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The Chronologies. A surmised documentation of contact with Urealms characters.

Recently it has come to my attention that those who have had the deciding factor on a Divine Decision have now the ability to commune with characters of the Urealms universe. To what end or degree this implies escapes me and many others currently.

 However recently a queer thought passed through my head into what could happen. In the Order of Chaos thread Rob lists three characters he says "hi" to as follows: Nader Leomaris, Ouro'ras and Maelstrom. He also warns those of the Order to be very careful of what they write there. All three of these characters are incredibly powerful one of which is a god and another well on his way to becoming one.

 In the event contact is established and divines or equally powerful characters choose to mingle with us Old Gods brings a small worry or even tug on the back of mind in which I can not itch. One of which is we have altered their world, but what has kept them from starting to mess with ours via the interfaces we interact with them?

I am creating this thread in the event of a diplomatic break with a powerful character that can interact with us. This is in case a character is ever powerful enough to delete Order of Chaos threads and erase history as we perceive it. These are as I will call them the Old God Chronologies. This will surmise the events leading up to the ability to be able to contact to the events that may unfold afterwards. Note: I will only be covering the events of within the forums unless campaigns have a significant impact on us. Any who wish to add more details or help document feel free to do so. Also this forum may also provide a reasonable summary of these events for Old Gods who do not usually browse the forums or are new to this area of Urealms.

First Contact from the outside (or rather inside) first started in September 5, 2017 from Sintour Sallazhar. 
Of this message this person describes our rewards from the Azveltara Z campaign of which consisted of  XP, gold and blood tears. Notably giving those who witnessed the campaign a Master Assassin Accolade. He then briefly describes our excitement for getting close to creating a "O.G.D." and ends with an entrancing signature as follows:  Our visions, your gift. Our bodies, your skins.
Second Contact from the Inside. October 11, 2017 from Sintour Sallazhar. Sintour describes our rewards being distributed for the Purge campaign and more disturbingly describes our inability to understand what blood tears could be used for and that we are " for a treat...".
Third Contact from the Inside. December 10, 2017 from Sintour Sallazhar. Sintour rewards us for the Lyn Azveltara Z Gaiden campaign. Of this he mentions of a first of chalices that we are close to filling with blood tears.
First Attempted Message from the Old Gods. January 28, 2018. A thread called The Order of Chaos Board is conceived and begins it voyage into the quandaries of attempting contact with the inside. I would link that thread, but I do not dare out of association of bring the unwanted attention of possible wrathful divines. Several major events occur on this day. 
6:55 pm E.S.T. One of the Order of Chaos members Caprikel attempts to make contact with the character Nader Leomaris and also inquires to see if he knows of Caprikel's influence over Bopen's fate.
7:00 pm E.S.T. Caprikel attempts to exert influence over the character Lunk via a message that tells if he joins Bopen and becomes ageless he will become stronger. Note: this message may also introduce an idea of what a "angel" is to Lunk.
7:05 pm E.S.T. Caprikel attempts contact with Sintour Sallazhar. In this was several questions of if he is able to hear and communicate with us Old Gods. The question of who he is and if he is an art thief is also posed.
Second Attempted Message from the Old Gods. January 29, 2018.
3:53 pm E.S.T. argetbrisingr attempts to contact Maelstrom. The message prompts a congratulations to the character (with a small added detail of our involvement of his new power) and then proceeds with curiosity as to what one of the motives the character had in the Sandbolds campaign. The message ends with a statement of Old Gods feeling a pleasure from his actions and that he should not disappoint us.
4:14 pm E.S.T. Caprikel throws away caution and makes a truly chaotic forum post addressed to no one and to be received by all on the inside. This worrying message simply contains "'s numbers.." and 3 roll dice emotes. The Old God then tells all on the inside to use the numbers as they wish.
The date is March 9th of the year 2018 of which I write this. Sintour Sallazhar has once again sent a message to us old gods and our abundant rewards that he displays before us. He surmises our blood tears now have taken corporeal form as a level two Divine that I can only amuse will be born into their squalor of a world tainted and fearful. Sintour then goes onto that he will be joining us soon, but betwixt and twisting of timelines will be before he knew of us as he knows now. As his ravings continue he gives a glimpse of one of his powers of that he transport himself between worlds through the curvature of space-time as I believed through the artistry of paintings and portraits. On his final note he is exhilarated to come here and for us to wear his face in manner most frighting.
I write this March 27th of the year 2018. The fallout of the incomprehensible Numbers forum has manifested within the Urealms universe. That particular forum had been curiously closed for quite some time now, but it eluded me that I had not noticed until it was far too late. In the campaign of a few days ago called Galen Sunsword: Private Investigator the character himself has succumbed to our madness or at least is aware of it. His mind was bombarded by numbers by which I assume where from Caprikel. These numbers were however feebly useful to Galen allowing him to disarm a mana bomb by which the repercussions myself and others are unsure were to be fatal. Within the same campaign Sallazhar has been introduced and we are as some would say wearing his face though avatars. Sallazhar and his lackey Douglass Winechester are now part of the world though they do not seem as familiar with us yet as the one who has spoken to us directly. This art thief I woe for. For he is the one to help us bring woe into the world.


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