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  • @kreeperkiller63 ; god dammit my dyslexia made me jump over the word Quintara. don´t listen  to me i´m lost in the head.
  • Here's a thing.

    >Dwarven King has connection with Quintara Lotus.
    >Ghostblade kills Dwarven King.
    >Ghostblade gets horribly maimed by QL.

    >Lynn has connection with Quintara Lotus.
    >Ghostblade kills Lynn.
    >Now who stops QL from just killing Ghostblade outright?

    Much as I'd root for Lynn's death, I don't like the thought of restoring Ghostblade only to guide them toward the exact same doom they had before.
  • @Laito
    >Now who stops QL from just killing Ghostblade outright?

    Maelstrom, who outranks her because he's a Sun Dragon. Just saying. :p
  • @friskyBrisky
    are you sure? Why would there be away to surpass the gods 
  • @Pufflemore From my understanding, Sun Dragons are greater then Dragon Aspects. Since Maelstrom has turned into a Sun Dragon (at least a Sun Dragon Whelpling), and since Quintara didn't even bother to do anything about Maelstrom when she saw him (other then flee for her life), that is my assumption.
  • @friskyBrisky maby he is like a tainted from Greek mythology beings who can put up a fight with a god and might win?
  • Okay let's get this straight any character no matter how weak can kill any other character in the show regardless of how powerful they are with enough 20's it's just highly unlikely that any character even a hyper assassin with a weapon capable of killing a Divine could kill one of the 6 major 'element gods' especially one of the most 'tricky' elements Arcane, let's be honest Arcane is by far the most volatile element in range of effects and uses, that and the fact that quintara literally waved her hand and teleported characters to a far away island without even rolling, if she keeps her common sense and doesn't go full rabid dog again you would at best have one shot at killing her before your dealt with.
  • so what i'm hearing is, we put Maelstrom on killing Quintara, and put Ghostblade on killing Lyn.
  • How about we don't do that?  :p
  • @kreeperkiller63 @Kyle
    You're both so chaotic so why would you want to kill the aspect of chaos?
  • And this isn't even getting into what the other dragons would do if someone killed Quintara, hell we haven't even met Kallisto yet.
  • @Fera Kidding about killing Quin, Maelstrom probably isn't that strong, but I'd at least like to see Ghostblade get some sort of revenge against the monster that is Lyn Azveltara.
  • Yo, does anyone have any evidence that Ghostblade hates Lyn? Just thought back on it, and I can't actually remember them declaring actual hatred toward Lyn in particular, seemed to mostly be teen angst and whining about their mom being lame.

    Is the eradication of the Beenu something Ghostblade even cares much about, based on what we have seen?
  • @Laito She's got hatred for her because Lyn wants to only use her to repopulate the Beenu race, which she eradicated in the first place, and doesn't think of Norokoh as a person.
  • Well, apparently most of us think of Ghostblade as a weapon now. What's the difference?
  • Ghostblade is a person not a weapon
  • Ghostblades are beenu too!
  • Lyn is no monster....  :frownbold: 

    I bet Lyn blames the beenu for the initial death of Our'oras, and probably Quintara as well.

    Final Talon was built by the beenu to revive Phanto. The dragon aspects used final talon to try resurrect Phanto but it failed resulting in the first death of the light -> Our'oras.

    Since the dragon aspects we there to resurrect Phanto we should be able to assume that the facility was always intended to harness their power. This would mean that beenu using the facility and the drain aspects using it are the same event. 

    We know that something went wrong and the light dies (yes, we know the light is Our'oras). We know that Quintara is chaotic, mutilated ghostblade for killing that king,  and had expressed her distaste for the beenu in the Sandbolds campaign. So she could have had some influence on Lyn to greet revenge on the beenu. 

    And, i guess we also told Lyn that was her destiny so...
    After Our'oras first died she probably decided that that's why we told her to kill them all. 
  • @Fera ;
    That could also mean "physical light" as in the Sun. I think the first death of the Light is referring to the death of Phanto.
  • @Emperor
    So they tried resurrecting Phanto during the birth of magic..... when he died? :\ I'm not sure that works.  Phanto was dead. That's why they tried to resurrect him.

    Im also pretty sure we know that the light is Our'oras. Pretty sure on that one. Besides, the preview vid for the Last Beenu seemed pretty clear as to who the light was. You know, showing Our'oras when Maelstrom reffered to the light. 
  • OMG @Solarice has posted a message in the Order of chaos board. And I hundred procent approve that message. But I am wondering, why did you make it into a rhyme @Solarice ?
  • edited September 2018
    Why not make it into a rhyme?  :)
  • I think we should probably maybe definitely warn some people about the death of magic.
  • @Maris
    I agree, though it would be fun to do it in a rhyme or something like that as a warning.
  • @Caprikel A vague prophecy would work considering there's still a lot of time in the world before it happens.
  • I suppose we would have to decide who should be warned, first of all. If we want a particular side in the war to have an advantage, telling them that it will happen will allow them to prepare supplies that don't directly require magic. 
  • It will be very hard to get the forum to agree on which side of the war to support

  • @Maris
    Here's what I got so far.

    A great silence will befall the realm.
    Those who don't rely on magic will overwhelm.
    No magic can be cast,
    and for 77 days and nights it will last.
    With it a miserable Tree will come forth,
    bringing with it 4 gifts of the seasons to those with the most worth.

    It you have any critiques or ideas that would help. It's probably not vague enough since it's pretty blunt about what will happen. Also I'm having trouble finding a word that signifies the Forn coming that also rhymes with something to describe the miserable people the Forn will give the powers to. 

  • maybe try and tweak the "and for 77 days and nights it will last" to be more cryptic if you can but otherwise it looks great
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