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  • We don't have evidence of "how" we communicate. For example, is it a subconscious impulse, a dream, or some sort of mystical, godlike vision? Any of these options would be plausible based on how the Old Gods have communicated and "breached" the realm.

    I don't think we'll be able to figure out until next campaign, or if certain characters directly respond to the messages on the board.
  • If one of you in the Order of Chaos could be so kind, tell my boy Rhedmun Kriel that he should stick with Trandon, since he's a powerful and funny guy if a little insane, but to stand up for himself sometimes! He's stronger than he thinks he is and smart too!
  • Does it say anywhere that they will talk back
  • I think it would be hilarious if all the regulars from Forum Roleplay Games became part of the Order of Chaos, decided to create a campaign in that forum, and just started roleplaying endlessly.

    That'd be far future stuff though and who knows what those fellows would think about posting in the OoC themselves? For now, Caprikel's daily triples are definitely keeping me hooked. Maybe one day he'll even roll some triple numbers!
  • @knguy
    If I'm ever chosen you have my word I'll make an rp thread
  • @knguy Now I have a mental image of the Urealms members of the OoC roleplaying, so thanks for that x]
  • Pinging the diviners just in case they didn't see. Sorry to bug ya fellow old gods

  • so uhhh what's this daily numbers thing
  • It's a newly made lottery known as the Chaos Calendar! Tickets are in limited quantity, so buy them before you miss the chance to see your three numbers show up today!
  • were could I get one of these tickets and does it use gold or irl cash   
  • @Revoltman ;
    I don't think there is any actual tickets. It's kinda a joke for the characters of Urealms to deal with.
  • @Rob ;
    um so rob.
    are @Caprikel's lucky numbers gonna have an effect on the realm?
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    I can just imagine the characters just keep hearing numbers in their head and just start drawing conspiracy theories about what they mean. “Is it some sort of code? I don’t understand old gods! *steps to conspiracy board* WHAT DOES IT MEAN!??!” @bl1ndn3rd
  • has anyone tried talking to the aspects
  • @Sweatingdwarf123
    I suggested it a while ago but we decided against it
  • Honestly, at this point, I don't think anyone who can hear the Old Gods can directly talk back.
  • Rob's gonna twist it all up and make us all regret those numbers I'm calling it right now.
  • @Maris Oh I hope he does.
  • @Maris
    I very much hope that a character just pulls out those numbers instead of having to roll in the middle of a campaign.
  • Also in a matter of time one set of numbers will make a date in the near future and something fucked up will happen on that date.
  • @Maris ;
    The one yesterday made a date, 8 2 5 can be seen as August 25... which after checking, is in fact a Saturday.
  • I would like to propose an experiment. The next time we have a Campaign where we know the location it is taking place, one of the Order members asks a Character to be at that location during the next campaign.

    An order member could even ask multiple characters using different methods of reference. For example, they could ask one character to go there on the Campaign's IRL Date, and another to go there as soon as they hear about something mentioned in the teaser happening.

    Would be one of the more concrete ways to see how far the Order's words can effect the world, as the only window we have into the Realms is the actions taken during the show itself. If we can get somebody to show up somewhere they're clearly not supposed to be, then we know the Order has been heard, and obeyed.
  • The Realms' days are not the same as our days, and they haven't even invented world maps yet (speculation) so people don't really know where to go. Ugh, this time business could be a big deal, considering some of these campaigns take place at way different locations on the timeline. There's simply no feasible way to reach out to a character at the right time or the right place.
  • You could just tell a lot of people in different places to do a certain thing if they see anything odd. No need to direct anyone anywhere.
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    Bit of speculation.

    All the members of the order of chaos have won a DD so far. But maelstrom is also a member of the order of chaos

    I have a feeling that eventually maelstrom will decide a DD ie he either gets a ton of votes automatically (1000 or so) or just auto wins.

    Might feel disappointing that no one had a chance to win, but it would allow rob to take the reigns on the plot one important time and would be a hype moment that makes sense given what the order of chaos is so far.
  • @ThePhatSass Or we all vote and when the decision is announced, Maelstrom hijacks it and does some third option. That would be a pretty hype twist.
  • The Order of Chaos is actually overpowered. You can control the most important part of any fandom from there. Shipping.

    Think about this. If you want your RaynelxLunk ship to go down, tell Lunk that marrying Raynel is his destiny. If you can talk to anyone, the sky is the limit! Post some smokey fan fiction and creep out all the characters! There's so much power!
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