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URealms Death

Death as we know it is a thing in URealms. However, out of all we know whose death would be the most significant?
A. To the fans


B. In the URealms universe

My Two are A. Rick Snot because he would be the death of an old URealms meme, and my B would be Galen now that Virgo is dead someone has to lead the Sunswords and I think Gwenyth has had too much happen to her for her to be able to handle it appropriately.


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    A. K4 I think if he dies this site may implode on itself

    B. I mean any of the Dragon Aspects but that's a cop out so I'll go with Galen or Gwenyth because we don't know who will lead the sunswords just yet.
  • Ah K4 is such a powerful memer I forgot!
  • It really is hard to think about a significant deaths in the Urealms world, because I still don't necessarily feel like a lot of characters shown so far are that important, besides the Sunswords and Nisovin, who is a really weird case because Believer. Maybe Nader?

    Also Fans would be so sad if Cain, deadbones new crew character, died. 
  • what are you talking about? im still morning alberts death, a poor soul taken too soon
  • A. Philippe, because most of the fans still think he is alive.

    B. So many important characters to choose from... I'd say Nisovin, but I don't even know if he was alive to begin with. And Golestandt would just be cheating.(His death WOULD be very significant though.)

    I would say Galen Sunsword, due to him being the most likely leader of the Sunswords now. We don't know about most of the Elven Families, and a lot of seasons 1 AND 2 were focusing on them and their "relations" with Ageless.
  • Hmmm, yeah I think this season we will see who is truly important now that rob set up a bunch of world conflicting events.
  • both A and B i say maelstrom and nader. we don't know much about nader but i sure his dead would be a huge loss
  • Maelstrom and Bopen are pretty obvious choices. Rob's also canonized The Lightbeards, which may have Old Man Willakers among them. If that's the case, may Exacaliju smite them. 
  • Danky... oh wait
  • We all know what death was the most detrimental, to both the fans and the in-world universe. We all are still mourning them, and im sure that the only reason he hasnt been mentioned yet is because we still havent gotten over the loss of him, and that any mention of him would be far too soon. But ill stand up and say it. I know we were all thinking it, but my answer to both A and B, Randall, the sentient bottle of Apple juice.
  • @Angoman so true, it was a sad day
  • @Qu33nAce Aw snap! 
    If we're talking characters that already dead my man duder Albert 100% for both.
    Both in universe and out, most tragic death of the serious, I cried for days on end.

    Rest In Peps little duder, I know your swimming in the pond of gods now.
  • At this point, I'd say the saddest death would be Gwyneth Sunsword. She's lost so much already; her Friends (including Dave, who she doesn't even know is dead), her Lover, her Father (again, she doesn't even know), her baby... At this point, she's already accepted loss as a part of her life and is trying to make herself 'stronger' through it, but she could snap if she learns that Dave and Virgo are dead.

    Her death, I feel, will really hit hard with this fanbase. It'll most likely be one of the most depressing deaths we'll ever see in the show. And knowing the Characters, her death may also result in other people's deaths as well, including Kallarks...
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    I mean, I feel like Phineas would have a pretty decent effect on both. As far as in universe stuff goes, it's not necessarily because he is currently incredibly high profile or crucial, but more so because of what he could end up being.
  • @friskyBrisky I agree. I almost feel like she's going to start spiraling out of control here soon if things continue to go poorly.
  • This is a tough call, because to me, I view every character as important in their own way. But to me, I'd say...

    A) Duke Daring. Duke Daring would be a devastating blow if his death came suddenly and without warning. Duke Daring was obviously a fan favorite among the community because of how bad ass he was. If his Death is either scripted, or done by random, I think the community would be shocked, and sad regardless.

    B) This is a tough one honestly. But I'd have to Kallark. I would say Kallark because out of all of the Deaths, I feel like his would be the one to trigger the Mental Breakdown in Gwyneth. I say this because I still am a firm believer that Gwyneth still is in love with Kallark, and even though they're broken up, they still love one another. While the death of Dave, her father, and her unborn baby were terrifying, and would scar her, I believer that Kallark's death will drive Gwyneth to have a "Gohan Moment" in the campaign that Kallark dies in, and would potentially be a really badass moment that everyone would enjoy.
  • @JukeInTheBox i think bopens sword is excaliju. My reasoning is that Lance Willakers is the leader of the light beard clan, Either making Bruce dead, or he is on a forever vacation.
  • @Gloryddd
    Didn't we see the sword forged in one of Borris' visions in Cobblers?
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    @JukeInTheBox Yes we did see the sword being forged in cobblers but that was Prince Phineas sword and when he died Bopen took it 

    Bopen also brandishes a golden cutlass, that was originally owned by   Prince Phineas Dundinborough.  clink the link to go to that page  --->Urealms Wiki  <-------

    Borris Cobbler had a dream, in which Dundinborough visited the 'Greatest Blacksmith of all time', to request that he crafts an enchanted golden sword for his son, who is to be named Prince Dundinborough Jr.         ----> link to the page where I found this one <-------
  • A-Duke Daring (although that may be more because I love his character, not so sure how others feel about him)
    B-King Rohbear Leomaris
  • Would be:
    A. K4 or Phineas.
    B. I'm thinking Kallark or Gwynth.
    Deaths that have been the most effective:
    A. Chilly Wizzy, Dai, or Dave
    B. Virgo
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