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Seeking A Guided Tongue

Hiya! I'm very very new to URealms. A friend referred me based on research I am conducting for a new project. I'm an indie author, and have published quite a bit through the horror/scifi/drama/fantasy genre, however, I believe I may need some assistance in regards to some aspects of my work. I've delved into theoretical linguistics as less of a carefree hobby so that I may incorporate a possible link into Chomsky's theory that all beings may be born with an innate knowledge of communication. Less Plato's learning as we grow that which we already know. I am curious how this translates or may have influenced new language based on created races. Such as the form and impression of Elves being of higher framing and poised language, née "angelic" versus the contrast of the seemingly barbaric nature of man and man's spoken word. In the fantasy world, an Elven tongue becomes silver in comparison to all others. A higher being. Is it all due to language imprinted at birth or is it a birth rite?

I would really love to know more about UR and the races, bloodlines, characters, sexuality, languages. Any help in the way of discussing the formation of race-based language and a tour of where to start with UR would be amazingly appreciated. You all seem like such amazing, creative, and talented individuals. I look forward to your insight :) 


  • Hey @SuperStreetPeach welcome to the community!

    I'd be very surprised if you get any official answers regarding this subject, but I'm happy to offer some perspective on the subject, as a long time follower of the show, and a professional in the field of neuro-linguistic psychology. If you want to drop me a direct message regarding any particular details that interested you on the subject, I'd be happy to take a look over them.

    The easiest way I can suggest to get an idea of uRealms as a whole is to watch the show! If you follow this link you'll find a list of all the campaigns. To watch a campaign, click on the episode you want, and look for the "Playlist" button. I'd personally suggest watching in the logical order, season 1 episode 1 through to present, but if you're not too worried about the context of the show, and just want some examples of Chompskian theory in practice, or any of the other specific areas you highlighted (if we did them all, I'd basically just be pointing you to all of the episodes), I'd be happy to point you to some specific episodes.

    Personally, as much as I love the show, I don't think it's the greatest example of what you're looking for. After all, it's largely an improv show, in essence, so it'd be difficult to execute a robust demonstration of these principles. If you're looking for other literary examples of this principle, I'd suggest Michelle Paver's Wolf Brother, which dabbles with the idea of language patterns in animals in an interesting fashion.
  • As far as my knowledge goes when it comes to the topic of origins of the languages there is currently nothing concrete in the lore about it other than (everyone speaks the common tongue, 1 race uses tone and body language as well as a single word "Kobold(also the name of the race)" to convey their sentences but has also adapted to the common tongue and there's a continent (about which we know very little) where they are able to convey everything they want to say using a single word a varying number of times "Yes".
    And as for the common language (we don't know where it came from) however all the races so far have had to learn it either trough mind magic or studying (for reading and writing. we don't know if speech is innate). The common language seems to be refereed to as elven, but I haven't seen that happen during the show so I don't know.

    Additional info I deemed noteworthy for you: All the races were either created by the dragons, or from unknown causes after the old gods(the viewers) killed Phanto (who is now the moon). We don't know how everything came to be in the universe of URealms but the general theory is: Old Gods made it for their amusement. (I have a 1 comment discussion on this: ;)

    And a lot of old Elves do see themselves as above the other races, but that's mostly because of the fact that they were the first creatures to come into existence from the dragons (according to the current lore) and until Phanto's death they were immortal.

    For a summation of the lore of the show so far (unless you're willing to watch hundreds of hours of old content) Rawb said that he's working on a set of animations explaining the important information to the Lore.

    Gud luck and have fun (not too much though - the mods dislike fun during the live shows)
  • The big thing is there is no Race of Men in Urealms. The closest is Tall Dwarves which I always liked because that is a very Elven way of thinking of Humans we are literately tall Dwarves since we have beards and such. As for sexuality it is pretty well established that homophobia and sexism isn't a thing probably because of the role of the Dragon gods and the fact that the elves at least would just ask the gods to bless them with a child if the were in a homosexual relationship. Of the Dragon gods at least 3 of them are female and Quintara Lotus at least (the only one we have met) is very comfortable in her sexuality and is implied to be very sexual and willing to have relationships with most if not all races and genders. Also the elves weren't the only species that existed in the ancient times. The High Bears were also created and unlike the elves they are still actually immortal unless they are Banished and stripped of their powers. They are the only race I know in Urealms that supposedly have their own language but the lore on them isn't as well established we have only had a few in the series and most have been Low Bears aka (banished).

    The best place to learn the lore is from the wiki or by bingeing the 9 days worth of campaigns. Just remember a lot changed after season 1 and even season 2 in terms of the game and even some lore.
  • Thank you soooooo much to everyone for your input! Wow!!!! You've helped tremendously. I have seen some of uR with the friend who referred me and I appreciate the improv aspect, it sets it apart from most fantasy universes that I have crammed on in the past. It's a beautiful line from what I have learned thus far. But wow! The information you've provided here is invaluable, I cannot thank you enough. I will likely binge at some point soon when I have enough time to focus on it as a whole. Thank you again. You are truly amazing and insightful people :) 
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