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(Spoilers) Is maelstrom the new sun dragon

I have heard people talking about this but i personally thought he was just a new divine.


  • hell yeah he is probably, maybe, who knows

    I feel like putting the spoiler in the title isn't going to save anyone from the warning you've made.
  • Honestly, i feel like if people want to avoid spoilers, they should avoid the forums in general.

    Anyways, ye, thats pretty cool. And Leomaris is probably gonna be pissed at this new sun dragon, as he's probably been trying to resurrect Phanto. (In LAG, Leomaris was talking to Lyn after she killed the beenu off, saying that she threw away all that he's worked for, unlikely referring to political ties, more likely to be about resurrecting phanto.)
  • Yeah, Maelstrom's becoming a Sun Dragon. It's in the Donation Event's description: "Maelstrom will take his first steps into become a Sun Dragon God himself"
  • The event also mentioned the fact that he was a whelping and as we learned from Den of Devils they must receive a mark to become a fully fledged divine, (correct me if I'm wrong) so does this mean he will have to receive said mark before he can fully become a new Sun God?
  • If Maelstrom becomes the new Phanto, does that mean elves(or kobolds, I dunno) will be invincible?
  • @Razgrey if thats how this works, it would be the sandbolds as maelstrom was a sandbold not a kobold according to the text for the campaign. "but one sandbold has found a new faith to turn to. you the old gods"
  • @heartgold3 - as far as we know that only applies to branding the Sigil of Flame onto Vlarunga's brood, may not be that way for other whelplings

    Maelstrom will just have to figure himself out while he's in that whole final talon deal, and he won't need anyone else's help (except for the OG us-es) to do so.
  • They said maelstrom was becoming a new sun dragon, but it also said was becoming a whelpling. So he would be on the same level as some divines. not on the same level of divine as phanto and kallisto, maybe not even on the the same level as the aspects. (We haven't really seen the difference between the sun gods, dragon aspects, and other divines is though). 
    but we definitely know he can now cast creation magic.
    and no, we are not getting a new school of magic, and he isn't the replacement a phanto.
  • He was a sandbold by trade, not race. @Dolfinmaster
  • He could potentially replace Phanto. @kreeperkiller63
  • @UnluckyBimi
    if he replaces Phanto successfully I can guarantee either he or Kallisto is getting Old-God-Smited on the spot, just because going back to pre-BOM would ruin the show, and Rawb would love to make that a DD.
  • @KaeawynShifter Him replacing Phanto doesn't mean that the pre-BoM situation would happen again. Maelstrom could just decide not to bless any race with immortality, and probably wouldn't really get along with Kallisto (although the second half there is speculation) and it seems like one Sun Dragon God alone can't grant immortality to a race since without both Phanto and Kallisto it seems like High Bears can be killed (speculation, although in the past Rob did mention that High Bears can die although it's really hard to kill one) which leads me to believe that Kallisto and Maelstrom would have to team up or have some sort of treaty between one-another for any sort of Pre-BoM situation to happen.
  • @UnluckyBimi
    So you're saying you'd vote to kill Maelstrom in the Maelstrom v Kallisto DD, got it, traitor.
    ((Jkjk, okay? Just making sure everyone knows that was a joke and i don't offend anyone, okay?))
  • @KaeawynShifter How dare ye foul knave call me a traitor? (Also, I'd prefer a situation where they both die... I love godless apocalyptic scenarios, when there was initially gods; Sure, divines and aspects are godlike but they're not the actual 'gods' of the realms).
  • @UnluckyBimi
    Whatever you say Unlicky.
    (Guess that's the default taunt for you now, just calling you Unlicky instead of Unlucky)
  • @KaeawynShifter I always lick my rocks, need to ensure they are the right type of rock for consumption.
  • @UnluckyBimi
    *writes that down to quote you out of context for later*
  • @KaeawynShifter I have much worse out of context quotes... I am prepared to take it.
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  • @UnluckyBimi
    We all, but being able to quote you in a situation as saying 'I always lick my rocks' can work great, I'd probably use it more if I was on the Kobold Genitalia thread.
  • the first step towards becoming the sun dragon. at this phase he's somewhere around the power of Glamorous the glam shark and Thor, perhaps each season we'll see him and the old gods will have to make the decision to allow him to ascend to higher and higher levels and one day he might become the new sun dragon. Could be fun, and wouldn't it so stymie the elves and dwarves if he awards the immortality a sun dragon gives a race to the kobolds?
  • @noxumbre He definitely isn't on Thors' level, no way.
  • @UnluckyBimi that's why I said somewhere around and I meant it more like in terms of rank rather than ability.
  • I believe the donation event implied he was on the path to becoming one but wasn't one yet.
  • Also keep in mind
    Rob wanted to introduce this concept because he planned it to be used later down the line
    Mortals becoming gods
    So this is something that will happen again, later down the line 
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