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So ... who do you think is a candidate for Acension?

Well ... Rawb revealed to us how a mortal can ascend to the status of a divine. So, according to the song, whodo you think has what it takes to become a divine aspect?


Here's the song for context:

These words I echo are older than time.
My path to be reborn, my death to be defined.

I will train my body, I will focus my mind.
I will master the Light, I will always be kind.

This life is a gift, not given by the gods,
But born from our emotions, against all the odds.

I choose this path, and I choose this right.
The only choice left is to choose the night.


Thanks to Rob effectively confirming that this song is the way to become a divine, specifically the second stanza, we can decipher some traits that are needed to "ascend."

First off, we can infer that one will have to be fit according to the phrase "I will train my body". I may be wrong with this assumption so tell me in the comments if you think this should be interpretted differently.

Next, the phrase "I will focus my mind" can mean many different things. One interpretation of said phrase is that one has to be devoted in their beliefs.

After that, we get the phrase "I will master the Light", which is probably the easiest to interpret. Rob flat out states the Light means magic in dragon, so this verse can be interpreted literally: one has to master the art of magic.

 Finally, we have the phrase "I will always be kind". So far, we don't know what being kind would entail, but we can make some assumptions based on some aspects of the campaign. We know that Maelstrom isn't worthy of ascending naturally based on the song, so his behavior may provide us some examples of not to do.So far, we have seen violently kill people. Not killing is probably one of the values of "being kind." To make this simple, we can infer that generally being a good person is what "being kind" would be in the context of the song.

 So, in order to qualify,one has to:

1. Be fit (possibly)
2. Be determined
3. Master the art of magic
4. Be a decent person

So after setting up the guidelines, who best fits the mold. They don't have to check off all of the criteria.


  • that's currently a very heated debate along with the mechanics behind ascention
  • This is going to be almost impossible for any character to do, simply based on the nature of the characters of this show.  Rob has said in the past that we shouldn't look at any characters as all bad or all good, but that everyone is a different shade of grey.  Maelstrom basically cheated since he is directly connected to us, so any character this could ever happen to is beyond me.  
  • I doubt it would be a player character. The only player character that I could potentially see ascending is Yohan. I could only see that happening if Rob decides to give a chance for that to happen to Yohan, and probably a slim chance at best.
  • PHILHIPE!! he was just loyal to his new friends he wasnt being mean spirited on purpose and he stuck with them through and through. he also was fairly tough although i dont know about spirit and mind.

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    @Shal ;
    Well, we didn't expect Maelstrom to become a dragon before this campaign yet that happened. The point is ANYTHING can happen in Urealms and besides, this is more of a discussion for fun theorizing.

    For example, we could make a case for Lann McRoberts, he trains to be the best sharpswordman, fulfilling the criteria of being devoted (to his skill) and maybe "being kind" (he did fight for the Law in Buckaroos). He might fill the criteria of being fit, but that is a weak interpretation by me so I don't know if it counts. So far, he has an issue of fulfilling the criteria of mastering magic.

    Obviously, Rob probably won't have Lann ascend, but it doesn't mean we can't analyze his character to see if he could. That is the point of this thread. (for me)


    Sorry, I was kinda late with my response

  • Harlan Hardbody.
    He has the Bodybuilder cornerstone, which says that you trained your body and mind to basically perfection, so there is the train the body, and focus the mind, Harlan was a wholesome guy, so that works with being kind, and he basically mastered ice magic, so there is the magic mastering.
  • Brucewillakers when he was alive. I think he may have died trying to ascend, he chose his night. 
    He has pretty good muscles but I think he might have forgotten the light/magic part which was his death.
    Thats why he basicly passed his powers onto Virgo so he could get stronger and ascend with his power. 

    Of course Brucewillakers could just be a peasant with muscles and knows a cool wizard gnome dude and just showed up at a tournament to spar with him, who also coincidentally has the same name as the father of lance. but either way he still has those sick ass muscles making him a pretty good person to ascend.
  • Well, I hate to pick favorites, but I'm like 90% sure @Astora will be the next to ascend.
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    Jimmy Blant.

    All he needs to do is train, and his ascension is assured.

    You may muster a feeble attempt to debate this truth, if you're in denial.
  • If only Krungor was smart and fit he would be able to do creation magic and ascend
  • Is everyone missing the actual hardest part? Purity. They need to be free of essentially sin, which no character really is. Maelstrom found the loophole of placing all of his sins onto us, no other character we know of is sinless or can 100% say that we caused their actions (since the vast majority don't know of our existence and those that do can't really tell when we, or one of the players, are inhabiting a character).
  • @UnluckyBimi Jimmy Blant is the most pure character to date.
  • @Talespinner Ehhhhh. He's still sinned, he lies to people about their food seeing as he has no taste and one of his weapons literally drains a persons' soul. (Yeah, I know the food thing is to be nice and not hurt their feelings but it's still technically a sin). Those were two I found at a quick glance.
  • @UnluckyBimi
    it really depends on what we view as 'Pure', since based on various different lore-examples of pure in different settings, white lies may or may not count. Though his soul-draining weapon is on the edge.
  • @KaeawynShifter @UnluckyBimi The soul-draining weapon is not on his current character sheet:

    Additionally, the song specifies "kind" and not purity as decreed by moral codes of our universe. White lies would typically be considered a kind thing, especially in matters as trite as food.

  • @Talespinner The song may specify kind, yet the donation event (of Maelstrom -> Whelpling) which gives us a more straight-up description specifies pure, well... it specifies that the Maelstrom Loophole allowed a non-pure being "This bending of his own moral beliefs has allowed Maelstrom to take advantage of the very rules of his universe to allow a non-pure being the ability to ascend to the levels of godhood"
  • @KaeawynShifter Lol, thank you for the confidence, but I seriously doubt it. I think I'm the one name pushed under the rug, and I'm totally fine with that. :peace: 
  • @Astora Don't worry, you'll forever be the finest pool of blood in URealms.
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    being kind could also refer to being kind to a certain group person or entity. it vague enough that it doesn't have to be general kindness and instead kind to specific people creatures or entity. there is also the chance that kind is referring more so of a state of mind than to act kind. 
  • @UnluckyBimi maybe the pure aspect is is kinda like going super sayin in DragonBall Z. They needed a pure heart which goku has one that is considered pure good where as vegeta also has a pure heart that was considered pure evil. Might be the right loop hole.
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