meant to be a Don't shitpost your meme sexuality
  • I'm asexual. I just never really cared much about relationships or about people looks and shit, I've just always lived to have a good time and that's it. I have dated someone before but that relationship ended fast as I just continued to be, well me, I'm not romantic or anything like that I'm just a dude that likes to be a smartass and treats most things in life as a joke. I'm happy and have been happy for a long time once I realized that I just don't give a rat's ass about any of this nonsense. Well that's me, I don't really know what else to say.
  • I am a straight male, but I really don't care too much if I date someone. I do feel like their is an element of love and romance in my nature, I just feel like it never comes out in my own personal life.
  • I kind of do agree that I don't see myself ever really dating anyone, and I'm very fine with that idea. Not something I had to accept.
  • I am a gay male.  Its not as lofty as you might think
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    Straight, and how much more personal are these questions gonna get? Cause there's only so much I'm willing to answer. 
  • @Maesquin Thank you for that comment. 
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    I'm straight but am what one would call gray-romantic.
  • @OlympianHeros @kreeperkiller63 I'm waiting for the attack helicopter comments. Though I guess you said that gender's aren't needed. Still.
  • i sexually identify and a Apache helicopter 

    @Mainegor you pulled it out of me
  • @kreeperkiller63 I pulled a bloody Apache out of you? Damn.
  • This thread really isn't feel fit for this site guys. You do you, but this isn't the appropriate website to share your personal details like that. Reason is simple, this stuff attracts trolls and negative attention and that leads to us having to spend time moderating it.
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