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  • @friskyBrisky
    If Rob wanted us to stop he'd say something also we exist they don't there's nothing they can do besides provide us a more interesting interactive story
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    @Kingedyou How do you know that ? they aren't dumb, if they know of our existence they can do some deduction... Also, when you are a powerful god of a world and someone say to you that you are just a puppet of bigger gods, you will either don't believe them or get upset, because when you have power you don't like to be commanded.
  • @Kingedyou @friskyBrisky ;
    I agree with frisky in that Rob warned those of the Order of Chaos to be careful about what we post. I also think it is important that we don't annoy Rob too much with all of this as well and be patient for what may or may not happen.
  • @Kingedyou
    I just hope that the fact Rob hasn't contacted us or something means we haven't done anything we're not supposed to. I'm assuming by now he would have seen the messages, so I think it's all good, though I'll still make sure not to make too many posts.
  • @Dalard
    Almost no one knows of our existence just Malestrom Nader and I guess Our'ras and if Nader knows we killed Phanto who cares? Malestrom has become an almost feral beast who can do nothing with that information and Our'ras either has no idea who killed Phanto or simply doesn't care because he some sort of embodiment of purity allowed Lyn to kill the Beenu for a crime that we commited
  • @Kingedyou
    It was largely implied that he would become less feral over time as he gets used to his power.
  • @Shuckle
    Even so would he care that we killed Phanto? What would he do with that information? Who would he tell?
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    @Kingedyou Don't you think that some characters can guess themselves that we killed Phanto. "Oh, how one of our sun and on of our creator died? There are these Old Gods that are supposed to be omnipotent, maybe they had the power to create our creator..." for me, it's obvious that anyone that know us and our power can link the two dots...
  • @Dalard
    The accepted answer is the Beenu and those that know about us have no way of knowing the extent of our power hell we've been testing for two days because we don't even know the extent or our power
  • @Kingedyou This is Maelstrom. He wouldn't care. He knows he's a fictional character in a fictional world. He has no attachment to Phanto or anyone.
  • @Kingedyou That was what I was thinking before, but now I don't remember any character, blaming the Beenu directly for the death of Phanto. Lyn killed them because she had a vision and the elves and the sandbolds were working with them to try to resurrect the moon... It didn't seem that they are angry at them... Do you remember anyone besides Rob telling us that the Beenu killed the moon? I try to remember from where this idea comes from...
  • Order of Chaos,
    This fun odd experience,
    Make it a good one.
  • Should we ask Maelstrom Jebediah Moonkiller his options about his father?
  • @Kingedyou
    In response to your rude comment that:
    "we exist they don't there's nothing they can do"
    What if they do exist? You have no proof that they don't, you have no proof that Rawb hasn't accessed some alternate dimension or something.
    Basically, treat them like real people, because it's better for the story, and because hey, they might actually exist.
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    Sorry I nearly forgot about Robs extraordinary powers are you a subscriber to the theory that Rob is actually just doctor strange? or are you more partial to the superman theory? (Sorry this osunds sarcastic no sarcasm intended)
  • Boy, all this is really making me want to write that Order of Chaos riddle.
  • In the original unforgetten realms show the creator of the order a chaos was Timmy the evil. so we should tell maelstrom Nader and ouro'ras this.
    "be careful around Timmy. we don't know what if you know Timmy, but be careful around him, he isn't who you think he is".
  • @kreeperkiller63 OMG I just realized Timmy the evil is basically Phineas...
  • It would be funny if one of the order of chaos just looped a phrase whenever a certain character didn't do what people wanted and just  annoyed them to madness
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    Would be neat to get character's opinions of what we are, and if they like/want our impact on their world. Obviously phrased in a way so that they can't give a "rude" answer otherwise they may get themselves killed by our hive mind blind rage.
  • Of the accounts I tested only sintour and the one below existed for character's you tried to ping. At work so I can't tell if it's a real account or just a name breaking the rules of the website

    @OurorasBorn ;
  • @Vongeo
    I'm most concerned by the fact that @OurorasBorn has Phineas as their avatar...
  • @Sgtslow Now I'm having a new thought: What if only the most powerful in the realm can talk back to us? What if Lunk and Lola and whoever else can't talk back because they're not all powerful? Or what if none of them can talk back?
  • Nader can't talk back to us, and he's been studying us who knows how long. Also Quintara Lotus can't either that's why she had to use McCarrot. 
  • Numbers for January 31: 

    If that doesn't spell out DEATH, then I don't know what does.
    For something relevant, maybe Ouro'ras can hear us and talk to us, but he doesn't care. 
  • The numbers will be 7 7 7 someday.
  • lol oh you can say whatever you like to whomever you like in that forum, but actions do have consequences and so i would be careful what you do. after all, it's not like you don't have nothing to lose.
  • @Rob
    Wait so can any character hear us?
  • Why should people be unable to hear us..?

    If you are going about your business one day, and you start thinking "Oh, I'm hungry. What should I have..?", and your thoughts say "pizza", you go get a pizza right? Either that, or you reevaluate, and get something else.

    I would assume the same thing happens when we talk to characters. "I forgot to go... be turned into an Ageless? Why did I want to do that?" 

    For example, anyway. I would guess that people who are sinned would either hear differently, louder, or it simply doesn't affect their perception of us. I see no reason one couldn't just start talking to, say, Thea Mazing.

    P.S. Has anyone thought about talking to Chimera or Empusa? I think they are being forgotten.
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