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Should Deadbones (Yohan) gain the suicidal attribute?

At the final battle deadbones used chosenending and it says that "After combat... you must seppuku", while normally he would immediately die, rob said that being saved by Quintara should override that, but maybe he should gain thesuicidal attribute. It would make sense that he wanted to die over survivors guilt but Quintara wouldn't let him.


  • Probably not, but after hearing mealstorm, he might follow the same path of the dragon song. It's worth all those sandbolds dieing

  • I wouldn't say his character craved death so much as he saw a way to save multiple people from a horrible fate and took it regardless of his own fate. The suicidal attribute would suggest that dying is the chief reason for the action, and using it as a chance to save others is just a means to that end. I think the goal here was to save the Sandbolds first, and survival was an afterthought.
  • He was trying to be a martyr for others. He wouldn't be suicidal necessarily because he was selfless.
  • nah man Deadbones was a gallant man during that combat and I'm pretty sure that based on circumstances he wouldn't totally survivor's guilt over this.

    More importantly, he is one of the five witnesses to Maelstrom's ascension (though Quilotus is a more indirect witness). That could mean a lot more later on.
  • This is what I was thinking about a bit before his death when he decided to use this ability. I knew that it pointless to his this ability because of the Kiss and his pure of heart character, but of course he and the audience don't know this and saying anything spoils the reveal (which turned out to be our ending).

    It did not seem like a good ending to have Quintara save him, only for him to die after the effects and because there was no way he could know he would be saved, I decided it was right to reward him. If he knew what the kiss did after all, he would never use it. I could see the argument by some that this is bullshit and he should die even after being saved, but he was also being rescued by Dragon Aspect Quintara Lotus... I feel like because it was the ending and being saved by a literal divine due to your kind heart, it was worth the fudge.
  • @Rob It was very worth it. I think it's rewarding to wraps a story up well when things fall into place like that. To me those will always triumph technicalities in a game.
  • Yeah I loved the ending. Reminded me of the den of devils ending which is my favorite campaign still.
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