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  • Should we ask for a full list of the divines? Due to we only know a hand full and we seen stuff like the Grand Raven that is being refenced but we do not know what it is
  • @Caprikel ;
    Perhaps the three characters Rawb edited the initial post to mention are implied to hear the Order of Chaos, but you won't find out until they start speaking back.

    My suggestions are a little different but they could be interesting:
    • Either say 'hi' to them or perform a head count and see how many of the characters respond.
    • If the characters can't directly communicate with each other, use yourself as an indirect line to shoot messages between characters, like passing notes in class. These characters are now connected and it'll start saying on the wiki that Lunk and Lola talk to each other through Caprikel or some shit.
    • Tell a joke, use Storyteller, or say a piss-off phrase and see how the character reacts. This'll give some insight on their personality or sense of humor, at least.
  • @Pufflemore
    Only DD winners and Rob and the other players seem to be able to comment/make threads, so if there's something you would want to say to a meta character you would have to ask a DD winner to say it.
  • You could try to speak to the dead of the realm, check out that afterlife.
  • @Vongeo
    We can't all sinned characters are alive
  • @Vongeo i do not think that is possible due to we do not see a afterlife so we can assume they are erase in a sence
  • @Pufflemore Do me a favor and hop into the rp thread to give me a DI please
  • @knguy
    For now I'm going to assume that we won't hear from these characters until we see them in the show again, so in other words it will probably take quite awhile. 
  • Is it just those characters sinned That can respond?  I didn't see that in the thread. 

    I'd love to see two old gods arguing in a character's mind
  • @Vongeo
    I'm guessing we won't be able to hear their response until we see the character in the show.
  • @Caprikel
    That does make more sense then characters having forum accounts XD
  • Does anyone have a list of characters with the sin of the unforgotten and divine characters? It would be quite helpful.
  • At the very least, we know that the characters who see Order of Chaos messages now have view of exactly who is in that order, as well as the fact that Rob said hello to three of the characters. And they've seen Cap's message as well.

    I suppose it's right to assume they won't respond until their next appearance in the show, but they're still going to see things, like some strange twisted version of the Magic Forums.

    All the characters reading see Cap's post and the ones who don't know these character names are gonna be like "Bopen? Who's Bopen? Also who's Nader?"
  • Just checked and it says the only confirmed sinned characters are Lola and Lunk but thats old so Malestrom too
  • @knguy ;
    I'm curious as to whether every character with meta powers will see the message, or whether just Nader will see it. If any of them can, that will make things quite interesting.
  • we have 2 of Golestandt childern Thor and maby the Grand Raven but that all i can recall that is cannon
  • Characters who have Sinned:
    • Lola van Drych ("The First Sin" event from Okagnoma Guild Hall)
    • Lunk ("The Second Sin" event from Den of Devils)
    • Heathera/Sunswords??? (Galen cast Greater Lay on Hands in Grand Paladin Order and people are rather unsure as to what happened there, but that is a third Sin)
    • Maelstrom ("Absolute Proof" event from The Sandbolds, though he's been connected to the Old Gods for quite some time now)
    Divines: I dunno man check the wiki that's all I got don't take this information for granted
  • Wiki says these are all known divines


    * Tambok's relation to Golestandt is non-canon.


    Quintara Lotus


    Rokesh has no known children.


    • Alexstruvuvua*
    • Daragor
    • Unknown Child
    • Many Whelplings that are marked with the Sigil of Flame


  • Do you think if I told a sinned character to become ageless they would go out and do it? I'm kinda tempted to try it.
  • @Caprikel
    It probably depends on the character and tbh they probably won't think you actually exist and now that I'm thinking about what we're doing right now just holy shit this is a cool show I love this
  • Hey @Caprikel I think you should assume that every character can listen to your questions, just to be extra careful with what you say. I would also assume that some characters that are listening to the DD winners know what you have all done, like you gave an army to bopen and Ventinor choose to destroy the sandbolds.

    Another idea: you should try to learn more about Sintour Sallazar (unless you know things we don't know). He is the character that will communicate with us the soonest...
  • @Kingedyou
    Basically I want to make a noticeable difference to see what we can do with this, and if they became ageless or something like that, we would definitely know.
  • @Caprikel do it also when you at that should we ask about the unknow children of golestandt?
  • edited January 2018
    Yeah that's smart we really do need to test our limits with this stuff we should get the other DD winners in here to help and if you tell someone to become ageless it should be Lola because I really like Lunk lmao
  • @Caprikel ;
    I have an additional suggestion which is to Max Payne it but that's just ridiculous
    Alternatively you could gather all the other Order of Chaos members and schizo the shit out of all the sinners and other people who hear your words
    I don't think you should try anything crazy yet, though. Even a mention of Agelessness is pretty drastic. At the very least you'll need some serious confirmation that your voice is being heard, like a "If you can hear me say/do this!" or something. I suppose that part is all up to you.
  • @Kingedyou
    Yeah, I'm going to try another post to see if it changes anything, and I'll make sure to ask the most gullible character to do something. 
    As for the other DD winners, I'm not sure whether they're active on the forums or not, though I remember Tay, the first winner, being somewhat active on the forums. 
  • @Caprikel I imagine we either need to be extremely subtle to the point where they don't notice our influences on them or be so persistant and obvious that we drive them insane and turn their minds into a shell that we can easily influence.
    Also we should ask ourselves: what do we want to happen? Should we foster a hero and pit them against Maelstrom? Or turn the entire world int chaos? Or just carefully develop the world into a sort of utopia where lots of adventures occur to entertain ourselves but nothin much beyond that really happens?
    Also, it's worth noting that Rob and the guys are all Old Gods as well, and so can override our decisions. Strife and conflict may occur among the Order of Chais depending on who ascends to that rank.
  • @Caprikel
    Start small talk to someone who would be caught off guard and do something crazy because I don't think Nader or Malestrom will care much if they hear from you
  • @Nyrrix
    Woah woah slow down we don't even know what we can do with this power
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