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Dice Roll Analysis for "The Sandbolds"

edited January 2018 in Fan Art and Creations
Hello once again, Old Gods.

Hex here with the Dice Roll Analysis for the latest Campaign, "The Sandbolds". 
This Campaign was streamed on January 27th, 2018.

This Campaign was, as always, filled with so much entertainment! So many twists and turns, and an abundance of decisive Rolls! Not sure about you, but I know I was filled with bated anticipation each time the Die was Rolled!

So enjoy, my brethren. Enjoy the fruits from "The Sandbolds":
The Sandbolds - Dice Roll Analysis

And as always, please gaze upon the Season Chronicle:
Season 3 Analysis Chronicle

Also, please leave any feedback you may have, regardless of what it may be. I shall be waiting...

@Rob @DeadBones @Coestar @totalspiffage @Nisovin

***So apparently the Conditional Formatting for the Roll Listing is all messed up... I apologize for the 50% look of select Roll Listings, it should not look that way. I will try to correct that error asap!***
[[[It was a Google Sheets error. It failed to perma-save my data and selectively erased some things. That being said, I will try to transition from Google Sheets to some other format to prevent data loss in the future.]]]


  • @Hex Amazing data analysis as always. :wow: 
  • This is good stuff, Hex. And that totals page is starting to look much nicer with each campaign that passes, can't wait to see how it'll look when Season 3 is complete!

    Question about Experience Points. Do you account for all the experience that is officially confirmed when it's accounted for in player levels, or do you just focus on what is seen during the live show?
    Like when Rawb says "Hey guys, this is how much experience was gained in the campaign" do you modify your analysis to include that information or no?
  • Roamin's turned it around.
  • This is just one small thing that I noticed, in the color codes section purple is misspelled as pruple
  • @StealthInel Thanks!

    @knguy No, I just record what's seen in the show. I'm going to revamp the way I record the EXP Data for Season 4 though, I'm not happy with how it is now but I don't just wanna hack something in. 

    @javo Lol, so it is. Fixed! Thanks!
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