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Useless 20s.

I put this in offtopic just to be safe, but I love the phenomenon of useless 20. They don't actually help but add fun and amazement to the game/show. I was playing an old-school version of urealms (on something called paper for y'all youngling;) not really a whole campaign, but essentially all we do is draft characters and battle to the death. Anyway, I ended up being a Porc and wanted to know if I was a pretty proc. Of course as luck would have it, the first 20 of the night was  if I was pretty. It made me think back at all the amazing useless 20s, they make the show even better because it usually ends up being ridiculous. like at the time the mirror and porbo. 

ps, I dominated by charming 3 people, getting them to do all the work, but died to a 1, so karma. 


  • I've had a useless 20 of picking up a book before. Just an empty book, unrelated to the story, but it made it so I did it in style.
  • Funny, my players never roll useless twenties (maybe that time the rogue tried to fix a secret door the mags broke by literally ripping the book that triggers it in half), all their twenties get saved up for BS tactics in combat that absolutely ruin my plans, that and dual-techs.
  • it wasn't urelms, but i once had a D&D character roll a natural 20 on a diplomacy check to try and convince a group of civilians to take up arms against an oppressive government.

    i was looking for a loosely organized militia. Instead it became an out of control mob that pissed off the government and got almost everyone killed.

    bad 20's exist man.
  • I actually remember a couple of useless 20s from recent in the RP Forum.

    Basically, the group was going back through what was called a Low-Level Zone to a party being held by the king in a city, and on the way a bunch of 'Woof-fls' (GM states as a combination of Woof and Wolf) are on the path. We need to work out some kind of way past in order to get to the party. Should've been easy.

    Then someone (@Gushy48) decides to offer them some dog food so we can get past without any real issue... It did not end like that when he rolls a 20 and suddenly we have 16 Woof-fls now following the party, and we was just there clueless as to what to do. A few people adopted a few and the rest kept following is.

    Not only that, before we continued to walk to the castle, I decided to do a roll to determine if my character would be the kind of person who would want a second Woof-fl, since he had tamed one from a higher-strength region prior.

    I rolled a 20 on that.

    My char has a very soft spot for Woof-fls now, and the only reason he doesn't adopt them all is the fact they can't afford nor accomodate an additional 16 pets.

    Useless 20s can be fun sometimes.
  • Recently in the rp forums I rolled a 20 on resting...... that was a good ass nap I guess
  • jewl of the dingo, db rolled double 20's as a kobold for looking at a regular not enchanted no tricks statue
  • They add a special something....
    @Crash I remember that, belongs in a highlight reel. 
  • Not me but, a friend rolled to heal my depressed character rolled 2 20s and cured his depression but 2 minutes later he died  
  • (Sandbolds spoils) Roamin's 20 to sprint *before* trying to soothe spirits
  • I rolled a 20 to pose heroically 
  • @Sweatingdwarf123 it was the most heroic pose ever. Statues will be made with it for now on.
  • I rolled a 20 on lying down and putting my hands on my neck. Best surrender ever. 
  • I feel like this cant be a thread without Vanessa Squishwitz super sensitive hearing after rolling a 20. Bear in mind, she is a head singer of a group that is performing with other bands, some of which are rock bands.
  • @Dancorps13 I can literally hear Rawb now, "oh, my ears". Good one.  
  • Had one in a pvp game yesterday. Rolled a 20 on turn order. Rolled a 1 on turn one. skipped my turn. Died before I got another chance to go. Luckily the GM was nice and let me try again.
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