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Avatar Name Changes

I couldn't help but notice that the names of the generic race avatars were changed from "female" to "feminine" and from "male" to "masculine," respectively. I thought that was pretty cool.


  • I didn't notice the change however I can't express how happy it makes me to see it, thank you Rob and thank you to all the gnomes behind this website we can't see :heart: 
  • I noticed that too when I bought the Masculine Kobold (due to the Sandbold Hype).

    It doesn't really phase me at all; it still works for its intended purposes.
  • I just noticed it as well, and honestly I think that's an awesome though subtle change, so good on Rob and co.
  • Not really sure i understand why the change buuuhhtt... 'Aight. Doesn't bother me at all.
  • I'm just going to assume that "No Politics" covers "No Identity Politics" too and there can't actually be discussion about this.
  • Ahey, I don't think this is an identity politics issue. This just means you can pick one of the feminine avatars without the implication that they're female, or vice versa. Seems like just a nice thing.
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