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  • I honestly think we should just ask Sintour Sallazhar who he is and what he does not only for us, but on a daily basis. I dunno about all this trolling of characters thing.
  • @Caprikel also qucik question have rob ask you about the custom profile yet because i remember that was a thing he mediation if you won a D.D
  • @knguy We've been given one of the coolest mechanics I've seen in any show it'd be boring to not play with it
  • @argetbrisingr we are forceing someone to become ageless i think we step over that line m8
  • @knguy Definitely, people have gotten so used to this community with its fan creations and headcannons and everything, now that some of us actually have power to influence the world they continue in that mindset without really thinking about how to actually improve the story and move plot lines instead of just "hey im part of the show now, i want to contribute."
  • @Pufflemore
    Yeah, he had me fill out a sort of questionnaire thing about the custom avatar after I won the Divine Decision. I also asked Sixelona about it once on her stream, and it seems like it'll take quite awhile since she's busy with character avatars.
  • @Pufflemore ;
    I'm not sure forcing is the word, but yea seriously manipulating sounds about right. However through donations we done this kind of thing before like with Lyn with visions. I'm not sure where the line is, but I do want to find out what we can do rather what we think we can do.
  • @Pufflemore Then just dont do that, how hard is it to show some restraint? Also, Rob did talk about getting personalized profile pics, and I submitted one but haven't heard anything since. Show has been super busy.
  • Remember how Spiff got the ability to talk to Lyn, but the didnt use it to totally metagame and tell Lyn everything we know about Bopen and all that, cause thats what it feels like you guys are trying to do right now.
  • @Caprikel ;
    You should try talking to a character that isn't sinned like Squinks or something, just to test it out :peace: 
  • Ok, I asked about Sallazhar, just in case. I doubt anything will happen with it, but you never know.
  • @Caprikel ; Saying "who are you ?" is admiting that we aren't omniscient, this could be seen as a weakness of the Old Gods...
  • @argetbrisingr ;
    I personally just want to see if we can get information out of our current mediator Sintour whom has talked to us already. Also I am not sure why Rob would implement a way to communicate with characters if he did not want us to talk with them.
  • @Dalard I mean, we could cover up by saying that Cap didn't know, but some others of us did..which might lead to a pop quiz on lore we don't know lol
  • @PoppyrusRose Lore we dont know doesnt exist though, as per Maelstrom's questioning of the characters on what they did between acts.
  • I think one of the first things we need to test is to see that we can talk to non-sinned characters... Because if we can talk to them, that would be massive. 
  • @argetbrisingr
    But lore we don't know but Rob does know does exist
  • edited January 2018
    And Rob has called himself an Old God, before..right? My memory's so fuzzy.
    In fact, Rob isn't even the only one that would know. The behind-the-scenes team prolly has knowledge that comes just from being producers. 
  • Also I think might take some time to get an answer. Even Sintour said time moves differently for mortals than it does for us Old Gods.
  • @PoppyrusRose If you look at the top post on The Order of Chaos you'll see Rob listed at the very top of the members list.
  • @Caprikel Are you able to divulge what questions you had to answer for your avatar, or were you asked to not reveal/aren't allowed to reveal what they are?
  • Damn, I am really dropping the ball tonight lmao @Nyrrix
  • @Nyrrix We just made a character page on the site and gave some background, there wasnt really anything to it.
  • @Nyrrix
    I don't remember much, I just remember I had to describe an original character along with a character sheet for it.
  • @Caprikel @argetbrisingr ; I guess what I'm wondering is, are you hard lined into doing a URealms race and such, or can you get a little wild with what you want? How much control do you have over the final product?
  • @Caprikel Any unique class/race/attribute/other options for the character or was it just what we know is available for the players right now?
  • @PoppyrusRose Nothing wrong with that. Everyone drops the ball at some point or another.
  • edited January 2018
    @Nyrrix Aside from having a Tome of Vlaurunga on a Flamedanseur, the build is possible with the right rng, and my sheet isnt even as filled as it could be. If it gets done I might release my whole sheet.
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